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Top 10 Glitch Effect Templates for Video in 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The intentional use of any effect in the pictures, videos, and films displays a strong message and impact for the audience. The media industry has incorporated the uses of various web applications, software, and applications to bring creativity to their end product.

A similar effect that has surprisingly been welcomed well by players in the market is Glitch Effect. This effect works by adding temporary glitches, interruptions, flaws, and errors in the imagery to attract the attention of viewers. This VHS effect is used in horror movies, TikTok videos, YouTube introductory clips, and video games.

Part 1: What is Glitch Effect or VHS Effect?

The first question that pops up in my mind is regarding the basics of Glitch or VHS Effect. So, what is a VHS font or glitch effect? Therefore, it is mandatory to answer this question in the very first section of this article.

The first glance at this effect shows that there might be some signal problem, so pixels of the imagery are distorted and appear flawed. However, the intended use of the glitch effects these days has become a sensation in the market. VHS overlays display glitches, errors, delusion, and interruptions in the picture with a dark history of its origins.

Glitch art has been extensively incorporated in horror movies to create an in-depth impact on the audience. Apart from this, it is also used in zombies and alien-themed videos and films to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. It also comes in handy when it comes to YouTube introductory videos, TikTok clips, and product description videos.

In addition to this, the film industry has been seen slipping into its usage. The art directors and fashion designers found themselves appealed to the concept of vibrant colors and accepted this trend wholeheartedly. A glitch effect can be clearly explained as a piece of artwork that is a multiplied product of developers’ intention and device whims.

Part 2: 10 Popular Glitch Effect or VHS Effect for Video Editing

This is the section that you have been waiting for impatiently! Part 2 shall encompass around 10 famous glitch effects that work like magic for video editing and to make a name in the industry.

In relation to this, Wondershare Filmstock is an online effects store that provides the user with unlimited effects, transitions, images, graphics, audio, and stock media. This website has got you all covered if you want to bring your story to life. With the quality visual effects, high-resolution videos, sharp imagery, unique media, and 100% royalty-free phenomena, Wondershare Filmstock knows how to keep one hooked to it.

So, without delaying this any further, let us have a look at the ten famous VHS filters that are sure to create magic in the air.

1. VHS and Glitch Effect Vol 01

VHS and Glitch Effect Vol 01 is a cool mixture of glitches and textures that provide a trendy outlook to the video. It is mostly best for vlogs and game videos to attract the clientele as well as the audience. One can also use this effect to show off their adventure in the most fashionable manner.

2. VHS and Glitch Effect Vol 02

The second effect, known as VHS and Glitch Effect Vol 02, offers 15 overlays, 5 transitions, and unlimited glitches and after-effects to make your sci-fi videos and supernatural-themed films an ultimate success. This pack of texture is compatible with Wondershare Filmora 9.6 and above.

3. Urban Life Pack

The next glitch background presented by Wondershare Filmstock is Urban Life Pack, originally inspired by the urban chaos and hustle. With 10 titles, this glitch effect offers bold and exciting transitions that keep the audience hooked to your product output.

4. Energy Sports Pack

If you are a fitness fanatic, Energy Sports Pack brings you a bold and inspiring set of effects that would make a perfect addition to your video. One can have their hands on 13 titles, 5 elements, and 2 transitions for serious workouts. One shall never be disappointed for choosing this VHS filter for their videos.

If you use Premiere Pro or After Effects video editor, then the following VHS effect templates are exactly what you need.

5. 80s Fever

The next glitch effect of the lot is 80s Fever, guaranteed to navigate you to a trip down memory lane. This effect provides dynamic animation, modular structure, and full HD resolution with multiple colors and movement range. In addition to this, one can count on it for effortless customization ability.

80s fever

6. Fashion Glitch

The next glitch art, allow me to introduce you to the effect that is one of its kind- Fashion Glitch as we know it. It is extensively used in fashion shows, catwalks, product promotion videos, TV commercials, and whatnot. An After Effect template with 10 image holders, and 8 text holders, the Fashion Glitch Effect has left an impact on the viewers.

fashion glitch

7. Dirty Glitch and VHS Style

If you are looking for a glitch overlay or glitch filter on your videos in VHS style, this effect brings the best of both worlds. Ensuring a classic and modern outlook can also add the vertical version of the glitch art and make the video glamorous. In addition to this, this effect can be used in vlogs and your unending adventures on the bucket list.

dirty glitch and vhs style

8. VHS Madness Logo Reveal

The next glitch effect is VHS Madness Logo Reveal. This effect works like a charm if you need to animate your logo in the most satisfactory way possible. One can count on it for HD resolution, adjustable colors, and classic retro display in a fitting style. No third-party plugins are required, which makes it workable.

vhs madness logo reveal

9. Digital Glitch Effects

The Digital Glitch Effect brings 10 unique glitch effects for the potential user and keeps the theme retro. These hip retro VHS overlays are the best shots to transform the videos. In addition to this, one can also develop teasers, slideshows, introductory videos, and logo openers. With easy customization, this effect is sure to go a long way.

digital glitch effects

10. Fast Glitch Transitions

Last but not least, allow me to present to you the Fast Glitch Transition Effect. Keeping the bar high by offering 25 different transitions, this pack has to be your first choice if you are looking for modified built-in-effect controls. It requires no third-party plugin and brings HD resolution to the field.

fast glitch transitions

Part 3: How to Make Your Glitch Effect Video Look Great?

The section spins around ways to make the glitch effect video a total success. To do so, it is time to introduce Wondershare Filmora as an exceptional video editing tool and the way it is rocking the market.

Wondershare Filmora offers advanced audio visual effects that play an essential role in glitch effect and enhancing its display. Supporting a wide variety of audio and video formats, one can depend on this tool to provide the user with inbuilt editing options such as titles, elements, transitions, overlays, and whatnot.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

The users are sure to enjoy a user-friendly interface, fast rendering system, audio ducking feature, color grading, and speed control benefit. If you are not familiar with how it works in making the video look extraordinary, hop on to the steps designed for you.

Step 1: Setting up Media Files

The first and foremost step is to launch Wondershare Filmora. After the interface that appears, tap on "Import Media Files." Browse the targeted media file and open it onto the program.

import media files to filmora

Step 2: Drag/Drag Video to the Timeline

After the video is uploaded, the next step is to drag the video to the timeline simply.

Step 3: Applying the Glitch Effect

Click on the “Effects” tab and then hit the “Overlays” button. This will allow the user to access the glitch and VHS effect. Apply the effect to your respective video and preview it on the interface to check if it is done.

apply glitch effects to video

Step 4: Exporting the Video

After you are satisfied with the video, click on the "Export" option. Choose the video format, path, and resolution from the list of options that appear. Tap on "Export," located in the bottom left corner of the interface. Wait until the process is concluded.

export and save the video

Wrapping Up

The article covered the basics of the Glitch or VHS effect and its back history. In addition to this, the complete description and explanation of 10 renowned glitch effects were mentioned people could use that to bring innovation to their video outputs. In the end, Wondershare Filmora was introduced with its role in making the videos look exemplary. Following the steps carefully can avoid any future inconvenience.

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