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Youtube Banners Makers: 10+ Online Tools to Create Channel Art

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

If you want to have more fans on your YouTube channel, it becomes really important to make your channel more attractive and fresh. YouTube banner is one of the important factors which represents the style, quality, and taste of your channel. Fortunately, there are many tools on the market that can help you make attractive banners. Therefore, we have brought you 10+ best-known YouTube banner makers that can enhance the beauty of your channel with their exceptionally amazing features. We will also let you know how to make a YouTube banner. Let’s explore.

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Part 1: YouTube Banner Dimensions You Should Know

YouTube banner dimensions varied on different platforms, so you need to make the YouTube banner look great on desktop, tablet, and phone. According to Google, the recommended dimension is 2560 x 1440 px as the YouTube banner will be cropped if its size is too large. Minimum dimension is 2048 x 1152 px for uploading. The maximum width is 2560 x 423 px. The largest file size is 6MB. You can also add links to your own social media on YouTube banner, so it is a great place to recommend your other social media.

YouTube Banner dimensions

Part 2: How to Make a YouTube Banner with Canva for Free

There are so many tools that you can make a YouTube banner in the market, but it is not easy to find the right tool to make a banner if you can't find the right tools. We have listed one way to make a YouTube banner below. You can use Wondershare Filmora to edit YouTube videos as it is designed to be a YouTube editor. Besides the basic editing including cropping/trimming and adding transitions, you can use it to add various text, more than 300 effects/filters, free audio, and more. It is also easy to make a YouTube intro. Download it to have a try!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Choose your template and layout

Canva is an online tool to make YouTube banner, so first you need to open it up. You are asked to log in.

After you’ve signed up for Canva you will see a variety of different templates. Scroll through them until you find YouTube Channel Art under Social Media & Email Headers.

This template will be the right size for a YouTube banner, but it will not show you the ‘safe zones’. Your banner will show up differently depending on the screen a viewer is watching on. Click here to download YouTube’s official template, which displays safe zones. You will be able to use it as a reference.

And Canva also provides you with sample layouts that you can build off of. They will include stock photos and text. Most are free, but some might cost a dollar.

choose template and layout

If the one you happen to like isn’t free, don’t worry. It’s actually just the specific stock images being used in the example that cost money, and you’re probably planning on replacing those anyways.

Step 2: Import your image

Canva provides a selection of stock images you can use for free. You can find them by clicking on Elements in the menu on the far left, and then clicking on Free Photos.

If you’d rather use your own images, click on Upload at the bottom of that same menu on the left. You’ll have the option of uploading images from your computer or importing them from Facebook.

After you have found the image you want to use or loaded it into Canva, click on it and it will appear in your layout.

Make a YouTube Banner with Canvas

Step 3: Add text to YouTube banner

You can add various text after it is imported. There are lots of text templates in Canva, so just pick the one you like. You can also change text color and transparency to make it look great. Now to place it in the right position.

Add text to YouTube banner

Step 4: Edit other elements

The layout you chose might include things like borders or backgrounds behind the text. You can change the colors of any of these just by clicking on them, then clicking on the color swatch in the top left corner of your design area.

add elements

Step 5: Download YouTube banner

Once you finish the editing, there is a download button in the top right corner of your screen. Click on it when you are finished to save your new channel art to your computer. It supports JPEG, PNG, and PDF. Now upload it to YouTube. So simple. Isn't it?

download button

Part 3: 10+ Best YouTube Banner Makers

1. Canva:

Canva is probably the most popular site for making channel art, for good reason. It has over 8000 templates for different kinds of graphics, including YouTube channel art, and there’s a huge variety of stock photos available either for free or $1. On Canva, creating your perfect banner is as easy as dragging and dropping images into a pre-built layout. Resizing is automatic, and you can flip/rotate or apply filters in just a few clicks

Pros: It contains millions of stock images, about 100 professional layouts, and lots of stunning filters.

Cons: Some high-quality images can be accessed only after payment of $1.

Price: The best thing to know is that this tool is available for free.

2. Wondershare PixStudio

Wondershare PixStudio

Wondershare PixStudio is an all-in-one and powerful online graphic design maker for everyone. It has various types of templates for YouTube Thumbnails, Logos, Posters, etc. You can create a beautiful design by simply dragging and dropping the elements and photos. The online platform is free to use all templates, just One-Click to download your creations, and share to your Facebook, Instagram Story, and YouTube Thumbnails, etc. immediately.


  • Various types of templates
  • Simple and Fast Design
  • Background remover

Cons: The features of removing background be used after payment of $7.99 per month.

