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Top 10 Ideas for Making An Attractive Food Vlog

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Oct 22, 21, updated Jul 17, 24

The trending idea of food vlogs is all over the internet now a day. People love to watch such content because of the tempting food clips whereas, content creators enjoy filming such vlogs. Cooking vlogs are fun to record.

Everyone can cook, but not everyone has the best skills to record and edit anything. Due to this reason, few cooking channels are on the top, and others lack behind. The article will share ideas with you to create better cooking vlogs so that you can compete with others.

Part 1. How to Create an Attractive Food Vlog?

Cooking vlogs are very helpful from a learning perspective to those who don't know how to cook. Food vlogs should be created in such a way that they make your mouth water. The food should look tempting. Good food vlog idea is not the only important factor; the content creator needs some skill set to achieve perfection in vlogs.

The following section of this article will shed light on ideas and ways to improve the quality of your cooking vlogs. 

1. Perfect Lighting to Shoot

It is best suggested to record the food vlog in natural lighting. You don't want the food or the ingredients to cast any shadow due to the focused spotlight. Instead, your goal should be to make everything visible. The best thing for that is to film in natural lighting.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Although filming vlogs isn’t like a strict job yet if you have a goal, then the best advice is to have a proper schedule. Uploading regularly on your cooking channel is essential. So, select a day that suits you and then weekly upload new quality content on that day.

You should always prefer to upload a quality food vlog. Content creators never focus on quantity; they always focus on what they are creating. Maintaining the quality of your content is crucial.

3. Shooting Angles

While creating a cooking vlog, the content creator should keep in mind that the video should not be simple. Filming a food vlog from one angle can be too boring for the viewer to watch and maintain interest. Instead, the perfect thing that could be done is to record the food from different angles. This way, you can choose from the different shots, edit and compile them into one good-looking food vlog.

4. Diverse Content

There are so many different things we eat every day, so why restrict your cooking channel to a specific food type?

The best way to attract traffic to your food vlogs is by providing your viewers with multiple themed recipes. You can plan and cook food according to any festival. You can either plan a festive week and cook traditional meals throughout the week and whatnot. Just keep in mind that you have to make diverse but delicious food.

5. Fridge Tour

One interesting and attractive element for any food channel is 'Fridge Tour.' People who have been watching you cook will enjoy your fridge tour. In such a vlog, you can share tips for keeping your fridge clean. You can share how you organize your fridge or how you set and organize your pantry. Also, you can share that how you prep for meals every day.

6. Share Your Grocery List

Grocery hauls are essential for cooking channels as they are fun to watch. They maintain viewers' interest in your vlogs. Sharing with your viewers that what you have on your grocery list is a different way to interact with your viewers. Indirectly you tell them about your favorite and preferred products. People enjoy watching such vlogs as they are different from usual cooking vlogs. 

7. Stay Updated and Follow Trends

You might be creating good-looking food vlogs, but still, people don’t like your content. This might be because you are not up to date. Staying updated is important for food vlogs. Following the latest food trends, vlog trends, and such things automatically attract viewers to your content and vlogs. You can keep an eye on your competitors’ channels so that you also strive to make the best vlog.

8. Take Things Slow

In the beginning, spending too much on equipment and starting with heavy equipment was the worst thing. Taking things slow and steady is another pro-tip to excel in YouTube cooking. You should start with some easy equipment or maybe borrow something from your friend. Once the cooking channel has settled, then you should plan on spending on some heavy equipment.

9. Plan before Shooting

This might not seem important to you, but in reality, if you plan before you film, then things get a lot easier. For instance, if you have planned on how to get the shots and how to arrange the ingredients to get the best lighting, then at the time of recording, these pre-planned things will not consume extra time.

It is said that we eat with our eyes first, so making everything seem presentable is a great way to create attractive food vlogs. Managing time and planning things is an important tip to become successful in life.

10. Set the Environment

The most commonly observed mistake in any cooking vlogs is the messed-up environment. Food vlogs are not like regular vlogs. Food vlogs should not be casual and relaxed. Instead, the content creator should set a proper environment before they start to record.

For good-looking food vlogs, a clean and tidy workspace is an essential requirement. The other important factor is the mood of the cooking environment. Distinct color palettes are suggested because they leave a strong impression on the viewer.

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Bonus Tips: 3 Stunning Video Effects for Cooking Videos

If you are a food vlogger and video editing gives you a tough time, then here is the amazing solution and the helping hand for this problem. Filmora video editor is like a miracle for those who face trouble while editing. Filmora allows you to access the video effects that Wondershare Filmstock delivers. The huge asset library has hundreds of Filmora effects; a few of them are:

Food Tasty Food Pack

Editing a food vlog while using Food Tasty Food Pack will make your job very easy. This video effect is perfect for cooking channels as it has aesthetic food clips in it that will maintain the viewers' interest. The pack has 4 titles and 7 elements and is compatible with Filmora 9.1 or above.

food tasty food pack filmstock effect

Healthy Kitchen Pack

This pack gives you all the healthy vibes. The use of vegetables reminds you to stay and eat healthily. The pack is very convenient as the recipe could be displayed on the side of the screen with popping veggies. The effect is compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above and has 19 titles and 40 elements.

healthy kitchen elements

Pizza Title and Lowerthird

Who isn’t a pizza fan? By using this effect, you can edit the coolest pizza videos. The effect has 25 attractive and unique titles for grabbing the attention of the viewers. Every little aspect of this effect screams pizza. You can do cute edits by using this pack. The aesthetics of classic pepperoni pizza will attract you to use it.

pizza title and lowerthird effect

Closing Words

This article is the perfect package of information regarding ways to improve your cooking vlogs. Not only that, but the article has also shared various video effects that can be used through Filmora Video Editor. These video effects can help users set up the perfect vlog for people to witness and see. After filming a vlog, it requires editing, where the tool promises to handle the editing job with you.

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