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6 Online Resources for Royalty Free Video Clips

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find royalty-free video clips online so for your ease top 6 online resources. Along with this, their URL has been mentioned just for your ease. All these sites contain royalty-free videos which can be easily downloaded and can be further used for personal work, professional work or for entertainment. Most of them are free but requires registration whereas some costs. But priority has been given to quality and amount of stock. So let's have a look at the top 6 online resources for royalty free video clips:

Try visual effects in Filmstock

Filmora has updated its effects store and re-named it as Filmstock , which provides both video effects and stock media such as stock video footage and images and photos, and royalty free sound effects and sound effects. Besides using the downloaded video effects in Filmora, you can also find some video templates for After Effects as well. And the stock video, image, music, and sound can be used in any video editing software that you’re using.

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 Filmstock Stock Media Library

Wanna adding sparking visual effects to videos easily and making a Hollywood style movie? Just use the visual effects in Filmstock to polish your video clips. Watch the Effects video below and visit Filmora Stock Effects page to find out more effects. Download the latest video editing software Filmora to add these downloaded effects to video with fun.

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1. Detonation Films

This site comprises videos of explosions, bombarding, smoke etc. Along with this, videos of bullet firing, gun effects, and various other explosive kind of stuff is present. Mostly videos are present in the size of 4X3. HD formats are also available. Also the feature of pre-keyed is also available on this site. The URL of the above site is as mentioned.

detonation films

2. Movie Tools

Movie Tools have been used since years for creating 2D, 3D effects. Also it offers animated and carton videos in free. Not only this, on this site you would be getting the most important and also the most basic tools for making your videos better. Every 2D, 3D backgrounds, loops are available just for free. Just you need to log in and then you very easily download the free content.



This site has been used since 90's, as it is a digital giant; it contains a lot of videos from commercials to normal homemade videos. The site has a very large stock of videos of around 2,000 videos. This site also contains a large amount of texts, audios, images, software and many more. It is known and used since years and is a non-profitable site showing cultural videos of the US. You need to create an account and then you can explore many things further.


4. X Stock Video

X Stock Video can be called as the best site providing you royalty-free HD videos in free. Almost all the videos are of 720 or 1080 resolutions. Along with a search option is provided where you can directly get the video you want rather than scrolling all the videos. This site has almost every kind of stock from nature to different weather and many more. If you are looking for soothing and stylish videos then visit this website as the site contains thousands of such videos.

stock video

5. The News Market

As the name suggests, The News Market is basically a collection of news and journalism related videos. News throughout the world and covering to almost every topic are present. From aerospace, health to culture almost every topic can be seen throughout the site. For your ease shot lists can be provided as per your need. Also you can add things to your cart. Just you need to login once and then use it throughout your life with ease. If you really want to know about the global news than The News Market is the perfect site for you. You can easily search things from their categories or simple search the topic. Not only clips, the site has audios, texts and many more things only for you.

news market

6. Media College

Media College is a newly emerging site which comprises of matter related to the topics like weather, animals, seasons etc. It's basically an educational site which provides different topics in free. All the videos are of HD quality but SD quality is also available. All the videos present on the site are in the format of PAL, so you can easily convert these videos into other format as per your requirements. Though the site doesn't contain thousands of videos or pictures, but whatever is present is in its superior quality.

news market

So these were the top 6 sites which have the top quality video clips that too of different varieties and categories. Though some of the site requires registration but they are reasonable because of the great quality and variety they offer. So just cross check these sites as you might require different site for different requirements. Official URL of all the online resources has been mentioned just for your ease. So you just need to go register and enjoy those HD quality footage and videos.

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