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Royalty-free music tracks for video editing

To edit a simple and trendy video, it requires several key elements, such as original videos, intro/credits, transitions, texts, effects….etc. And there is one more element, which is used to capture the mood of your video. Guess what? It is the background music! But it seems to be a problem finding a sweet and suitable one to match with the theme of your video. It was like fishing for a needle in the ocean. You have to go searching downloading to see if it matches with your video first. More ironically, you do not even have to use all of them after realizing you have paid a large amount of money for them. What a waste of time and money.

Now, it is not a problem at all. You can enjoy 25 royalty-free music tracks for different themes, such as Young and Bright, Tender and Sentimental, Rock, Folk, Electronic Rock and Hipster Folk, for selection.

Furthermore you just need one program, which called Wondershare Filmora to take advantage of them for free. You do not have to search the background music files like a needle in a haystack. The program has sorted out the themes into 5 different folders with 5 tracks each. You are not only be able to apply it for your video, but also be able to make advanced editing, such as split, trim, adjust the playback speed, pitch, volume…etc. You can follow below steps to enjoy these 25 royalty-free music tracks for video editing. Hope you would enjoy it.

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Step 1:

Firstly press the Import button to load the source video to the media library, meanwhile drag and drop the video to timeline


Step 2:

Secondly if you want to replace the audio of the video with the background music, please right click the video and select Audio Detach . Then the audio and video will be separated.


Step 3:

You can right click the separated audio file and remove it. Then go to Music tab , find the theme that fits you, and drag the royalty-free music tracks from the library to timeline. Or you can right click and select Apply to drop it to timeline.


Step 4:

Lastly, you can drag it to the position where you need to match with your video. It is also supported to use part of the music only. If you have the concerned about overriding the original audio by the background music, please double click the music file and it will allow you to adjust the playback speed, volume, pitch…etc.


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Jan 04,2019 18:33 pm
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Question - are additional music tracks available for purchase? Are they included in any effects packs?
Love the discussion !!! I have been using www.paramusical.com for my royalty free needs for a while.... I love the catalog and they also have a FREE section... they only ask for a credit and a link .. the free catalog address is www.paramusical.com/free hope some of you can find it beneficaile
U can file dispute over YouTube in order to use those tracks but it'll take a little time maybe even a month
same case with me too
i used one of its track for my video but when i uploaded it says copyright protected content, Copyrighted song: Stars and the Moon (Instrumental)-4389 Claimed by: AdRev for Rights Holder help me. should i file dispute for it?
I like some of the tracks in the easy version, but they aren't available in the full version, why is that? I can't find them anywhere...
Check out https://www.neosounds.com for hight quality royalty free music. There is also instruction on their website explaining step by step how to resolve copyright issues on YouTube (remove copyright claims): https://www.neosounds.com/articles/how-to-solve-copyright-issues-on-youtube.
I just submitted my first dispute for my first ever video. It was honestly a little disheartening to start off on the wrong foot after having purchased the software and entrusted in the Filmora brand. I hope it gets resolved and I hope Filmora puts up a disclaimer on their website to notify first-time users of this potential problem. :) Thanks for posting this. I really appreciate it.
You do have the right to use the music that comes with Filmora if you purchased their software. They have a Youtube video explaining the steps you need to follow if your video gets flagged for copyrighted content: https://youtu.be/MwH7vjzVP08