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The Best Ways to Record Gameplay on Mac

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Game lovers use to do various tricks on games, and they always wish to share their amazing clips with other players in the world. At least it could be sharable on Facebook so that friends can visualize your style of gaming. Well! Your dreams can be executed with some in-build amazing software as well as other tools that allows recording of gameplay.

This is really an easy task and everyone can make it possible on his/her device without any special learning. Most people love to play games on Mac so here we are going to discuss some useful tools that can work as a perfect solution to record gameplay on Mac.

We often hear from experts that it is possible to capture as well as share clips with some easy-to-use tools. In previous years, gamers used to capture videos with some external consoles but now most consoles come with an in-build game recording feature that serves hassles free capturing. Now you can capture any video of your choice and immediately upload it to YouTube as well as Facebook.

Recommended Gameplay Recorder: Wondershare Filmora for Mac

If you want to record gameplay, Wondershare Filmora is your best choice. You can use it to record the PC screen and device at the same time. After recording, you also can edit audios and add titles or subtitles. So easy to use as it is a combination of video recorder and video editor. Download now to have a try!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

TIPS: In order to capture videos using any third-party device on your console, you have to turn off the HDPC settings of your console. Please note that as per theoretical studies, some video applications like Netflix will not work for video capturing if your HDPC settings are off, but most users have performed this task even with this setting. While capturing any video you have to keep in mind that your goal is to share some amazing moments, so you need to do buffer recording while selecting the capturing device you have to make sure that it has power in order to allow your video to pass through TV. In case if you don’t want to do complex switching between cables, then it is good to use HDMI splitter in between the console and capturing device. This splitter will help to split up HDMI input so that your video can easily pass through TV.

How to Record Gameplay on MAC?

Some of the easiest methods to record your game tricks on Mac devices are discussed as below:

1. YouTube:

To avail basic editing, you can simply start with the built-in type video editor of YouTube. Although it is a very old technique, it's easier to use because this setup is available live on the website on which your video will be uploaded. You don't need to download anything. It'll simply give you the ability to trim as well as combine various clips that you want to upload. You can also add filters and texts through this easy-to-use software.

2. MPEG Streamclip:

Here is an old standby option for capturing videos from your Mac devices. It allows you to convert videos easily from various codecs and one can easily trim files without spending time on the rendering process. This tool is free and can be easily used on Mac as well as Windows, so it becomes the best option for most users.

3. QuickTime Pro:

This is one of the handiest tools available for real-time video capturing. Although it is loaded with various amazing features, the most beneficial provision is its ability to trim videos easily without the need of following the rendering process. This software is usually installed in most institutions. It costs only $30, so it's also one of the best choices for most users.

4. Lightworks:

If you don’t want to spend anything on buying any video making software but want to achieve better results then, Lightworks is a good option for you. This software is highly featured and it provides an easy-to-use service for the video editing program. You can work with its free version whereas some of you may like to go with a paid version. It offers quality service for Mac devices and can also work for Windows as well as Linux. With this video editor, you can customize your videos as per need by cutting the unwanted portions and improving the quality of the video.

5. iMovie:

This tool is specially designed for Mac users with highly interactive and easy-to-use editing features. It is available for free and probably pre-installed on every computer. This tool offers an easy connection with Facebook for uploading your captured videos. It can improve the quality of recording with the reduction of noise automatically. This software is used to do self engineering for video capturing by adjusting quality levels for enhancement. The tool allows people to post their gameplay videos easily among all viewers and provides superior clarity for all captured data.

6. Screenflick:

This software is designed to provide rich video recording experience to Mac users. It can perform reliable audio as well as video screen capturing. This software is used by most professionals throughout the world due to its qualified features and interactive work experience. If you want to perform any kind of audio-video recording for your gameplay, then Screenflick can serve you with quality results. Some of its useful features are a user-friendly and streamlined interface, one-click type audio recording, the ability to capture smooth recordings, can be controlled remotely and once you have recorded any gameplay trick then it can be exported again and again as per need.

All the above software and tools are most commonly used by various gamers throughout the world for capturing their gameplay. Most of these provide superior editing option so that you can add or remove clips from captured videos as per need.

It is good to use software that is pre-installed on your computer because they usually offer more compatibility and higher quality. This stuff is capable enough to pick your favorite or memorable instances from gameplay so that you can share them easily with all your friends and other distant players. For availing better quality of output video files, it is good to make proper settings on your system prior to staring at video recording. Pick any of these useful tools and start capturing your favorite stuff.

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