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Color Lut in video -How to Color Grade Your Video

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Mar 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Do you want to improve the quality of your videos? With so many people providing online video content. Other than the subject of your video, its quality is also important. One way to make your content pop is to create a lut video. Below is information on how to color grade your video using lut resources. Keep reading to discover why lut video editing is important and where to get the best resources.

color lut in video

So, what is LUT?

LUT refers to Look Up Tables, which a custom color templates you use when creating videos. These help you create content for different devices, including television and mobile devices. For example, you can create custom LUTs for easy conversion from standard definition to more modern cinematic formats such as 4K and UHD.

What are the different types of LUTs?

Here are the colour lut categories for filmmakers:

  • Transform
  • Calibration
  • Viewing
  • 1D: 1D lut offers customization on one value of your colors. These are available as .lut file types.
  • 3D: These award you more control over your luts video editing since they offer saturation, hues, and brightness levels on different axis. You will find these as .cube file types.
color lut in video - how to color grade your video

These allow you to make your content vibrant and mimic the color schemes of famous filmmakers such as David Fincher. He is famous for using greens and blues in his films to arrest your attention. He does this by employing a darker than usual color scheme, which leaves you staring at the screen for the entire film. You can see this color lut in the movie Fight Club or The Social Network.

Keep reading to discover the effects of each in luts video editing.

Why do we need to use LUTs?

You use LUTs for different reasons, as you can see from David Fincher’s example. However, here are a few more:

• To add emphasis to a particular scene.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to communicate the importance of your message using standard color schemes. As such, filmmakers use dramatic color schemes in their content. For example, the colour scheme in the above photo emphasizes the tranquillity of the sea between contrasting landscapes.

color lut in video - why we need to color grade a video

• To ensure uniformity across different devices.

You will use a calibration color lut to ensure a similar video quality across different TV monitors whether it is HD, UHD, or 4K. Similarly, you can use a transformation colour lut to add a cinematic effect to your film to make it appear as if your audience is viewing it in a theatre.

Camera manufacturers use different color luts to diversify their products according to their target markets. For example, you get a different lut color grading from a Sony camera as you would in a Canon.

why we need to color grade a video

How to add luts to your video using Filmora

Filmora is a great video editing tool for all filmmaker experience levels. It includes tons of features and a user-friendly interface to ensure professional results each time. It is available for both macOS and Windows devices. Filmora allows you to install custom Luts and apply it to your videos.

Guide to use Filmora

1. Launch the video editor

Once you complete the download, launch it to start making magical videos for your audience.

2. Import Your Film

The lut editing video software allows you to import your videos directly from your device.

3. Select Advanced Color Tuning

You will find this on the Tools drop-down menu. It is located on the top menu options of Filmora. Then, drag and drop your video to the timeline. The tool also offers an A/B comparison, allowing you to check the result of your lut video editing before you apply the effect.

You can use the preset luts Filmora offers or upload your custom luts from any of the sites in the next section.

4. Save & Export

Click OK to finalize the correction and export the video to your preferred device. You will see the available options from the software’s export menu.

A few things to consider before using Filmora’s Advanced Color correction tool include:

  • Your film white balance needs to be correct to get better results.
  • Your camera’s exposure during filming also needs to be optimal to get ideal results when using Filmora for lut video editing. However, the Advanced Color Correction tool will tell you if everything is optimal.
  • Finally, the original video needs to be of ideal quality for optimal color lut results. Different shooting conditions may not work with certain color luts. Therefore, opt for luts that match your filmmaking style to get the best results.

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Bonus! Free Lut Resources

Do you want more diversity in your lut video editing? Here are some free lut resources to check out.

1. Vision color luts

Vision color luts is another lut video editing software that you can use to hone your skills. They also offer free luts you can upload on their favorite software. Additionally, they have luts for even the latest display resolutions such as 2K and 3D. Check out the full list here.

2. Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder is a Vlogger who is famous for his stunning creations that feature his travels. His work also inspires many creators thanks to his editing and use of color luts. He also shares free lut packs and his creative process across his official channels, including YouTube and Instagram.

He mainly works on Adobe Premiere pro. However, his luts still work with other video editing software.


Shutterstock also offers tons of free stuff relating to lut video editing. You will also find free luts that are compatible with Filmora on the website. Here are a few of them you can sample. Please check before you download other packs, as some of the stuff may not match your current versions.

4. is an LA-based company that caters to aspiring filmmakers. They too offer the occasional lut files you can use to make your videos more stunning. However, they mostly feature those that work with Photoshop CC. So, you may wanna check your software’s compatibility beforehand. Here is one of the freebies you can download.


You may also want to check out some of Premiumbeat’s free offerings if you are an AfterEffects user. They offer stylistic luts and other free tools you can use to edit your films. Additionally, they do this regularly. Therefore, they are worth a look to see what is new.


Color luts are incredible tools to add flair to your videos. Additionally, you can use them with incredible ease on software like Filmora. Here are some of the creations you can sample from some of the free ones that come with the tool.

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