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360 Video Editors: How to Upload 360 Video to YouTube

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

360 degree videos have become incredibly popular on the Internet. Not only do they give people a complete look at a scene, but they also allow for a lot of artistic freedom. Those who are using VR-capable devices can get an even more immersive experience. It is why many content creators want to learn about the best 360 video editor they can use on their computers.

Here is a look at the 5 best 360 video converter and editor programs that you can use on your Windows or Mac computer.

Part 1: 5 Best 360 Video Editor for You

1. Movavi

Movavi is an affordable 360 degree video editor that makes it easy for you to create, edit and share these videos online. You can even add filters, titles and transitions to your videos, while soundtrack addition is also possible.

You can use the preview window in the program to see how your video will look if it is published as is. Plus you can use the software with both Windows and Mac, depending on the version that you download.


  • Works with all mainstream video formats
  • Features support for 4K videos
  • Includes color adjustment and picture in picture, even in 360 videos
  • Speed adjustment capabilities


2. Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is seen by many as the leading product that you can get if you want to edit high quality videos, including 360 degree content.

Any type of video format will be compatible. You should have no issues editing different segments of the content that you are creating, as Premiere Pro CC is known for having very efficient workflow screens.


  • Tools to adjust color, audio and graphics
  • Works seamlessly with other Adobe apps
  • Possible to create and edit content on the go using smartphones


3. After Effects

If you are attempting to add many unique graphics and transitions to your videos, then you will want to use Adobe After Effects. Most would recommend that be combined with Premiere Pro to get the best experience.

After Effects is ideal for adding introductions, end credits, transitions and other effects to the content that you have produced. You can use it to take the videos that you have created to the next level.


  • Support for movie titles, introductions, transitions and end credits
  • Possible to animate logos and characters
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro

after effects

4. Final Cut Pro X

Mac users who want to use their laptop or desktop to edit 360 videos will be happy to know that it is supported in Final Cut Pro X. It is one of the fastest and most powerful programs to use on a Mac, as it is completely optimized for the operating system and hardware.

It is possible to edit and playback 360 videos using a VR headset. It allows creators to not only put in great videos and edit them, but also see how they look after various adjustments.


  • Advanced color grading options
  • Full HDR and 4K support
  • View files with VR headset
  • Optimized for Macs
  • Includes free trial


  • Little bit expensive

final cut

5. Molanis VR

Molanis VR is ideal for anyone who wants to create 360 video that will look incredible when viewed through VR glasses. It is one of the most flexible software options, as it is inexpensive and includes many great features.

IT is possible to trim, cut and fade, include text and images, add effects and make other changes to videos on the fly. The software is intuitive to use, which is great for beginners who have not edited much in the past.


  • Support for 4K videos
  • Options to add text, images and effects to videos
  • Can manage color, correct horizon and stabilize 360 videos
  • Includes a tree trial


  • Not as many tutorials on how to use the software compared to bigger brands


Part 2: How to Upload 360 Degree Videos to YouTube

It is possible to add 360 degree videos onto YouTube. Using YouTube to promote such content is sensible, as it is one of the largest streaming video platforms in the world. These videos can be seen on any of the major browsers and on certain mobile devices. But they must be uploaded from a desktop.

YouTube 360 Video Specification

The first step of the process is to create a video that YouTube will approve as a 360 submission. Such a video should be either 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 frames per second. Do not go any higher or it will not be approved.

It is also a good idea to have videos that are between 7168x3584 and 8192x4096 in resolution. Any lower and the quality of the video will not be good enough to provide a pleasant viewing experience to the audience.

How to Upload to YouTube

Now that you have your video edited, you are a step closer to uploading it onto YouTube. But there are some steps that you must follow. These include downloading the 360 Video Metadata app on your Mac or Windows device.

Then you will choose the file, check the Spherical box and save it. Make sure that 3D top-bottom is not checked when you save the file. The file should be created in the folder where the original was located. Now you can upload that file to YouTube.

Read More to Get : YouTube Video Dimensions/Size: Guide for Upload Settings


If you want to upload 360 video to YouTube or some other platform, using a 360 video editor is the way to go. The best 360 video converter and editor program will let you take the raw footage that you have shot and turn it into a stunning video that anyone can enjoy.

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