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10 Tech Tools for Teachers to Engage Students in the Classroom

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

There isn’t an iota of doubt that the education sector across the globe is evolving and so are the techniques of teaching in the classroom. Gone are the days when classroom lectures were all bookish and boring because today, the traditional means have been replaced by very interactive educational tools. There are tons of tech tools for teachers available in the marketplace today that are slowly but surely establishing the concept of flipped classrooms at a great pace.

Why Teachers Should Use Educational Tools in the Classroom

The answer to this question is pretty simple yet multidimensional. Educational tools have done wonders in moving the boring lectures out of the class by replacing them onto digital media. They don’t just increase the learning and retention traits in the students but also make classroom lectures extremely interactive and engaging. There are numerous benefits of using tech tools capturing classroom activities in the form of interactive videos, a few of which are enlisted below:

  • More participation from all the students
  • Better interaction and engagement of students in classroom activities
  • Greater retention of the topics being discussed
  • Ease of learning that is missing in theoretical lectures
  • Easily available tech tools make students technology friendly

10 Tech Tools for Teachers to Engage Students in the Classroom

1. Wondershare Filmora

Classroom video projects are surely getting all the limelight that they deserve but in order to achieve the right kind of perfection in making such videos, you surely need a tech tool like Wondershare Filmora on your side. This video editing software has got all the features namely ease of editing and numerous tools to play with. So basically it has got everything that a filming student/teacher would look forward to in a video project editor.

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2. Panopto

Among all the tech tools for teachers and students that we’ve come across until now, this one surely makes a mark. Panopto is one of the most widely used video capturing devices used across several hundreds of schools and universities across the globe. Using this recorder, all kinds of classroom lectures, presentations cannot just be recorded but also be reviewed at later stages. Interesting enough, there is a feature to send a live feed of the lectures being recorded to the students as well.

3. Screencast-o-matic

In case you are a teacher looking for an easy to deal with tech tool for making your classroom teaching more interactive and interesting, this got to be the right product for you. Screencast-o-matic is online software that records everything that you do on your computer which means you can record a video, add audio to it, and can, later on, play it over a projector to your students. The best part about this educational tool is that it doesn’t require you to download any software; it just works directly over its website.

4. Camtasia

If you have been looking for an all in one video recorder cum editor cum quiz creator cum video publisher then, your search definitely ends at Camtasia Studio. This one is one of the most popular and admired classrooms flipping tools that let a teacher integrate lectures, presentations, flashcards, visual effects, and audio into a video within a matter of few minutes, thanks to its wonderful tools.

5. Poll everywhere

Making and publishing videos is surely one of the most important steps undertaken to successfully complete video projects, however garnering feedback is equally important as well. Poll everywhere doubles up as perfect feedback garner wherein the students can let the teacher know what they like and what they don’t like in the videos, presentations that have been uploaded by the teacher.

6. Celly

If your school doesn’t have reliable network connectivity then, this educational tool is surely ideal for you. Staying true to its name, Celly helps you create a ‘cell’ of people which is basically a mobile social network of people who can easily interact with each other using mobile phones and other devices. Members of this cell can easily join in, exchange group texts/queries, and keep the interaction going as per their needs.

7. Tegrity

This educational tool aims to strengthen the concept of flipping the class with its numerous multimedia recording and publishing features. Tegrity records each and every activity that a teacher does on its computer and later on publishes it for viewing purposes of the students. One can add audio, visual effects to such recording quite comfortably using this software. The feature of limiting the number of students who shall have access to particular videos surely makes it a unique tool.

8. Xtranormal

If you are a teacher searching for different ways to up the creativity quotient of your students then, your search would surely end on this unique application tool called Xtranormal. It’s a free tech tool wherein an individual gets exposed to a number of features that not just help him produce short films with virtual characters in it but also add audio through its wonderful text to speech facility.

9. Primary access

This one is a simple yet highly useful educational tool for both teachers and students. Primary access is basically a free online portal having a large variety of educational tools for students and teachers alike. There are features to create digital videos, movies, storytelling, and a lot more that is bound to create a long-lasting effect on the learning capabilities of the students.

10. Remind

Creating the right kind of educational environment is not just about sharing knowledge with the kids and helping them grasp everything that is being taught to them, it is much more than that. It involves striking the right chords not just with the students but with their parents as well and this is exactly what Remind helps you with. It is a real communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with their students and parents over simple and quick text messages that can be sent over a number of devices.


The concept of flipping the classroom is surely receiving a lot of rave reviews from across the globe and it is definitely here to stay. One can easily take advantage of this wonderful concept by taking help from a few of the most interactive and easy to use educational tools as listed above.

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