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Learn Color Correction in After Effects with These Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 28, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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When it comes to understanding and mastery of information, videos are always the best. Research carried out by Wyzwol, a marketing research institute, states that 68% of people like to learn about services through videos.

Color correction in After Effects involves a wide range of tools, including Lumetri color, Hue saturation, and RGB curves. It involves extensive reading and interpretation of graphs and histograms – A thing not for the faint-hearted. To better your understanding of color correction in After Effects, you not only need to rely on blogs but also videos. Therefore from this article, you will learn about color correction in After Effects with videos.

Let’s dive in!

after effects color correction

What is Color Correction in After Effects

Color correction is a functionality feature in Adobe After effects that fixes all the color complications in an image or a video. This functionality feature alters a clip of footage to match a constant appearance.

Most colorists and editors use After Effects to adjust color, saturation, and contrast in clips that look unreal and make them appear natural and unprocessed.

When you want to color correct your footage, you first need to establish your video clip and then determine the colors needs for your clip. With this, color grading will become an absolute breeze for you.

Learn Color Correction in After Effects with These Videos

1. Pro Tip - Cinematic Color Grade in After Effects - After Effects Tutorial by Dope Motions

One of the top-notch videos we will use to learn color correcting is one produced by Dope Motions. Dope Motions is a YouTube channel that is managed by Nick Pawar. Nick creates high-quality graphics and VFX tutorials where he shares insightful ideas on how to carry out various cinematic edits to videos – This includes color correction.

In this video, Nick gives his voice on color grid videos giving it that cinematic look with much ease. His method is relatively simpler since one need not use plugins to do color correction. Though it is much easier to carry out color correction with plugins, Nick emphasizes more on color correction without plugins since you will be able to extensively customize your video based on your preference.

In this video, Nick spotlights various topics, including how to use lumetri color, color correction, cinematic color grading, how to make presets, color effects, among many more. All in After Effects.

Besides, with these techniques, you cannot not only use color correction in After Effects but also in premiere pro. Beginners, as well as intermediate video editors, will significantly benefit from this exemplary video. Learn from Nick and create splendid videos that will leave your clients and viewers all rooted to the ground.

2. Create a Cinematic Look with After Effects Tricks! by Kriscoart

Another enlightening video that talks about color correction in After Effect are this one from Kriscoart. Kriscoart is a fast-growing YouTube channel developed by managed by Kris Truini. Some of the core values of this channel are to learn, create and share content. From his channel, Truini does not centralize his focus to only video editing; he goes to the extremes of edifying on VFX tutorials, lighting workshops, and short film breakdowns.

In this video, Truini shares some simple tricks with his subscribers as well as new visitors on how to carry out a color correction in After Effects. He elaborates on manipulating lights and adding dramatic atmospheres and cinematic looks to your video shots by using some simple masks, solids, and adjustment layers.

Truini uses the project he is working on to flesh out various color correction tools and how to put them into use authentically. He targets not only beginner video editors but also intermediate ones who are looking forward to increasing their skill set.

Through his YouTube channels, Truini aims at educating the masses so that they can be well conversant with most of the video editing tools. He wants the voice of every filmmaker and prospective to be heard by their prospective audiences.

3. Advanced Color Grading in After Effects - NO PLUGINS by the VFX Show

Color correcting and Color grading without plugins is something that is a back-breaking activity to beginner video editors. Here, Collin Black of @ The VFX Show tends to break that misconception. Collin Black, the manager of The VFX Show, teaches his subscribers and new visitors to his channel how to carry out color correction without necessarily using plugins.

Collin Black states that even though plugins are very easy to use in color correction, you cannot carry out a wide range of customizable activities. It makes color correction without plugins be something to use to create neck-breaking video clips.

In this video, Collin uses a photo that he took while driving. The image appears to be faulty with lousy lighting. He uses a wide range of tools while elaborating every single step. When compared to the start, the final result of his work can be said to be “something out of this world.”

The target audience is beginner video editors with the zeal and zest of learning and wanting to get to know more about color correction without plugins.

4. Easy Colour Correction - After Effects Tutorial by DM Design

Are there scenarios where you come across a simple-looking video clip that is perfectly edited with ideal visual colors and has a sensational cinematic appearance? Debra Mayer, the founder, and owner of DM Designs, a renowned YouTube channel, simplify the processes required to get stunning videos.

Debra Mayer, in her YouTube channel, does all in her powers to teach all the Adobe techniques. She simplifies it and makes every single step to be somewhat relatable. In her channel, she does say much but expounds on tons of tools and activities.

Debra uses footage of a deserted land occupied by trees and grassland in this video. Everything in the picture looks dull and dusty. Debra expounds on how to create some cinematic appearance on clips with straightforward steps. Her after video appears to be something unreal due to extensive editing.

Her target audience for this video is beginner video editors. She can explain color correction in the easiest way possible from her immerse skillset. With that, beginner editors will significantly benefit from it.

5. Make Cinematic Looks with After Effects Color Correction Tricks! by Black Mixture

Paying for the After Effects subscription and again paying for color correction is something most people cannot wish to do. Even though you are not good at color correction, you need to stress yourself since Nate and Chriselle of Black Mixture will make things easy for you. Black Mixture is a YouTube account managed by Nate and Chriselle, a couple. In their channel, they expound on topics surrounding filmmaking, graphic design, motion design, and photography.

In this video, Nate elaborates on various steps on how to carry out a color correction in Adobe After Effects without plugins. He even goes to the extent of showing how to add music video effects as well as cinematic effects.

Nate uniquely uses only three color correction effects to carry out all the color correction needed to his footage – A super-fast driving car on a highway – And comes up with stunning results. He uses various customizable Adobe Effects settings such as hue, contrast, saturation.

Furthermore, Nate explains how to interpret and use histograms and graphs in adjusting various customizable settings. He also emphasizes the glow, a unique functionality feature that alters the lighting of clips to make his background appear super cool. Most editors do not commonly use glow, but it creates outstanding videos when used.

Nate does not only target beginner video editors but also intermediate ones. There is something new that intermediate editors will also learn.

6. Color Correction in After Effects - Tutorial by Kenneth Moore

This is the last YouTube video that we are going to learn about color correcting from. It is a video produced by Kenneth Moore, A prime owner of Kenneth Moore’s YouTube Channel. Even though his channel, Kenneth Moore channel, is still on the grow, he straightforwardly brought out every step to carry out when doing color correction in After Effects.

In this video, Moore uses a shot of a drown to elaborate color correction. The initial footage appears to be dull with indistinct features. With the color corrections tools, Moore is able to liven the footage giving it that outstanding look.

Moore unfolds on how to use various functionality tools in After Effects. In his video, he incorporates contrast, curves, RGB Parade, color balancing, color wheels, Vectorscope, and HSL Secondary functionalities. He used another footage, a car, to elaborate on HSL secondary.

In the video, Moore targets beginner and intermediate video editors to throw light on other color correction functionalities that video editors need to learn.


Supplement your reading about color correction in After Effects with these videos. The above six videos evidently explain how to carry out a color correction in Adobe After Effects with ease. The videos are created with established producers and video editors; therefore they give professional insights and teachings.

Color correction in After Effects should no longer stress you out. All you have to do is watch any of the above videos, or you can watch all of them and have a better grip of color correction. You will be able to create exceptional footage.

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