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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Outschool Teacher
  • Freelance Writer
  • SAAS Owner
  • I love marketing, passive income, and investing. I also have a ⚽️ podcast with my son.
I love video as a medium. I believe that it is the best way to deliver content that entertains, persuades, and educates. It’s a medium built for building trust and telling stories. Here’s a tip: when you start creating videos, it will change your life.
Experience And Education: As a product creator, I run a crypto newsletter with over 3780 subscribers and have a successful YouTube channel in the cryptocurrency space. I run also YouTube ads for clients and teach people how to optimize and monetize their videos. But at heart, I’m a marketer. If you want to get your message out, there are many ways to do it. You need to focus on the ones that will work best for you. I started a YouTube channel 9 years ago with no background in video editing. Over the years I started looking for ways to make better, more engaging videos, and I discovered that video editing could do that. I started teaching an online course to adults and kids who wanted to create YouTube videos, and realized that Filmora was the best option. It’s reliable, fun, has tons of free video elements and it helps anyone create better videos. I think video editing is a skill that everyone should learn, like cooking, or being an entrepreneur, and yet so few take the time to learn. Choosing to be a creator rather than just a consumer is the key to success in the world we now live in. Share your knowledge. Empower people. Give value.

Field: I know how to grow YouTube audiences. Many people miss the nuances of how to run YouTube Ads effectively - and particularly how to target the right videos. It is key to know what kind of videos work best for ads. I can help you create the right videos and target the right audience to scale your video marketing campaign.

Life: I am from Canada but now live in the beautiful country of sunny Portugal. I love football (soccer) and I’m big into the concept of Move To Earn. When I am not video editing you can usually find me drinking an espresso in a cafe, juggling a soccer ball or teaming up and on the hunt for the perfect Monstera or Cactus to add to my wife’s growing plant collection!