How to Blur Faces or Objects in YouTube Videos

By Mar 15,2017 11:08 am

If you are interested in preserving the identity of people in your YouTube videos or you are simply interested in luring out some of the faces or the objects in your YouTube videos to retain filming rights, you can do it quite easily.With the help of a proper editing application as well as some online tools you can very quickly blur out faces or objects from your YouTube videos.

How to blur faces or objects in existing YouTube videos

YouTube has offered the chance to blur out images, faces and more since the year 2012. The face blur tool available in YouTube works quite well.

Here is what you need to do:

  • First of all, open YouTube Video Manager
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Choose the Enhancements
  • Click on the Blurring option (it is on the right of your screen)
  • blur faces in youtube videos

  • Click on Edit button of Custom blurring option
  • This time, a pop-up window will appear
  • costum-blur-in-youtube-videos

  • With the use of click and drag properties, you can create the blurred content
  • Click on Done
  • Save the video, as per your preferences (Save as new video, revert to the original or overwrite)

Here is a tutorial video for how to blur face or objects in YouTube:

How to blur faces or objects before uploading

One of the easiest ways that you can blur out objects or faces before you actually upload a video is using video editing software.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best pieces of video editing tools for YouTube videos. Through the Filmora editing suite you can quickly import the video and then go to the power town to blur out faces, distort objects and more.

  • You first need to download and install Wondershare Filmora
  • Then it is time to load the video you wish to edit
  • You can either browse the video from your computer or drag and drop it
  • Once loading is finished, you can drag and drop the video to the Video Timeline
  • Afterwards, you must target the exact video on the timeline
  • Right click and choose the Power Tool available
  • A pop-up window will appear, where you must choose Face Off and then Apply Face Off to the Clip
  • The effect you want is the first option you get or else the mosaic
  • By clicking on the mosaic, it will be applied to your video
  • Click OK
  • Now you must choose Create to save the video
  • Choose the right format and the save option of your choosing (instant post on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, burn the video on CD/DVD or save it on your PC)

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Windows live movie maker

Windows live movie maker is a free program that comes with any license of Windows and also works particularly well for editing out images or blurring faces in the film.

Detailed steps on how to blur faces/objects with Windows Movie Maker >>

Here is how to do:

  • Run Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Import the video by clicking on the Add videos and photos
  • Scan the video of your choosing and select where you wish to place the blurring effects
  • Select the specific video parts and click on them
  • Find the Blurring effect at the options
  • Click on Apply and you are done!

3. Apowersoft video editor

The apowersoft video editor also comes with a blurred picture editor that includes image blurring. To start just import the project or video and open up the left tray that will display many of the extra features that will be required to import the blur.

Here is how to blur faces or objects using Apowersoft:

  • Launch Apowersoft video editor
  • Import the video
  • Drag it to the video timeline
  • Right click exactly where you wish to blur the image
  • Choose the Power Tool
  • A pop-up window will appear, where you can click on the mosaic effect
  • Click on Apply Mosaic to the Clip and then Add
  • Choose exactly where you want to blur the picture manually and then press OK
  • Create the video and save it as per your choosing

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