Wedding Video Ideas: Make Your Wedding Video Unique

By Mar 11,2017 9:30 am

To have a picture perfect and magnificent wedding is the dream of numerous people, and the best addition to this incredible event can be a flawless and amazing wedding video, that will make you keep those sweet and loving moments in your memories to be cherished and relived whenever you go through them during your life.

It is highly essential to this end that you have an extraordinary wedding video idea to make your wedding remarkably memorable. There are thousands of wedding photographers available in the market, but you need that particularly awesome idea that will give your video an astounding touch.

If you are planning to get married and want an outstanding video to be cherished throughout your life, then here are few tips and ideas that might give you that picture perfect memory.

Stop the Motion and Save the Date

This is an astonishing creation that has become quite popular in weddings nowadays. This technique uses animation that will make an object to physically manoeuvre on its own and will be captured as moving between individual framed photographs. This will give the emphasis on one person, yet steal the show by making others still out.

Wedding Documentaries

The usual procedure of the couple walking over the aisle and saying "I Do" to each other is very common. There are experts who create a documentary movie for your wedding and create scenes and cinematography as in movies. This makes your wedding memorable and very dramatic, something you can cherish and will remember all your life. These expert photographers are highly adept with filmmaking skills and they can easily turn your wedding footage into a good quality film. Wouldn't it be nice if you are treated as an actress and your wedding is like a movie shooting? Exciting isn't it? Give it a try then.

Slide Show

This is a technique that has become very popular among the juvenile and modern couples. In this technique the videographers take still photographs of the ceremony and the situation. They then add into these photographs special effects and wonderful music to emphasise on the ceremonial events and they highlight the couples in such a manner that is awe-inspiring and eye captivating. Give your wedding an old drama look, yet with a modern twist by this slide show technique of video.

Mixed Media Wedding

This might sound very filmy, but it surely is a wonderful and extraordinarily unique combination of stop the motion and save the date technique and the wedding documentary technique. It is nothing but a magnificent amalgamation of cinema style and documentary, which will give your wedding a spice that will be relished by your memories.

Same Day Video

A long video sometimes gets too tiring to watch at a stretch. You practically don't want anyone to get bored off your so special wedding. Give your photographer the perfect idea of extracting the best moments from the video to be shown to your guests and relatives.

Proposal Video

Have you had that perfect proposal from your partner and have failed to capture that sweet lovely moment? Just don't worry. Let your videographer recreate that moment for you. This could be the best wedding video idea that would unimaginably take your hearts into that time when he first proposed to you and made your day the best in life.

Love Story Rendezvous Video

Don't you want to preserve your awfully overwhelming love story? Just share your story with your videographer, from the day you two met and then things that made you come closer, till the day he proposed and finally how things moved to your wedding, and your videographer will compile all these beautiful moments into a noteworthy keepsake.

Such wonderful wedding ideas will make your wedding remarkable and cherishable.

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When I first bought this program I was so frustrated trying to get the program registered. But Filmora/Wondershare kept working with me until we got the problem resolved. I love this program and highly recommend it especially to newbies to editing and to students wanting to further their career in news media, film editing. Excellent program! Thank you to the support team for not giving up on me and I'm sorry for being so frustrating and grouchy. I do have one question tho, when I exported my video and burned it to a DVD-R, parts of the video is off track, and throughout the video there is a flash of green and yellow squares like a glitch. It's like the video and audio are not in sync in some parts. Other clips play fine except for some of them have those little green, yellow squares that flash for a few seconds. Will check back tomorrow see if we can fix this. Thank you.
It's the best thing to keep your happy memories in a film. I'm glad to be working with Rocco Joseph Films for my upcoming wedding this year.
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