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How to use the Elgato Green Screen with FilmoraX

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

If you are into streaming, you definitely would have heard of Elgato. Elgato makes tons of equipment that can be used for the whole streaming process. Just recently Elgato has come up with a green screen that is innovative and quite easy to use. 

It comes with a price tag of $149. Being 148x180 cm large when extended, it weighs relatively less at 9.3 kgs which makes it easily portable. The material used is 100% high-quality polyester.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green screen is becoming a hot cake in the market for a lot of streamers. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages you need to weigh in before you buy this new piece of equipment for your streaming needs.



    Unlike the traditional green screen, Elgato green screen doesn’t need to be hung from a wall. All you need to do is unlatch its lid and pull the screen up from its case. Its feet will balance the screen on its own. The teardown is just as easy.

    The screen has an X brace support at its back which prevents it from any sagging and retraction. The brace is also reinforced with a pair of hydraulic arms which make the pulling out easier.

    Unlike, traditional green screens, Elgato will not require removing any creases because of its strong arm-support.

    It is very time efficient. An Elgato green screen takes just a minute to set up with a simple pull-up method.

    It large enough to cover an average person’s height with more than 58-inch width and almost 71 inches in height.

    When collapsed, the Elgato green screen is just 4.63 inches. Its casing is light aluminum which makes it easy to store and carry.

    Elgato also sells its famous Key-light that makes a perfect lightning tool to go with your Elgato green screen.


    The price tag of $149 might be too much for some of the streamers who are struggling with cash inflow.

    The screen sometimes happens to be too large for small spaces.

How to use Elgato Green Screen for Video Editing

As mentioned before, the Elgato green screen is easy to set-up with a simple pull.  The next step would be choosing the appropriate video editing software to make your streams much more appealing. Filmora X is one of the best-recommended software to go with the Elgato green screen.

Making a video with Elgato green screen using FilmoraX

1.    The first step is to unlatch and open your Elgato green screen and place it in your desired spot.

2.    Next, you need to make sure that your green screen is evenly lit before you shoot a video.

3.    Once you have made sure of that, you will move on to shooting your video and uploading it to your computer.

4.    After you are done uploading your video, open FilmoraX on your computer in Full Feature Mode.


5.    Import your footage to the FilmoraX media library.

import media file

6.    After importing, you’ll need to drag your footage down to the PIV track on the timeline.

editing interface

7.    When it is done, move your cursor to your clip. Right-click and select Settings or double-click it to open the settings window.

8.    Click on Advanced > Effects and check the Make parts of this video transparent option. This will allow you to make the green color transparent and also you can set the intensity level as desired. There are also additional settings like Shadow and Borders available just below.

video transparent

9.    Once you have added your effects and made the green part transparent, you can now upload the background clip. You can do it by importing media to FilmoraX just like in the fifth step.

10.     Once you drag your background clip to the Video track part of the timeline, the background will be added to the transparent part instantaneously.

green screen footage

11.    You can also add another green screen footage that you shot to your current clip or find some online.

12.     That is it, now all you have to do is click the Export option in the top-middle of the screen and save your work in your preferred format and folder.

While creating your green screen project on Filmora, make sure the lighting is done evenly or it will read the variation as gradient coloring which will make your green screen video editing process very complicated. 

If you lack lightning equipment, the best option is to use the light of the sun. The last thing to make sure of is that the color green should not be anywhere in the object you do not want to turn transparent for example your eyes, clothes, or hair.

When adding another green screen footage to the current clip, you will have to repeat the same editing processes you used for your original green screen footage.


If you are a regular streamer, the Elgato green screen should be on your buy-list. The price might seem a little high but it is a durable product and will last you for a long time. All the features it offers are worth the price you pay for with Elgato green screen. 

This green screen is suitable for all kinds of streamers, whether you are an older timer or a beginner, Elgato has got you covered. With its light, easy to use and mobile structure, it is a must-have product. 

Since its launch, knock-offs have made their way into the market but they can come nowhere close to the original. With its easy to set-up and use mechanism and an added flair of FilmoraX editing, your videos can now become more eye-catching than ever before.

Learn More: Guidance on setting up a green screen studio>>>

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