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10 Best Sources to Download Free Outro Music [No Copyright]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The more powerful the ending of a chapter or music is, the more long-lasting and powerful the impact it will leave behind in the heart and minds of the audience. Hence, one cannot deny the importance of strong outro music in the content to enhance the quality and value of it.

So here we are to guide you all about outro music and 10 best sources to download a perfect outro song.

10 Best Sources to Download Outro Music [No Copyright]

1. Filmora:

It is one of the freely available platforms that allows one to not only avail a diverse variety of features and customization options into your videos and creation but also facilitates one by being a highly compatible software that can be operated in Windows as well as Mac.

good outro music to download

Hence this entails that Filmora is a complete package for quality and quality with your utmost desire while giving a high-end quality output with a vast personalized configuration option.

In any of your videos, Filmora offers you to drastically shift the level of your production by adding a mesmerizing outro music that well suits the content and level up the end result.

This not only offers you royalty free outro music from their own audio library but also supports importing any of your already download music files from your system and can perform multiple customization operations to enhance your video’s end result.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. Audionautix:

If you are looking for outro music download MP3 music instantly then you have got to try Audionautix which is a website that entails one to avail as many music tracks as you want in be able to download it instantly. As soon as you deliver a link to any music, you are free to listen and download music from “music by”.

Without the hassle of registration or payment, you can select, search, listen and download a pool of good outro music.

3. FreePD:

good outro music to download

This is free of cost and free from copyright hassle site where you are free to download any of the cool outro music you want. All you have to do is to download a music track and consolidate it with your composition giving you a sea of the genre of music you can choose from ranging from horror, romantic, suspense, sentimental and lot more.

Not only limited to their given library, you can download any music of your likeliness downloaded using this site on any of the social media platform.

4. Jamendo:

youtube outro music source

This domain is a connecting platform of music fonder and musicians worldwide. This aims to affiliate free music community, spreading the love with mesmerizing music and creating value surrounded by it.

The site is not only a free domain for music lovers but offers you a pool of music library that allows one to listen and download with merely a matter of a single click. With a registration process away, you can save on your systems and share free outro music on any social media platform.

5. SoundSnap:

free outro music source

The feature that makes this free online software outshine over the others is that it not only provides a wide variety of music but also offers a huge pallet of sound effects, distinct genre of sounds and audio clips and several samples to let you explore and play with experimenting music and enhance your creativity.

However, this requires you to make an account prior to downloading music tracks.

6. Musopen:

free outro music source

This website provides a free hand to record any music and download royalty free outro music. This website has recently released several Beethoven sonatas of piano, all on a public domain.

This gives you a free and publically available powerful domain to search and download any outro music no copyright.

7. Free Play Music:

royalty free outro music source

This is considered as one of the renowned small-scaled company of music-licensing. You can undoubtedly call this domain a music composer, bestowing you with the online library of tons of music belonging to several genres. Moreover, this contains zillions of musical and classical pieces of work which allows one to be used as per their likeliness.

Fortunately, there exists a list of playlist with royalty free outro music and the top-ranked music tracks, all accessible from this online website. It lets one first assure regarding your choice of music by first letting one listen to the selected music then lets you download as many music tracks as you want.

8. West One Music:

outro music no copyright to download

West one music is basically a British production of a music company globally that facilitates you with a pool of music and songs, including intro, outro and background music around the entire world.

This company was established in the year 2003 in Soho, London with having these groups contained eight distinct labels. Fired earth music, the scoring house, noise refinery, and west one music are some of the labels that exist.

Not only limited to these facilitations but this domain offers a vast variety and distinct genre of music sounds ranging from rock band to classical, western to brass, electronic to woodwind and so many to consider.

9. AudioBlocks:

good outro music to download

AudioBlocks is considered as one of the copyright-free websites that allows you to use any of their publically available playlist of distinct types of music that can be used as intro, outro or background depending upon the usability of the user while facilitating more than 100,000 music tracks, more than enough for one to choose the best one out of the available pool.

This website is free to use at any instant without bounding one with hidden terms and conditions and allowing them to download and utilize music from their song library at any time. One of the most highlighting features bestowed to the users by this website is that it facilitates one with royalty free outro music for the sake of commercials or any of your personal music-related projects.

Their perfectly maintained and updated listing of the songs allows one to search and choose the freshly available and trendy music from their playlist without the hassle to search it from scratch.

10. Bensound

free outro music to download

This is yet another browser-based website that is entirely free of cost to download and use music for outro song and a stock of royalty free music for the sake of either any of your multimedia projects or YouTube outro music for your productions in YouTube domain.

This facilitate one with vast palate music types ranging from classical to rock, electronica to acoustic folks and cinematic and so on, just right for any of the type of your video to elevate it to the next level.

