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How to record Screen Video on Android?

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When do you need a screen recorder tool? Well, there can be many answers like; to offer demonstrational help to somebody, to create a demo about the app you developed or even a to create a walkthrough for a levels of a game.

There are various options on offer to record screens such as; using an app (some of which need root), official ADB method and also custom ROMs together with built in facility. Let’s find out what best fits for you.

Best Practices for Screen Recording

Even with the utilization of the right app, recording the screen can be somewhat challenging. Therefore, it is better to spend some time on preparing for such task prior to initiate it. It is always better to write a basic script for the screen cast. A basic outlie would do.

It is also important to try some practice runs or some rehearsals before the original demonstrations. This would make you comfortable with the task. Remember not to make the video look tough. You shouldn’t rush through the video and talk too fast in case of recording audio. You should be wise enough to use a pointer toggle app when you need to highlight a certain action of the video. If you find it hard, better to connect a mouse to the device with the assistance of a Bluetooth or USB OTG. Assuming you are comfortable with planning and preparation, it is time to start recording. But which type of an app you should use?

SCR Screen Recorder Pro (root)

Most of the people rely on this particular screen recording app, which has the integration of the front camera. This app comes with other features like; an indicator that shows the touch points of the display, freedom to choose the audio source, record the audio later etc.

What you get ultimately is a perfect and professional looking video clip. However, if you want to show up in the video be sure to appear in a presentable manner.

The major drawback associated with this app is that you need to ROOT the device in order to use it. Rooting differs depending on the model and the manufacturer.

This app comes in both Pro and free versions. Despite of the limited length, free version comes with all the features that are available with Pro version.

Select your budget

Your budget will depend on the fact that whether you are going to hire a music composer for creating featured music according to your needs or you are selecting the track from music library. In the second case too, you have to pay for the license if you are going to use their track. So, select your budget and plan your music and video accordingly. Hiring a composer will be the right choice if your video contains multiple moods. In the case, you need to create a series of videos; a composer can successfully compose the related musical branding.

Screen Recording Over Android ADB

This option is great in the event of app doesn’t work for you. Android SDK are available to download from this website . This feature allows you to record video via USB with the bundled Android Debug Bridge. To use this feature, your device should run on Android 4.4 or later.

Start the process by connecting the device to your PC with microUSB. Go to the command line, then type the following line and hit enter

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/XYZ.mp4

(Replace “XYZ” with the desired file name of the video)

Then you may start the demonstration on the device. Once the demonstration is completed, press CTRL+C. It creates an MP4 file on the phone storage. You can copy the recording to your PC and do the necessary tune-ups and reviews.

Record Your Screen the Old Fashioned Way

Both the methods I mentioned above require Android 4.1 (Jelly bean) or later on your device. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t record video with older android devices.
In such cases you can use android SDK to mirror the device’s display and record it using a desktop screen-capture software. Ashampoo Snap is a n example for such tool.

What if this also doesn’t work for you? Don’t give up. You still stand a chance if your android device has an HDMI port. You can connect your device to a digital video camera and do the recording. Failing this, your solution will depend on a PC with HDMI PCI Express card or a USB HDMI adaptor powered with a suitable video capture software.

Screen Recording in a Custom ROM

Sometimes you shouldn’t depend on installing apps. With the help of a ROM flasher, you can get a screen recorded included in your devices ROM. Therefore, if you already have a custom ROM running on your device, better to have a look if a screen recorder is installed. If so, it is a matter of activating it. GOOD LUCK with your recording!

Nov 08,2017 16:58 pm

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