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8 Great Websites To Download Royalty-Free Sound Effects

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

If you want to make a marvelous video, you cannot ignore the importance of integrating sound effects into your edits. However, most of the wonderful sound effects are not free so that you have to pay for its right licenses, which causes pain due to the extra money.

Isn't it great if there's a website where you can download royalty-free sound effects legally? The answer is absolutely yes. If you want to find the right audio for the action that's happening in the video, you can always look for free sounds effects on the web. Here are 8 great websites to download royalty-free sound effects.

Royalty-free Sound Effects

Recommended Video Editor with Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Some video editing software such as Wondershare Filmora has some royalty-free music which including specially designed sound effects such as car horn, chickens, beep, video game over, laser shot, and much more. You can drag and drop all sound effects into the timeline to apply them to videos. Free download Filmora now and get started to customize your video!

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Part 1: 8 Websites to Download Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Here are 9 sites where you can free download a variety of sound effects. They are listed in no particular order:

1. SFX Source

SFX Source has a page dedicated to free sound effects, but you can also find sounds that are offered for a certain price. Users can get a collection of free sound effects in a single .zip file when they link to SFX Source from their blog or website, saving them time from downloading every file individually.

sfx free download sound effects

2. Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme is another site that offers a large collection of free sound effects. Users can look for sound effects by categories to make their search easier. Reading the licensing information, however, is recommended. Although the site owns most of the sound effects, the origin of some files cannot be verified. This site provides free resources and support to professional and amateur musicians, multimedia producers, and filmmakers. It is also perfect for students who are looking for sound effects for their projects.

royalty free sounds Partners in Rhyme

3. Free Sound

Free Sound offers sound effects that are accredited under Creative Commons, making it easier to see which sounds can be downloaded for free and which ones cannot be sold in a commercial product. Almost all sounds available on the site can be used for personal use. It is possible to search for sounds by geotags, packs, tags, or other categories. This way, you can find the sound you are looking for easily and quickly. Free Sound allows users to preview the sounds before they download it.

free sound

4. Sound Bible

Sound Bible has a large database of around 2000 free sound effects that are accredited under Creative Commons. There are royalty-free sounds that can be used for commercial purposes. You can download the sound without logging in or creating an account with the site.

sound bible Royalty-free Sound Effects

5. Audio Micro

Audio Micro's collection of free sound is visible from its home page navigation bar, making your search easier and faster. Users need to create an account with the site so that they can download their desired sound effects. Once they have an account, they can download any sound they want.

audio micro copyright free sound effects

6. Sound Effects for Free

Sound Effects for Free offers a wide range of free sound effects that are available in different sets, allowing you to get many effects with just one click. The site doesn't require you to provide any personal or credit card information. All you need to do is to sign up with your Facebook account or email address and you can download the sounds for free.

sound effects for free

7. FindSounds

FindSounds offers musical instrument samples and sound effects for free. The site is very simple to use and is perfect for all ages.

find sound effects free download

Aside from these websites, there are other sites where you can download sound effects without paying for anything. Soundrangers, for instance, provides free music and sound effects for interactive media such as communication devices, games as well as virtual user interfaces.

It has over 1200 sound effects that are available in MP3 and RealAudio formats. Users can download files as an MP3. The site is also available in different languages, so you can use Ljudo regardless of your language.

Special Operations provides free military sounds like battle sounds, artillery sounds, explosion sounds, and rifle sounds. If you're looking for realistic background noises for your short movie, you may want to visit 3dmm Studio. The site has arranged and compiled the sound effects into different sound packs to make your search easier.

Sounds & Noise offers free sound effects for trains, weapons, nature, planes, households, animals, vehicles, bells, horns, whistles, and even human sounds. Flash Kit Sound FX has a huge collection of free sounds for flash developers. Users don't need to log in or register to download the sound effects offered on the site. You can download the sounds as MP3 files.

There are many websites out there that offer sounds which you can download for free. There are sites with more sound effects of higher quality, but you will need to pay for those. Free websites will work well for you if you only need sound effects for fun or for your personal use.

8. Orange Free Sounds

Orange Free Sounds is one of the most popular websites to get royalty-free sound effects. It provides various kinds of free sound effects, music loops, and background music for both commercial & non - commercial use. Users don't need to sign-up or get trapped into the hidden cost. You can feel free to download what you like. If you are a crazy Discord fan, you will be surprised by its retro games sound effects.

find sound effects free download

Part 2: FAQ about Royalty-Free Sound Effects

1. Where can I get free sound effects?

Sound effects are the reason behind the success of some channels on YouTube. They know it quite well, which video should help in gaining an audience.

If you are searching for free sound effects on Google, you might land on the sites like Sound bible, free sound, etc. so be careful to choose the right one.

Many will allow you to download free sound effects, but limitations, terms, and conditions might be present. Therefore, research for such sites and compare first. After that, download from the one in which you find the best for your requirements.

Without a good sound effect, a video doesn’t look suitable to the audience.

2. Where can I download audio clips?

For downloading any audio clips, there are a plethora of website options on Google. We can feel your need for audio clips for using them in the game, animation, and so on.

Some online sites can supply you with numerous audio clips that can be used for free in your project.

Freesound, Landr, Sound Bible, many similar sites are going to help you in creating an attractive video with a free audio clip!

You will not be disappointed with the audio quality that comes with it. Free audio clips are great for your animated videos or cartoons.

3. Is YouTube audio library free?

Sometimes, the artists who upload their videos on YouTube use royalty-free music from the YouTube audio library for making their videos engaging and creative.

This feature of YouTube provides you with full access to an endless amount of music and sound effects. You can download, remix, and apply the music in a video whenever you want.

All the music is available there as 320 kbps files. However, not all music can be used in a video for free. Some of them will ask you to pay a certain amount. Then only you can apply them to your video project.

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