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The Definitive Guide to Color Picker(HTML/HEX/RGB Color Picker Included)

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

When we look at a video, the first thing we may notice is its color. The right color pops up and demands attention. It visually stimulates the viewer's senses. Do you feel the warmth when you see red? Or cool when you see green?

Color is known to influence emotion and behavior, and this is where a color picker comes in. Sometimes we need to get the perfect or a particular color from somewhere, and a color picker tool can easily help us do that

The right color picker tool can help you optimize your video visually. You can find the right color to attract the audience and boost your views.

What is color theory?

In order to use the color picker, you must first have a color in mind. And that too the right one. But how does one find the right color?

Color theory isn't science but rather psychologically related to human perceptions. It is used to view different color combinations to find the most visually appealing combination or shade.

The color wheel is the medium color theory uses. The colors in this wheel are arranged in such a way that helps designers select the right palette to increase brand visibility and induce the desired emotion or perception in viewers.

What is a color picker?

Have you ever come across color and wanted to use it in your own project? If yes, then how would you find that color?

Brands use a specified set of colors, and you will need the same color to maintain consistency. But finding a color can be a daunting task. So, let me introduce the 'Color Picker.'

Color Picker is a tool that allows users to find any color by picking it up from a reference picture or page. You don't have to search through the colors to find it manually. All you have to do is upload a source image on the Color Picker tool and click on the color you want. The color picker will instantly display the color information, and you can copy or share it.

what is color picker

How does a color picker work?

Designers widely utilize a color picker because of its ease. It performs a sophisticated task in a few seconds. Moreover, it requires no designing expertise.

Suppose you like the colors in an image and wish to replicate it. You can upload the image, or it's URL on the color picker. All you have to do is move the cursor to the color you want to find and click. The color details, including HTML, HSV, and RGB codes, will be instantly displayed.

Various color pickers are now available online for unlimited use. Some of them even offer editing options along with the color picker tool.

how color picker works

3 Types of Color Pickers You Should Know

Now that you know what color pickers are, let me introduce the different kinds based on the result they display.

Note that these three types of color pickers are equally efficient and simple to use.

Let's dive in!

1. HTML Color Picker

Color pickers display color information in various codes. One of them is the HTML code. HTML Color code represents color in codes for red, green, and blue. The six-digit code for example FFFFFF is representing RR-255, GG-255, and BB-255. Hence the first two digits are for red, the next two for green, and the last two for blue.

HTML Color Pickers are built to help users identify the HTML code for any color. Sometimes we require the HTML color picker to use the code in designing our website with the perfect colors.

Although most of the graphic tools utilize RGB, websites mostly use HTML color codes. If you need to pitch color combinations to a potential client, you should use HTML codes. With an HTML Color Picker, you can show and provide names of a wide variety of colors.

You can upload an image or it's URL on the HTML Color Picker. When you move the cursor on the image, it will display the HTML color code, which can then be copied to design your website. The browser reads the HTML color codes and produces the exact color that you chose.

html color picker

2. HEX Color Picker

HEX or Hexadecimal, as the name suggests, are six-digit codes representing colors. HEX code is an alphanumeric code for eg: #FF3F35. A HEX Color Picker can be used to find out the HEX code of a specific color instantly.

HEX Color Pickers are used majorly in web designing. You can easily find out the HEX codes by using a variety of color picker tools online. Most of the application and software designers also use the HEX color picker to find the most suitable colors for their projects.

Just upload an image and click on the part of the image which holds your desired color. When you click, the HEX code will be displayed, which actually represents the red, blue, and green color.

hex color picker

3. RGB Color Picker

Red, blue, green is abbreviated as RGB. The RGB Color Picker uses this color attribute to identify around 16 million colors. Almost any color you ever set eyes on can be identified using an RGB Color Picker.

RGB color picker is mostly used when we need colors for digital devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. However, RGB codes, when used in printing, may not give optimum results.

If you want to find the RGB code for use in your videos, your best bet will be to use an RGB color picker. Upload a reference image or copy-paste the URL into the color picker tool and click the specific color to get its code.

rgb color picker

Bonus Tip-Color Match Your Videos with Wondershare Filmora

The very famous video editor, Wondershare Filmora X, is now upgraded. It is specially designed with an intuitive interface now offering advanced editing features to even the novice editors. The latest updates include motion graphics, audio ducking, keyframing, and color match.

The color match feature in Filmora X lets you match one scene's color in the video to all the others. The same video can have different outcomes due to lighting issues. For instance, a car speeding up the road might show varied colors that can put off the audience. The color match can correct the colors of all the clips with one click and introduce a beautiful consistency

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

You can follow these super-easy steps to achieve stunning visuals with color matching.

1. Download, install and then launch Filmora.

2. In Files-Import Media Files and drag and drop them to the timeline.

import color match files

3. Move the playback head to the clip you want to change the color of. Then select all the other clips or images and click the Color Match icon.

find color match option

4. You can also right-click to select Color Match.

5. Now, a comparison view will be visible to you. You can select the exact point in the Reference video to match the color. After selection, click Match. The color of the Current video will be instantly changed to match the Reference.

adjust color match


The connection of color with emotion is undeniable. Color provides that extra oomph to create stunning masterpieces. Color Pickers are here to ensure we find the perfect color to enhance brand visibility or attract an audience.

With a color picker tool, you can get your hands on any and every color imaginable. You can use the trending color combinations by finding them through either the HEX or RGB color picker, whatever suits your project at hand.

Even Filmora is here to help you create beautiful videos by using the latest color match feature. Now that you know how vital color is, go on and find the perfect shade on a color picker.



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