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Best Screen Recorder for YouTube

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

Taking viewers ‘in app’ is an effective way to show them how you work or play. A screen recording is footage recorded not from your camera, but directly from the interface of your computer or mobile device. A screen recording might be footage from a game, a software tutorial, or a demonstration of your creative process in a program.

We have picked up the best 10 paid screen recorders for YouTube on Windows and Mac, but if you are looking for a complete solutions to record videos on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS phone to make tutorial videos, how-to videos, or demonstration videos, or products/software review videos, or gameplay videos on YouTube, here is the all the information you need. This article will introduce you to the best screen recorders on computers, Android devices, and iPhones for YouTube.

Part 1: Best Software for Recording Your Computer Screen for YouTube Videos

1.Filmora Scrn [Windows & Mac, Freemium]

Filmora Scrn is specially designed screen recording software from Wondershare for both gameplay recording, tutorial making, screen capturing, and webcam recording as well. You can use it to record the full screen of your Windows or Mac computer or a particular part on the screen. The best part is that you can both record and edit the video in Filmora scrn and upload it to YouTube directly. This screen recorder for YouTube is a perfect solution for those who want to capture 120 frames per second and 4K videos.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2.Filmora Video Editor[Windows & Mac, Freemium]

In addition to being a powerful editing tool, Filmora can also be used to record your computer screen. In Filmora, just select Media and then Record. In the Record menu, click Record PC Screen. The recording window will pop up and you will be able to decide whether you want to record your full screen, a customized selection of it, or a specific target window. After you have finished recording your clip will automatically appear in the Media menu in your Filmora project so you can edit it right away. You can download Filmora from Filmora.wondershare.com if you do not have it yet.

If you just want to make a how-to video with some captured screens, Filmora will be a good choice. Check the video below about how to record Screen with Filmora.

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3.VLC Media Player [Windows & Mac & Linux, Free]

VLC Media Player is a free media player that has a great screen recording feature. You can download it from Video LAN.org. In order to take a screen recording using VLC you first need to click on View and Advanced Controls. A lot of the more advanced features, like screen recording, are initially hidden so as not to confuse users, but selecting Advanced Controls will make them visible. Then you can go to Media and Open Capture Device. In the window that opens choose Desktop next to Capture Mode and click Play. VLC will start displaying your desktop in the player window. Now you just have to click Record.

Learn more details about how to record YouTube videos with VLC

4.QuickTime [Mac, Free]

QuickTime is the default media player for Mac users. To access QuickTime’s screen recording feature select File and New Screen Recording. In the window that pops up click on the arrow next to the Record button and choose a microphone. Then you can press Record. Your recording will not start right away. First, a window will pop up explaining that you can stop your recording by pressing ‘command-control-escape’. Although QuickTime is available for PCs the PC version does not have a screen recording feature.

Learn more details about how to record YouTube video and audio with QuickTime Player on Mac

Part 2: Recording Your Android Screen for YouTube Videos (No Root)

We have already described 4 ways of recording screen videos on Android, while in this part, we will introduce some useful screen recording apps for recording YouTube videos on Android phones.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is free screen recording app for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Using AZ Screen Recorder you can simultaneously record from your phone’s camera and screen. This is useful if you want to shoot a video of yourself explaining an app to add into your final video. Although the basic version of AZ Screen Recorder is free there are in-app purchases.

2.Unlimited Screen Recorder

Unlimited Screen Recorder is also for 5.0 Lollipop and is free with in-app purchases. Like the name ‘Unlimited’ suggests you can use this app to record for as long as you want. There is no time limit. You can also record audio through Unlimited Screen Recorder so it is convenient to make a voiceover for your video.

There are very few options available for recording Android devices older than Lollipop without rooting your device.

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Part 3: Recording Your iOS Device Screen for YouTube Videos

With the release of iOS 11, recording on iPhone and iPad is much easier with the built-in screen recording tool. If your iOS is above 11 (including 11) version, you can record the screen with its in-app application, check this video to know the details:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Apart from recording with the built-in recording tool, you can also use some best iOS screen recording apps to record YouTube videos, or use some mirror software to record iPhone/iPad on Windows and Mac and create a YouTube video.


QuickTime can be used to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad in addition to the screen of your Mac. First you need to connect your device to your computer with a USB port. Instead of selecting ‘New Screen Recording’ in QuickTime, the way you would when recording your computer screen, select ‘New Movie Recording’. In the recording window click on the arrow next to the ‘Record’ button and choose your iOS device where it asks you to choose a camera. This method only works with the Mac version of QuickTime.

Click here to check the detailed information about using QuickTime to Record screens of iPhone/iPad on Mac


Reflector is mirroring software available for Mac or PC. Mirroring software creates a clone of your device’s interface on your computer screen. Once your device is being displayed on the screen of your computer you can capture it by recording your computer screen. You can download Reflector from Airsquirrels.com.

In order to use Reflector to mirror your device you will also need to use AirPlay on your iPhone or iPad, and your device and your computer will need to be connected to the same wifi network. In AirPlay, make sure mirroring is on and select your computer as a receiver. Your computer will not show up as an option if you do not have Reflector running.


Above are the screen and video recording software that we picked up for you to make a YouTube tutorial, how-to or software review video on most popular platforms including Windows and Mac computer and Android and iOS smartphone. Besides recording, you may also need a best video editing software for editing YouTube videos. Watch the video tutorial to check how to edit your YouTube videos and get to know some terms in video editing. Remember to download Filmora and have a try today.

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