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10 Matching Color Combination That Works Together

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Oct 19, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
10 Matching Color Combination That Works Together

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Color is abundant in our life. Our moods, sensations, and perceptions, as well as our decision-making processes, are all influenced by color. Emotion evokes by color. It affects our perception, eliciting subconscious or conscious responses in the human brain. Color is perhaps the most robust tool at your disposal as a designer because of its influential and communicative nature.

color combinations for designers

Although not everyone is born with a keen sense of color or a natural aptitude for graphic design, there are methods and principles you can employ to select the best color that matches together to make a strong impression and achieve your desired effect. Fortunately, we've got you backed up. The ten best colors that match everything are listed below to help you create your next design.

Part 1 What is Color Combination?

Color Theory is an art when it comes to playing with colors. It explains how people perceive color and the visual effects of colors mixing, pairing, and contrasting with one another. Designers use a color wheel and considerable collected knowledge about human psychology, society, and more to pick the perfect colors that match everything. Color is a crucial, if not the most important, feature of design since it may affect the meaning of the text, how people move across a layout, and how they feel. You may be more intentional in generating graphics that affect you if you understand color theory.

Part 2 Types of Color Combinations

Learning how different colors match together is essential for successful color combinations. Studying the color wheel and color harmonies (what works, what doesn't, and how color communicates) will help you blend colors, establish a stronger brand, and share more effectively with your designers and printers.

The color wheel contains:?

Three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue),?

Three secondary colors (purple, green, and orange), and?

Six tertiary colors (colors generated when you mix primary colors), plus (colors created from primary and secondary colors, such as blue-green or red-violet).

color wheel

Draw a line over the core of the wheel to separate the warm colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) from the cool colors (blues, greens, and purples) (blues, greens, purples).

Warm colors are connected with activity, brightness, and vigor, whereas cold colors are associated with tranquility, peace, and serenity. So when you hold that color has a temperature, you can see how its use might influence your message.

On the color wheel, complementary hues are opposites. They may make artwork jump because of the great contrast between the two hues, but overusing them can get tiring.

Analogous hues are next to each other. Therefore, one color will dominate, one will support, and another will accent when developing a similar color scheme.

Triadic hues are energetic and vibrant, evenly dispersed throughout the color wheel. They provide visual contrast and harmony, allowing everything to shine as the overall image comes to life.

You can build a variety of grand color schemes by using the color wheel. Finding the perfect color combination for the right occasion is vital.

10 Matching Color Combination That Works Together

01Yellow and Blue

colors that match with blue

Yellow is the ultimate attention-getter, and it provides a young backdrop for the commanding navy. The equally electrifying Blue color that matches with Yellow dazzles the senses. It's one of those color schemes mainly used for parties and casual gatherings. It helps instill a sense of purpose and energy in a design by contributing to enthusiasm.

02Black and Orange

colors that match with black

The vibrant orange contrasts wonderfully with the dark black, providing a sense of mystery and suspense. Black is one of my favorite colors that match with orange.

03Lime Green and Purple

colors that match with green

This high-octane color combination exudes a powerful presence, with purple being a beautiful choice to compliment light green. That?color matches the lime green?and presents a strong sense of design.?

04Dark Brown and Yellow

colors that match with brown

This fantastic color combination is ideal for creating a design that shouts spontaneity and dependability. The perfect tag-team, marigold yellow, catches the eye while dark brown keeps it. Yellow is yet another favorite pick of color that matches dark brown.

05Lavender and Indigo

colors that match with purple

Indigo, a dramatic color associated with the arts, is intuitive and forceful. It creates an exciting backdrop for the softer purple shade.

06Turquoise Blue and Purple

colors that match with light blue

The imaginative purple and waterleaf turquoise combination create an overall sensation of limitless possibilities. These colors are ideal for communication-related businesses, such as teachers, trainers, and media communication. Purple is the choice of many designers, and this color matches turquoise blue perfectly.

07Light Pink, Hot Pink & Maroon

colors that match with pink

The pink color family is your best pick if you're looking for a design that shouts "approachable." These colors are distinct enough to provide visual interest to the design while remaining similar sufficient to maintain an innocent appearance. When you add maroon to the mix, you reduce the chance of appearing foolish while also exuding just the appropriate amount of professionalism. Hot Pink and Maroon are my top picks for a color that matches light pink.

08Light Gray and Desert Sand Beige

colors that match with charcoal grey

Although desert sand beige is one of the least-used design colors, it will make you stand out if you use it. For fashion or interior design brands, the tones of desert sand and emperor gray work nicely together.

09Dark Sea Green and Deep Forest Green

colors that match with dark green

Forest green is a color that conjures up images of nature just by its name. This adaptable color connects with growth, and it looks cool and fresh when coupled with lighter seafoam green.

10Dark Blue, Turquoise, Beige

colors that match with blue

These colors go well together and reinforce the brand's reliability. When you combine them with the beige backdrop, you feel secure exploring and pursuing. This color combination functions well for vacation, life consulting, and healthcare businesses.