Best Practice to Choose the Right Outro Music for Your Video

Since the quality of your production is highly relied on the beat conclusion of your music, it’s of high significance to choose a perfect outro song. But it requires you to know some of the best practices that you can follow while picking a track perfect for you. So, stay tuned!

    • Evaluate the type and purpose of the video and then assessing what role the outro music will be playing in the video to best know what fits the purpose.

    • You need to have an understanding of the genre of music that rightly escalates the soul of the listener and evokes the desired value.

    • Make use of outro music as Bookends to indicate the ending of a video with impactful text or animation.

    • You can make use of reference music to guide you to your desired music rhythm, progression, key speed or instrumentation.

    • You must know your budget to spend on the outro music to create or own music as per the requirements and resources.

    • If your content is on a professional level, then it’s better to consider hiring a good composer as the composition is like a backbone of the song, making it either a hit or a miss!

    • Choose self-explanatory music that speaks to the viewers and best connects with them to serve the content’s purpose in an effective manner.

    • You ought to consider the tone and the role of frequency.

outro music tone

    • A little break in the music catches the attention of an audience to fulfill the aim behind the content.

  • Using famous music or the one that best mimics the famous ones would be best to capture the audience’s attention and interest.

What is Outro Music?

By outro music definition, it means that music is affiliated at the end of the song. However, this term is an umbrella term which also means the concluding or ending track of an album. This basically refers to the linear structure of a song starting from intro, verse, chorus, bridge, verse and then finally the outro which is used only once at the end.

However, the chorus and verse can be repeated more than once but the occurrence of intro, outro, and bridge is used only once. The primary reason for inserting an outro into a song is to have a mesmerizing and impactful ending to it, giving listeners a soothing experience since ending matters the most to leave a powerful impact behind.

A piece of outro music in the video is music or song that used at the end of the video. Outra music is important because it's one of the key elements that attract people to what you expect.

What Are the Most Popular Style Outro Music?

As once said by a French poet, Music is the literature of heart, written with utmost love, sympathy, passion and pure emotions. It is the outro or the strong ending of the movie, play, song or literally anything that outsell the content and leave a powerful impact to be remembered forever and so does the outro of a song, making it a hit or miss for the entire content for whatever purpose that music is used for.

Hence, the significance of outro music cannot be more emphasized enough. Thus the choice of the song is utterly important and styles/genre must be chosen wisely to boost up your content or your music alone.

So let’s explore some of the best and top-ranked style of outro music and the type of content where it fits the most to give you an instant recipe of perfection!

Type 1: cinematic

Usability: victorious, sweeping, grand and big events.

Type 2: corporate

Usability: unobtrusive, inviting and engaging event.

Type 3: ambient

Usability: calm, soothing and centered events

Type 4: acoustic:

Usability: connected, empathetic, melancholy and human

Type 5: comedic

Usability: bright, bubbly, exciting and fun events

Type 6: electronic

Usability: curious, cerebral and electronic

Type 7: hip hop

Usability: confident, edgy and fast

Type 8: rock

Usability: substantial, raw and gritty

Type 9: Funk

Usability: unapologetic, bright and discordant

With this wide variety along with the usability of such outro music, you can now surely get an idea which of the above fits your content the best to uplift the perfectionism in your creation!

Composing Outro Music

Typically, the recapitulation is often used to conclude while using the sonata form is performed. To end a piece of clip or song, the thematic material is often repeated in the process to provide the closure in the tonic key from the exposition. Unexpected digression being fooled by a return in order to produce more empathic confirmation regarding the structural relationship employed to the body of the production.

Moreover, the styles of the outro also make a huge impact and difference in successfully delivering the purpose of the video.

  1. Fadeout Effect: the echoing effect leave a heartfelt story in heart and mind
  2. Full stop Effect: shows abruption, finality, emptiness and completeness effect in the song.

Having more than 300 effects available in Filmora with tons of audio editing features available for free, running on both platforms, Windows, and Mac, you can make perfect outro music for your production to attract the target audience and uplift the quality and value of your content!

How to Record Music for an Outro Using Filmora Scrn?

Filmora Scrn is a powerful tool to not only record the audio but all the video playing on the screen, thus facilitating you to record your favorite outro playing in the system.

Step1: after launching the app, tap on “get started” where you’ll see 4 tabs, “scree, audio, camera and advanced” to customize the recording setting. 

Step 2: choose the “Audio” tab, where you need to select “computer audio” to record the outro song running in your system and “don’t capture” in the Microphone option.

record autro music step

Step 3: press “record” for recording initiation.

Step 4: hit the “pause” tab to pause and F10 key to stop the recording.

Step 5: Edit the recording as per your likeliness.

Step 6: export your recording in any of the audio formats to save it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


As much as a powerful start of the music is important to attract the audience, the perfect end leaves an utmost impact on them, making your content valuable and distinct. Many software or website can help you make outro songs but the versatility and feasibility in use of Filmora and Filmora Scrn leave one speechless with the profound promising results it produces.

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