How to record your iPhone/iPad's Screen

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In the not too distant past, trying to record directly from your iPad or iPhone was a lengthy process that required more computer knowledge than the average person possessed; it was also considered a difficult and expensive process. This is no longer the case and you don’t have to be a tech or computer genius to record directly from your iPad or iPhone. There are two distinct ways to go about the process, one way involves jailbreaking, and one does not. Opinions vary on which is the best route to take. Jailbreaking basically means you are going to override software limitations installed on your iPad or iPhone.

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12 Best iOS Screen Recorders

Jailbreaking is a perfectly legal way to go beyond the limits initially installed, and improve IOS features.

Record your iPad or iPhone screen by jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone to record

Make sure to back up data before attempting to jailbreak. You will be changing some basic system aspects of the software and if things go wrong you don’t want to lose anything. It is also possible you may void your warranty.

You will need the Evasion Jailbreak tool (found online) for you pc’s operating system, the current version of iTunes, and a 30pin/lightening cable. (Whichever fits your particular device). Plug your device into the computer. Download and run the jailbreak app., click the button that says’ jailbreak’. Now is a good time to step away and take a break as this will take a while. Do not mess with or use this device while this is going on. Once this is complete, you are jailbroken. You will also have a new Cydia store app on your screen. These new apps will allow you to do all kinds of neat things but will not affect your existing apps.

How to record your iPad or iPhone screen without Jailbreak Option 1

First you will go to on your device. Once there you will want to download and then install Emu4iOS Store. Once this is complete, you need to press the button that says ‘Trust’, and then several apps will appear. The one we are looking for is Shou. This is the screen recording app. Go ahead and download and then install this app. You will need to go to settings and click general accessibility, then assistive touch in order to record full screen videos and games. Press the start recording to begin. There will be a red banner to indicate recording is currently running. You just click the banner to stop recording. Assistive Touch must be on to record.

How to record your iPad or iPhone screen without Jailbreak Option 2

Connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac using the charging cable provided with your device. You will then want to open iTunes to ensure visibility of your IOS device. If trust pops on the screen click the button. Quicktime player has a recording feature included, so you just need to launch it. To do so, click command + space. This will open Spotlight search and you just need to type QuickTime in the box. Next just click file menu at the top of the screen, then choose new movie recording. Click the red recording button to begin recording. When you have completed your video recording, just click on stop.

Tips on Recording a Better Video

When videotaping a fast action-packed event, consider taping in slow motion. This allows you and your viewers to catch every move.

Set your screen to remain in one position regardless of how many times you rotate the device. This will help eliminates jerks in the action and grainy views.

Get rid of as much background on the screen as possible. Let the video be the star.

Keep your device appropriately charged. Nothing interrupts a good video like slow screen due to low battery. When away from your desk, have the charger hander.

Practice until it becomes second nature. When it matters you will want every move you make from starting to stopping the video to be second nature.

Treat your videos like all your other precious computer information. If it is important, back it up.

If your intent is to share your videos with others, make them more accessible by using captions.

Now you can videotape anything on your iPhone or iPad screen from your latest gaming move to that clip from Friday night at the bachelor party.

Who says you can’t have it all?

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I give up struggling to look for iOS screen recording app, Apple won't approve for it. Currently, I'm using a desktop app call acethinker iphone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It's not that direct, but it works.
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