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10 Sites to Download Green Screen Templates

Green screens are quite famous in the media industry to improve visualization. The article introduces some renowned websites which can be used to access green screen templates in seconds.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Visuals are important when it comes to the creative industry. The directors are conscious of how the video is delivered to the people. Therefore, multiple tricks are used to enhance the visual perception of a film. The green screen offers similar workability. The person's recording in front of solid colors like green conveys the message more brilliantly.

Moreover, the green color doesn't match a skin tone, so it has more impact. Multiple websites in the business offer green screen templates. The article presents an overview of ten platforms that have green screen templates. Wondershare Filmora would also be the crux of this write-up. So, let us initiate!

Part 1: 10 Popular Websites to Download Green Screen Templates

Are you a film producer? Or are you a content creator on YouTube? If you are any of these, you would surely understand the template green screen and its importance in the industry. The pre-designed templates allow the users to save time and create something out of the box.

Hence, websites such as Envato Elements take pride in providing templates and effects. The subsection introduces ten impeccable platforms for green screen templates download. Let us start! Shall we?

1. Videezy

The first website to provide the user with royalty-free assets is Videezy. With Videezy, all creative professionals can take control of their workplace.

As far as green screen templates are concerned, Videezy doesn't stay behind. The templates include colorful confetti falling on the green screen, a flock of seagulls flying on the green screen, or a woman dancing on the green screen. You can also use happy birthday green screen templates via Videezy.

videezy templates

2. Pikbest

Pikbest is one of the most renowned platforms to access the best templates green screen. Offering presentations, video effects, sound effects, and PNG images, Pikbest knows it all. The green screen templates are provided in great quality. A stage opening in green screen, ocean with a green background, and special smoking effects in the green screen are some examples of the templates.

pikbest website

3. Envato Elements

Envato Elements has covered you all if you are looking for a video call template green screen. The frame rate of these templates can be decided as a user finds it necessary. There is a green screen video call, and Santa Claus is taking a video call on the green screen.

The green screen templates download present a wide variety of workability in the media industry. The templates include a woman in front of the green screen, a retro television in green background, a builder working on a solid green screen, and animals.

evanto elements green screen templates

4. Mixkit

Are you a journalist in the creative industry? Or a news anchor making your way in the field?

Mixkit takes your needs seriously. You can rely on this royalty-free marketplace to provide you news template green screen. The news template includes a news anchor with a green screen, a newscaster with a tablet in a green wall, and a journalist sharing the news. Mixkit has got to be your first choice if you care about your visuals and profits in the media industry.

templates by mixkit

5. Videvo

To access a wide range of happy birthday green screen templates, find Videvo at your bedside. This royalty-free platform has taken upon the world from animals in a green screen to human acting and recording in one. The green screen templates include a woman working and thinking on a green screen and a businessman showing off his profits.

green screen templates by videvo

6. Storyblocks

Changing the narrative of green screen templates download, Storyblocks is one of its kind in the world. The trending templates in this solid color can be edited with the maker or downloaded as it is. They include ripping open a gift and finding a green screen, a Santa Claus on chroma key background, and animations of different Christmas decorations on the green screen.

storyblocks templates green screen

7. Pond5

Pond5 needs no introduction with how it presents outro templates green screen in the most effortless fashion. Moreover, The outro green screen templates can create powerful visuals by the end of any video and create engaging content. The template green screen includes a woman walking in a green screen, a ghost, businessman, kitty, and even a blooming red rose.

pond5 templates website

8. MotionElements

MotionElements is also a renowned brand name for green screen templates. Presenting different search filters based on category, style, orientation, and framing, MotionElements knows your needs. The introduction of mobile, flag symbols, clinical masks, and business dealings are all shown in templates designed in green color.

motionelements green screen

9. Pexels

Tailoring the results based on orientation and size, Pexels got famous in a small time. The user can access and download templates with a green screen and incorporate them in their videos and films.

The green screen templates include women modeling in a green background and artists showcasing their work with the solid green color. It also shows a template of a set designed in green background preferred by directors in the film industry.

pexels green screen videos

10. Videohive

Taking the world, Videohive has covered all categories to keep the users at the edge of their seats. It means that you can access the templates which Premiere Pro supports, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve.

As far as news template green screen is concerned, Videohive offers different templates displaying the set of a news anchor. The green screen templates offer peeled bananas, laboratory glassware, a red plastic bag, compressed can, food foam tray, and hands clapping in a green screen.

pexels videohive screen templates

Bonus Tips: Green Screen Templates for Filmora Video Editor

While we are on the subject of the websites that offer well-crafted and thoughtful templates, how can one forget about Wondershare Filmstock?

Wondershare Filmstock is your all-time-favorite one-stop shop to access royalty-free assets. From effects and audio to templates and video effects, Filmstock has a way to get us through. The assets are effectively used for the Filmora video editor to create magic in the content. You can name the template, search it, and access exactly what you need.

Wondershare Filmstock is one of the most used platforms to download green screen templates. For instance, Filmstock comes up with New Year sign in green background, skeleton breaking screen, scary pumpkin, and other templates with innovative results. The templates for the Filmora video editor have their way of enhancing imagination and presenting high-quality results.

filmstock green screen templates

Filmstock plays a pivotal role in improving the user experience. It means that this royalty-free marketplace allows you to filter search options based on duration, resolution, library, and sorting by popularity. Wondershare Filmora video editor has got you all covered to make cool and powerful shots via template green screen. It feels like a win-win, don't you agree?

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Creative professionals have an extensive range of tricks up their sleeves to make their output stand out from the crowd. One of the workable tips is to use the green screen effect as an overlay. The green screen templates can be downloaded through different website platforms in the market. The article presented the top 10 places to view and access the templates to make a conscious decision.

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