Price: The best thing to know is that this tool is available for free.

3. Fotor:

The makers of Fotor describe it as a ‘revolutionary photo editor and graphic designer’, and it is certainly a powerful tool. Fotor allows you to do a lot of fine editing on your photos – brightness, saturation, and color temperature are just a few of the things you can adjust – and its design feature is perfect for YouTube channel art.

Fotor has templates for YouTube channel art and a lot of fun sticker-like graphics. The Design interface is very similar to Canva, if slightly more complicated.

Pros: Complete art can be created within a few minutes and contains dozens of templates.

Cons: Little difficult to use for beginners.

Price: Free

Foter youtube banner maker

4. Photovisi:

It is a great source of inspiration for your YouTube channel where you can easily design, save and share your customized banner.

Pros: It automatically adjusts the size of the banner to the required format and is loaded with unlimited themes. Works on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Cons: Demand some special skills for usage.

Price: It is available for free at the official website

Photovisi youtube banner maker

5. iKomee:

It is possible to have customized results for your YouTube banner designing using the iKomee platform where few minutes are enough to create wonders. It is one of the most loved tools of all professionals.

Pros: Contains lots of cool templates for channel art.

Cons: Limited themes and layouts.

Price: Available for free.

6. Banners Nack:

Here is one of the most wonderful YouTube banner maker for you that can be accessed online with easy to use interface where one can design animated, static HTML5 with interactive banner ads.

Pros: Professional, easy to use platform with rich quality fonts, stock images, and animated effects.

Cons: Little costly.

Price: Users can go ahead with premium plans where the basic plan is worth $12/month and a professional plan is $18/month with a business plan offer of $24 per month.

Banners Nack youtube banner maker

7. BeFunky:

BeFunky allows users to create meaningful banners for YouTube business building. The platform consists of numerous effortless options for banner designs and the drag and drops features make everything much easier. It is possible to boost traffic on your YouTube channel with this highly ranked banner maker.

Pros: Four-step banner-making process that can be followed by beginners too.

Cons: The uploading and downloading process takes more time due to heavy projects.

Price: Get started for free.

BeFunky youtube banner maker

8. Picmonkey:

With you will be able to get customized, readymade banners with a perfect look. It is much easier to make selections for fonts, colors, and graphics with advanced templates here.

Pros: The best platform to enhance your creativity; users will be able to get perfect sharpness of quality.

Cons: File size is more for output banner and special features can be accessed only after payment.

Price: Free trial.

Picmonkey youtube banner maker

9. iPiccy:

The number of steps to be followed for designing a YouTube banner here completely depends upon your demand of end banner design type. Generally, four-step method is capable enough to provide you professional output with proper cropping dimensions and small file size for download

Pros: Various additional features are available like adding text etc so that highly customized designs can be created for YouTube Banners.

Cons: Demands more time of the user for making quality banner.

Price: Get started for free within a few seconds.

iPiccy youtube banner maker

10. Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is one of the amazing online YouTube banner makers that helps you create the desired banner for your YouTube channel with ease. All that you need to do is browse to the site and pick the ‘YouTube channel art’ option to get the YouTube banner of the right size, though there are other options as well. Due to its easily customizable features, you can alter or change the background completely and try different color combinations to match your brand’s logo.


  • The drag-n-drop feature of Adobe Spark enables you to craft eye-catching and engaging banners effortlessly.
  • Adobe Spark offers you the freedom to experiment with unlimited alterations in alignments, text, layouts, and themes like a trusted YouTube banner creator.

Cons: Though Adobe Spark is free, it annoys the users when it automatically adds Adobe Spark’s watermark logo to your creation. To get it removed, you must be an active subscriber of Adobe products.


11. Fotojet:

FotoJet being a reliable YouTube banner maker assists you in creating personalized banners using numerous free templates. You get hold of interesting YouTube banner without toiling with the intricacies of graphic designing. Impressing your visitors with your unique and brand new banner from FotoJet YouTube banner creator is class apart.

Pros: It offers you the flexibility to add anything and everything on your channel art and upload it on YouTube right away.

Cons: Similar to Adobe Spark, FotoJet too adds a watermark logo of its name to your creation which is again a bit of nuisance.



Want to make your YouTube video more attractive and beautiful? Wondershare Filmora is such video editing software designed for YouTube creators. It not only allows you to cut, trim, crop, zoom, reverse, rotate the video clips, but also makes the advanced features like green screen, PIP, tilt-shift, and mosaic easy like a piece of cake. With Wondershare Filmora, you can ignite your YouTube videos with over 300 effects like Fashion, Beauty, BlockBuster, Travel, etc.

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