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How to Make Tutorial Videos

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Tutorial videos are a powerful way to share information that can clearly show what is happening on the computer or on the phone, engage with your audience, and promote yourself or your business as knowledge leaders.

If you are intimidated at the thought of making a video tutorial, do not fear, making a quality tutorial video isn’t difficult after you checking the following 4 aspects for creating a great tutorial video.

1. Lock Down the Basics

If you are new to making tutorials or view your project as an amateur endeavor, success demands you approach it with the professional's eye for detail. Just having a handle on some of the basics of video production can make a huge difference in quality and watchability, and putting in a pro effort is easier than you think.

1. Succinct script

Write your script before and practice it a couple of times to iron out the rough spots. Your script should be short, to the point, and focus only on the most important details, in language that is clear and precise.

2. Manage the technical elements.

These include good lighting, proper audio levels, a good microphone and camera (dodgy sound or video quality is the quickest way to shed viewers), no distractions in the background.

3. Choose your tools

Decide what you will need to record your video. Do you simply need a camera to record you talking? (Get tips on how to choose the right camera for your project.) You may need screen recording software to record exactly what you are doing(Check out a list of Top video recording tools here.). What about voiceover? Make sure you have all the software tools needed for the job.

2. Review with a Critical Eye

The deed is done, you have recorded your video tutorial... but wait, it's not quite ready to be released into the wild. Watch it, several times, and do so with a critical eye. Is your video tutorial as short and precise as it can be? Have you broken your lesson into easy-to-follow steps? Is the pacing lively, or at least not sluggish? Do you have a call to action at the end? Ask yourself these questions and make adjustments or perform second takes as necessary.

3. Optimize As the Professionals Do

Professionals rely on software tools that can turn a rough video into a polished, captivating masterpiece. Here's a little secret: you can too! What tools do the pros use to make them look like pros? Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

You may be wondering, “How can a novice use video editing tools designed for professionals?” Truth is, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is simple to use, powerful and free to try. With Wondershare you can cut, edit, merge and trim clips. Add voiceover or music, or text. Apply a full range of special effects and video image editors. Convert formats. Using Wondershare Video Editor, you can create a fully customized, professional video in no time at all, and with a very gentle learning curve.

Wondershare Filmora is designed with an incredibly easy and intuitive interface that has the power to create professional effects. With Filmora, you don't need to be a pro to look like one. Check out a quick video below to learn more about Filmora:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

4. Upload and Promote your Video

You're done! Your video looks good, authoritative, and is ready for an audience. Now it's time to upload to a video-sharing site. YouTube is obviously the biggest, but find where your audience is and place your video where they can see it. Different video sharing sites may have different requirements, however, you can use Wondershare Video Editor to export to the largest variety of formats.

Now it's time to flex your social media muscles and promote your video. Use all the channels at your disposal: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Flickr... don't be afraid to let the world know about your creation. Promotion is how you draw eyes to your video and make it a success. (Check out a full list of the most popular video sharing sites here )

Those are the basics of making a professional-looking tutorial video (even if you're an amateur) and how to share it with the world. Now what are you waiting for – get to work!

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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