How to Edit YouTube Videos in Adobe Premiere

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You just made a few videos, and you want to edit them first before uploading to YouTube. The truth is that you may find the editing part a bit more challenging compared to uploading. However, there are now tools like Adobe Premiere that can help make the editing process easier. Read on and learn how to edit YouTube videos with Adobe Premier so that you can create amazing videos.

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Adobe is well known for having some of the leading video production tools in the industry. In fact, most of their tools ranging from the Premier Pro and Photoshop to Audition and many others have been used in many video and movie productions, including some of the popular theatrical releases of our times. Their latest professional video editor, Adobe Premier can be summarized as one of the best editors with versatility, depth, and power for high-quality video editing.

How to edit YouTube Videos with Adobe Premier

Step 1: Import the Video Clips

The first step in how to edit YouTube videos with Adobe Premier is to basically import the video clips you want to edit. This is achieved using a simple process of clicking “import” from the “file” drop-down menu. Once you have finished importing your photos or video files, you can then drag them from the sidebar and into the editing area.

  • If the videos you want to import are already published online, you can start the process by first downloading them directly from YouTube first, making sure to save them as MP4 files.
  • The best way of importing videos from YouTube is by using an innovative video converter like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This program will help in downloading and converting files to a format that is supported by Adobe Premier.
  • Step 2: Editing

    The next step in how edit YouTube videos with Adobe Premiere is to start modifying the video files or photos the way you want. To achieve this, click on “Effects Control” and apply the desired effects. If you want to insert some text or words into your video, select “title” and then click “new title.” Now choose how you would like the words to behave, for instance, “Default Roll” makes the text roll upwards in the page.

    Now drag the text that you have created into the editor area. If you want to edit the text, simply double-click to select it, and it will bring up a separate page where you can make further edits. You can then modify the text, font, and the positioning as well. This page also allows you to set whether the text will crawl or roll.

    The final part of the process is to import your chosen audio file. This could be the chosen soundtrack for your presentation. Simply drag the audio file onto your editor. You can then modify how the length of your videos or photos by selecting and dragging the specific photo or video. Finally, press enter and your video will start rendering.

    Step 3: Save the Edited File and Upload to YouTube

    It is important to note that even as you edit YouTube videos with Adobe Premier, the software does not allow direct uploads to YouTube. This means you will need to save the edited file first on your computer and ensure you use a YouTube supported format. The most effective option is to use the H.264 codec, which will then save your file in the MPEG-4 format. This is the preferred format for YouTube and Video uploads.

    Part 3: Adobe Premier Alternative

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    Adobe Premiere is largely targeted towards professional users, which makes some of its features hard to understand for the casual user. Furthermore, the latest version of this software is available as a monthly subscription where you rent the software every month rather than buy it. This means that if you fail to renew your subscription at the end of the month, then you will not continue using Adobe Premier. That is why even as you learn how to edit YouTube videos with Adobe Premier; it is still good to consider other suitable alternatives.

    The best alternative you can use today, whether you are a professional user or just a casual YouTube user, is Wondershare Filmora. This is not only a highly effective video editing program, but it is also user-friendly and very easy to use. Furthermore, it is also available at a cheap price and offers regular updates to keep the software updated with the latest video editing features. Our recommended combination is the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to download and convert your videos along with the powerful Wondershare Filmora to edit the videos seamlessly before uploading to YouTube.

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