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Monochromatic Color Design Ideas in 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Selecting the right colors for your design project can prove to be a difficult task, particularly if you are fond of vivid and bright objects. But there is a way to simplify your color scheme and still retain the liveliness of the design, and that is by using a monochromatic color scheme. Monochrome colors are a quite popular design trend to make elegant and refined content.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, head over to the article below to learn what is the monochromatic color scheme and how you can incorporate it into your designs effortlessly. Also, discover some amazing video effects by Wondershare Filmstock to add monochrome design elements to your videos. Curious to find out?

Part 1: What is Monochromatic?

Have you found yourself wondering what are monochromatic colors? The word "monochromatic" can be divided into two parts – "mono," meaning "one," and "chromatic," which means color. So the literal meaning of monochromatic would be "one color." Monochromatic or monotone color schemes involve only a single color as the foundation.

Monochrome colors include a single base color for your design and adjust it to make other variants. Lighter or darker variants of the base color can be made by changing the brightness or saturation. This way, you can create new shades or hues that closely resemble the original color while still maintaining a level of consistency.

monochromatic color palette

A monotone color scheme is quite easy to create and is seen to be a success in designs. You can choose a base color according to your preference and then set the variants for the monochrome color palette. You can choose different hues, shades, tints, and tones for your design. Are you quite clear about what does monochromatic mean?

Part 2: How to Design with Monochromatic Color?

The whole concept of monotone colors screams "less is more." Using a single color and its variants is a great way of simplifying the narrative. But getting a monochrome palette right is not everyone's cup of tea. Here are a few design tips that might come in handy for a monochromatic design for your assistance. You can try them in your designs and make them stand apart.

  • Simplicity is Key

While designing a monochrome palette, remember that simplicity is a key ingredient. Do not go over the top with your colors or incorporate too many variants in your design. Usually, a three to four-colored layout is the best way to play with monotone colors. Only use as many as is required and keep the colors distinguishable.

simplicity is key in monotone designs

  • Choose your Colors Wisely

A key aspect of a good monochromatic design is the base color, so choosing the right one is an important step. When choosing a base color, ensure that it matches the overall theme of your design or product. Your chosen color should complement your brand and theme and act as a thread tying all the elements together.

choice of colors in monochromatic designs

  • Adjust the Colors Gradually

In a monochrome design, the color variation matters the most. As important as it is to select distinguishing colors, bringing a gradual progression of colors is also important. Don't make the color variation abrupt and hasty. Add a slow and steady color transformation so that the design can be more user-friendly.

color adjustments

  • Explore the Traditional Grayscale

When playing with a monochromatic color wheel, using the traditional grayscale can prove fruitful. There's not much that can go wrong with a grayscale design, and hence the style has been quite popular among users. You can try versions of grey, including bluish-greys or warm tones, to bring out the best in your design.

using traditional grayscales

  • Try Monochromatic Overlays

It's not just text and graphics that can be themed in monotone. Monochromatic overlays can be used on designs to create a less traditional look. If your design features photographs, applying a colored overlay on the top is a great way to achieve a fresh and contemporary look. It is a clever design trick to produce color variations with just a single layer of hue.

monochromatic overlays in designs

  • Be Careful with Bold Colors

It's pretty easy to get involved with bright and bold colors, but the process can go wrong faster than you can imagine. These colors can get all the attention, even negative ones, so try to be subtle with them. Incorporate the bold colors in just the right places so that they are not too overwhelming for the design or the viewer.

careful with bold colors

  • Try Patterns and Textures

Sometimes, using the same elements in your design can create a dull and dreary aura. This can particularly happen when using a monochromatic color palette. To avoid that, you can add textures and patterns to your design. From soft plush fibers to rough wooden surfaces, add suitable textures to make your design stand out.

monochromatic harmony

  • Create Easy Navigation and Hierarchy

A vital step of making a good design is to make it user-friendly. For that purpose, visual hierarchy and navigation layouts play an important role. Even in monotone colors, it is necessary to create a hierarchy and divide your design into sections so that viewers can easily navigate through it. A well-organized design will certainly help your design to be recognizable and distinctive.

easy navigation in monochromatic design

Part 3: 5 Video Effects to Help You Create Monochromatic Style Videos

If you want to add a monochromatic color to your videos, there are multiple ways to do that. But the best method to add a monochromatic color scheme is by using the video effects templates by Wondershare Filmstock.

Filmstock is a resource library for Wondershare Filmora. The fantastic tool has the greatest video resources, including stock footage, HD images, visual effects, and royalty-free music files. Filmstock is the perfect tool for creating professional-quality video content seamlessly. For aspiring creators, the graphics and elements of Filmstock can certainly pave the way to success.

Here are some of Filmstock's video effects that can help you create a monotone color theme in your videos without any effort.

1. Black Ink Pack

The Black Ink Pack by Filmstock contains several video openers, lower thirds, elements, and effects. All of the elements of this pack are black, which are perfect for filling your video with a dark and grungy aesthetic. The Black Ink Pack can be used with Filmora's 9.1 or above versions. The splotches of black ink are perfect for your monotonous grayscale video.

2. Online Education Pack

With almost a hundred million downloads, Filmstock's Online Education Pack is a pleasure for the eyes. The pack includes 14 title templates, 10 elements, 4 overlays, and multiple transitions, compatible with Filmora 9.6 or later. Best suitable for corporate and educational videos, the Online Education Pack contains colorful elements to make learning more fun.

3. Label Design Vol 03

The Label Design Vol 03 pack includes 25 elegant templates based on a black and white theme. The pack can be used in multiple ways, featuring some simple animation stickers and labels related to cinema and movies in 4K quality. The fun and creative sticker elements can be used with a 9.6 or later version of Filmora.

4. Travel Magazine Pack

Looking for the perfect effects for your adventurous travel videos and vlogs? Filmstock's Travel Magazine Pack has got you covered on that front. With some sleek and modern design elements observing a monochrome color scheme, the Travel Magazine Pack is the perfect companion for your travel adventures.

The pack can be used with Filmora 9.1 or above and includes 14 title templates, 13 elements, 6 transitions, and 3 overlays. The Travel Magazine Pack is a must-have for your lifestyle or travel videos with creative lower thirds and graceful transitions.

5. Meditation Pack

Want a calm and composed template set for your videos? The Meditation Pack from Filmstock's Premium Library is exactly what you need.

The Meditation Pack offers 12 title templates, 20 elements, 4 overlays, and transitions to give a serene and laid-back vibe to your video. The elements can be used for a yoga or meditation tutorial or whenever you need to incorporate a calming element into your video content.

Above all the video effects you can easily apply them to your video in Filmora video editor. Download and try it now.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Wrapping Up

Life is all about living in colors. With an excellent monochromatic color palette at your hands, you can add vivacity and liveliness to your design ideas while still following a simple pattern of colors. A monotonous theme can help you achieve simplicity and clarity in your designs, which are essential elements of a good design.

You now know what is monochromatic scheme is in design and how to use it in your designs. Make sure to follow the tips and techniques mentioned above to achieve an impeccable monochrome design. Also, try the marvelous templates by Filmstock to incorporate the monochromatic color scheme in your videos easily.

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