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Top 10 Royalty Free Music Sites to Download Free and Legal Music
By Liza Brown May 23,2019 10:40 am
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.

Creating your own video offers a new invitation into highlighting a story or your perspective on a given topic. However, it also requires finding the right background music to provide emphasis to a given topic. This becomes problematic because of intellectual property rights that are often attached to musical numbers. Musicians and artists that find your music through a video will require royalty fees for using their music. Using the music without permission becomes even more problematic with some videos. If you want a free and legitimate way to use music, then you can consider royalty free opportunities that are available. Following are the top 10 websites to download music from.

Best Recommended Online Royalty Free Music Resource: Filmstocks

Filmstocks is a one-stop shop for royalty free video effects, music and sound effects, stock video footage and more stock media. You can download the royalty free music from different genres in MP3 or WAV format. Visit the Music library of Filmstocks and explore more creative resources for your video.

 Filmstocks Stock Media Library

Using royalty free music and sound effect in Filmora9 directly

Filmora9 Audio Library

Whether you are looking for some royalty free music and sound effects for YouTube videos, or your IGTV or TikTok videos, you can use the built-in music and sound effects in Filmora9. There are over dozens different style music such as young & bright, tender, rock, folk, electronic and various popular sound effects, which are completely free to download and use and there is no need to purchase it additionally.

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We have picked some of the best royalty free music websites below that you should know if you are finding background music for YouTube videos. Before moving forward, the latest YouTube platform also has a free audio library which providing free music and sound effects as well, you can add select and add it to your uploaded videos on YouTube directly or download them first and add it when editing. Check details about How to Edit Audio on YouTube.

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1. Free Sound Track Music

This is a well - known site for those that like the sounds of background music. Whether you are creating a You Tube video or are looking at new options for your documentary, this music site offers it all. You will be able to find a variety of genres and artists. You can also find loops and background sounds that are free to use, allowing you to create a video masterpiece.

free sound track

2. CC Mixter

This is a part of the Creative Commons effort to provide intellectually free materials online. The mixter section allows you to enjoy a variety of free samples of music for download. You can browse through a library of genres and styles to find your favorites and to add in the background music you are interested in.


3. Public Domain 4 U

This site introduces you to all of the music options that are free to use by listing them as public domain. You will find some new additions with musicians that allow their music to be free. You will also be able to browse through classical and jazz sounds before the 1900s that have become public domain. This introduces you into a new library of available materials to use for the video you are making.


4. Beatpick

There are several websites that allow you to use music for free if it is for non - commercial purposes. If you are working on a special project or have a non profit, then you can use this website to find your favorites in music. You will find a wide selection of sounds that you can add into a personal project.


5. Royalty Free Music

You will find a variety of musical numbers on this site, divided by category and genre. You will also find sounds and loops that you can enjoy for a project that you are working on. With this site, you will easily be able to browse through the albums you enjoy most. If you need continuous music, then you can pay a monthly fee for extended number of downloads.

royalty free music

6. Freeplay Music

This site boasts of carrying over 15,000 songs that can be used for You Tube and other video projects. You can search through their in - depth library to find the type of music that you want. Similar to other sites, you can extend how much you download with a monthly payment that introduces you to more sounds for serious video production.

freeplay music

7. Partners in Rhyme musicloops sound-effect

This is a popular website for video editors that want to mix the type of music that is available. It is best known for holding a library of different pieces of information that are public domain and royalty free. You can also look at free or paid loops and sound effects that help you to mix and master the video background that fits for your next creation.


8. Audio Micro

This website is set without limits to the types of royalty free music it offers. You can use the music for profit videos, documentaries, and other individual projects. It is known to offer a wide range of genres, allowing you to tune into the exact fit for the movement that is in your video.

audio micro

9. Incompetech

This particular website connects to Creative Commons for the royalty free options it offers. It does not mix the types of music available by non commercial or commercial. Instead, everything is royalty free for video editors to use without question from the type of music that it is.


10. PacDV

This website is well - loved by video editors and those that need extra support for their film. It offers short sound track styles, sound effects and loops that can easily be plugged into a video. It also offers longer songs that provide a perfect fit to the special moment in your video that needs a highlight from royalty free video.


With the variety of websites available, you can easily find support for your video. Background music for your next project is easily available on a variety of sites. Whether you are interested in public domain or royalty free is the ability to find more alternatives for your creative process.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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You might also try MusicRevolution.com http://www.musicrevolution.com , an online marketplace for royalty-free music with over 41,000 affordable, high-quality tracks. MusicRevolution.com has also created this page of royalty-free music tracks that are free to use: http://www.musicrevolution.com/free_production_music/ I am the co-founder.
700 and adding each month tracks, electronica, soundtrack, videogame music and instrumentals you can visit: http://shrecords.wordpress.com with various search engines and search methods. it refers as free open music for use on videos and projects with attribution license only.