Part 3 Two Color Combination vs. Three Color Combination

The choice is yours to decide. Colors have a significant role in your brand's identification. After you've decided on the style of logo you want to employ, think about what each color will say about your business. Check for the feelings you want to evoke and how you want your customers to react to your brand. You can assist your brand leave a lasting impression and forming a stronger connection with your audience by selecting the proper color combination.

Part 4 How to Apply Color Combinations to Your Designs?

Specific color combinations have the power to catch our attention, generate emotion, and ultimately make a lasting statement.

In this section, we'll look at some great colors that match together and can help your brand make a significant impact, along with a step guide on how you can easily color match during video editing.

0110 Beautiful Color Combinations for Your Next Design

You can produce all kinds of grand color schemes with the color wheel. Find the right color pairing for the right occasion.

Yellow, magenta, cyan, and black

best matching color 1

Hex code: #e2d810, #d9138a, #12a4d9 and #322e2f

Almost each print project is dependent upon these four ink colors. They can create any color imaginable after they combine. Individually, they make a color scheme that's bright, contemporary, and full of life.

Shades of pink and brown

best matching color 2

Hex code: #e75874, #be1558, #fbcbc9 and #322514

Pink is youthful, modern, and luxurious, and using different shades adds even more motion and depth to the design. Combining pink with dark brown adds a basic level of contrast and seriousness.

Gold, charcoal, and grey

best matching color 3

Hex code: #ef9d10f, #3b4d61 and #6b7b8c

It is a perfect merge of seriousness and sunshine. The gold represents nature and cheerfulness, which combines perfectly with two different shades of black and grey that add a layer of maturity.

Tan, deep turquoise, and black

best matching color 4

Hex code: #ecc19c, #1e847f, #000000

Over a natural, masculine tan base, this merge presents turquoise to the forefront to display its utility as a color that displays nature and rebirth.

Raspberry and shades of blue

best matching color 5

Hex code: #8a307f, #79a7d3, #6883bc

Like the palette above, trusted blue forms the foundation of this combination, while the pinkish-purple addition of raspberry adds luxurious femininity.

Sea-foam, salmon, and navy

best matching color 6

Hex code: #aed6dc, #ff9a8d, #4a536b

The ideal beachy palette. This unique pastel combination of salmon, sea-foam, and navy represents everyone's favorite coastal colors and shows the warmth and peacefulness that comes from a day at the ocean.

Yellow-green, olive, and forest green

best matching color 7

Hex code: #e1dd72, #a8c66c, #1b6535

These three color combinations of green are the perfect palette for this lime and mint beverage. They both combine into a brilliant blend of excitement and youthfulness.

Beige, slate, and khaki

best matching color 8

Hex code: #f6ead4, #a2a595, #b4a284

Two complementary shades of lean brown masculine. An accent of khaki-grey represents a touch of elegance and maturity.

Scarlet, light olive, and light teal

best matching color 9

Hex code: #b85042, #e7e8d1, #a7beae

An extremely subdued take on the primary colors, this combination adds a lot of greys to keep the palette's personality feeling severe and mysterious.

Turquoise, mustard, and black

best matching color 10

Hex code: #7fc3c0, #cfb845, #141414

This classic pairing of a calm and warm tone evokes calmness and cheerfulness. The black adds a bold, contemporary accent.

02How to Apply Color Combinations to Your Designs

The very famous video editor, Wondershare Filmora 11, is now launched. It is exclusively made with an intuitive interface now offering advanced editing features to even novice editors. The latest updates include audio ducking, motion graphics, keyframing, and color matches.

The color match feature in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor allows you to match one scene's color in the video with all other different colors. The same video can have different results due to lighting concerns. For example, a car speeding up the road might display varied colors to the hype of the audience. The color match can correct the color combinations of all the clips with one click and introduce a beautiful consistency.

Color Match assists you to color correct clips as a batch instead of having to edit each individually. Here's how.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Import the media

Place the images and video clips you want to use into the timeline. If you wish to do any custom color correction, choose one clip or photo and proceed with making your changes.

import media Filmora

Step 2: Select Color Match

Then, place the playhead to a frame you wish to match your other clips. Choose the rest of the clips and photos and then either right-click and select 'Color Match' or hit the color icon on the toolbar and choose 'Color Match.'

select color match Filmora

Step 3: Start Color Matching

Then, choose a frame as a reference page and 'Match.'

start color match 1

This is what you will watch after tapping the 'Match' option.

start color match 2

Step 4: Preview your Color Match

Lastly, you need to modify the degree to which the color settings of the other clips are synced using the slider and preview the results in the Preview's 'comparison view.'

preview color match Filmora

Key Takeaways from This Episode

The connection of matching color combinations with emotion is unforgettable. Color brings that extra oomph to create stunning masterpieces. The lists of colors that match together are here to ensure we look through the perfect color to improve brand visibility or attract an audience.

With these clues, you can get your hands on any and every color imaginable. You can use the matching color combinations by looking them through either the RGB or HEX color picker, whatever goes with your project at hand.

Even Filmora is here to assist you in making beautiful videos by using the latest feature of color match. Now that you know how significant color is go on and find the perfect shade from our devised list of?colors that goes together.

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