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How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

When you are building up an audience on YouTube what you are really doing is building a community. YouTube subscribers are not passive observers like TV or movie audiences; they expect to be able to participate in your channel. They will ask questions, make suggestions, and interact with each other in the comments of your videos. If they feel like nothing anyone does or says has an impact on you they are more likely to lose interest.

You will get more subscribers on YouTube if you show your viewers you care about what they think. Take suggestions, respond to questions, and generally make your viewers feel like they have a stake in your channel. Viewers become subscribers not only when they enjoy your videos, but when they look at your community and think that they would like to be part of it.

You may even want to name your community the same way TV shows and celebrities sometimes name their fans. Be careful if you try to do this because some viewers might feel like you think of yourself as famous, which will put them off. Rather than telling people what you are going to call them you may want to ask them for suggestions.

How To Get more Subscribers on YouTube

Part 1. Be Real and Approachable

You should always be yourself when you vlog. People will subscribe when they feel invested in you as a person, and that happens when they feel like you are being sincere. You do not need to share all of your innermost secrets on your vlog, but you should let your viewers feel like they know you.

Part 2. Listen To Your Subscribers

It feels nice to get positive comments on your videos. If people feel comfortable enough to leave you suggestions and requests then that is even better. It means that you have succeeded in making them feel like they are part of your community.

If you get a video request, try to do it. People like to feel that you are open to trying the things they want to see. However, there are also times when you should just ignore requests and suggestions. If the majority of your subscribers enjoy your jokes and you get one comment telling you to stop trying to be funny then it is fairly obvious that that ‘suggestion’ does not really reflect the wishes of your community.

Part 3. Make a Schedule and Stick To It

You want to vlog at least once a week, and making a schedule will help you keep on top of that. It will also give your subscribers a chance to anticipate your videos and get excited. They are more likely to watch an update they have been expecting than one that was not already on their minds.

Sticking to your schedule is a good wait to build up credibility with your audience, but late or skipped updates will cause you to lose that credibility. If you do not post for a month then people who already subscribed to you might still ignore your update because it has been too long and they forgot about you.

Part 4. Collaborate With Other Vloggers

Collaboration videos are always big hits. When you collaborate with another vlogger you are essentially introducing each other to your subscribers. This is a great way to grow your community quickly: by connecting it to another community.

Collaborations work best when the other vlogger is located close enough to you that you can actually meet up, but you can do distance collaborations too. When you collaborate you and the other vlogger should have close to the same number of subscribers, so the video will benefit you both equally.

Part 5. Be Patient

Almost all vlogs grow slowly at first; the first 1000 subscribers take the longest to get. It takes a lot of patience to keep producing content on a regular schedule when it seems like not many people are watching, but you need to stick with it in order to grow.

Some people might need to watch multiple videos by you before they decide they want to subscribe. If you stop making videos because you did not get any subscribers or comments on your first few then chances are there were people who were paying attention who may have subscribed if you had kept at it.

May 07,2018 16:08 pm
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