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Useful Screen Recorder for Teachers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Being a teacher it's a challenging task to deliver lectures to the students without recording them for future use by the students. Most of the time teachers find it struggling to have no appropriate tools to record lectures with screen recorders. This is because of the lack of knowledge about different screen recorders on the internet and not knowing which one is appropriate to use to record lectures and present them in an editable form.

screen recorder for teacher

But you don't have to worry anymore because we have done a lot of research to suggest some good screen recorders that are perfect for teachers. So all you have to do is go grab some coffee and start reading this article to see some best-recommended screen recording software for your lecture recording.

Part 1: Why do teachers use a screen recorder?

The most common use of screen recorder by teachers is due to its use for recording their lectures, and presentations so it can be later on be used by the students. Moreover, nowadays all the lectures are delivered online from classrooms such as zoom, google classroom but the problem with these platforms is that theydon'tt record the provided lectures.

Another thing is that most of the teachers want to have perfect applications to record their screen records to edit whereas many screen records are available which can even record and lively draw, write and edit that recording. So these are some of the most common uses of screen recorders by teachers.

Part 2: What features a screen recorder for teaching should have?

Before the teacher opts for a certain screen recorder to use he must know some of the basic points to consider in screen recorder. In this section, we will discuss those screen recorders.

Easy-to-use: The first and foremost thing that teachers should consider about a screen recorder application is its interface complexity. In other words, the screen recorder that he will use should be user-friendly. Since most of the teachers don't have a software background therefore user-friendly applications are recommended for them.

Cursor effects: Other important features that a screen recorder should have are cursor effects. Since teachers usually provide lectures and need to point out many things on the screen and write different stuff to guide their students therefore it is always best to use a screen recorder having cursor effects.

Annotation tools: We know that during delivering lectures the teacher must need tools that can draw, write and comment on a particular section on the screen. Since teachers always provide information this way they must use screen recorders that are equipped with different annotation tools.

Webcam recording: Since most of the teachers provide lectures online therefore they also need to record them through screen recorders. However, while providing lectures it's important that during recording the webcam of the teacher should also be recorded to be seen on the providing lectures. This ensures full communication between the students and teachers.

Customizable recording area: Many recorders cannot record a certain area on the screen therefore for teachers it should be avoided in the first place. While recording lectures it's always necessary for teachers to record a certain area on the screen and leave the rest so screen recorders that have customizable recording areas are strongly recommended to teachers.

Great video quality: Last and the important factor that should be considered in screen recorders required for teachers is the quality of the recording. Since delivering lectures about important matters the video must contain the small details in perfect quality to avoid confusion when it is watched later. So for teachers, it is important to choose a recorder that records in the finest quality.

Part 3: Best screen recorder for teaching

In this section, we will some of the best screen recorders that are perfect for teaching. The ranking is based on features discussed in part 3. So let's begin.

1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that allows users to quickly and easily produce professional-looking films and GIFs utilizing a variety of advanced editing features. Teachers may use them to screen record and modify it with its wide range of tools thanks to their screen capabilities.

Furthermore, Wondershare Filmora is a video editing application that allows users to swiftly and easily make remarkable videos utilizing a variety of advanced editing features. It is a free-to-download and uses a video editing program. So go ahead and purchase one for video editing.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later


  • The Filmora Wondershare screen recorder is simple to use yet extremely powerful.

  • Multi-functional capabilities allow you to capture a single camera or both webcam and screen at the same time.

  • While playing online games, add your webcam recording to the recording screen.

  • Drag and drop feature for customizing recording locations.

  • Allows you to capture audio as well as system sounds. Furthermore, you may select to record a single input or both at the same time.

  • Teachers, salespeople, and engineerswill find it very useful.

  • Motion tracking, auto reframing, speed ramping, and many more functions are included.

2. Screencastify

Screencastify is one of the amazing screen recorders from google, which is widely trusted among its users. It can create, edit and save videos. It also got very interactive objects to play with it during your screen records. It's available as a google extension which makes it very handy for google chrome users.

The application is very suitable for teachers since it can be added directly as a google chrome extension and create a video of and as well as edit the recording along with webcam recording capability. You can even draw with its tools and showcase your presentation, idea, and personality with it. It's no doubt a perfect choice for the teachers.



  • Take a screenshot of your browser tab, desktop, and/or camera.

  • Use your headphone mic audio to speak.

  • Include a webcam in the recording.

  • Use our tool to draw, stickers, or click effects to add notes.

  • Trim your video's beginning and conclusion.

  • Combine footage from various sources.

  • Add caption, trim, blur, and close in to make your video more appealing.

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Another amazing screen recording application that is perfectly designed for education, work, and personal use is screencast-o-Matic. This screen recording application captures tools that assist you in simply creating, editing, and communicating with videos and images. Moreover, these tools are simple and intuitive to share your ideas.

Being a teacher this application is perfect to use since educators and students can easily communicate with the application. The videos can be used for learning, video messaging, assignments, and feedback. Moreover, the advanced editor enables cursor effects, commenting, and drawing on the videos.

screencast o matic


  • Wide trusting companies with around 100 corporate users.

  • It's quick, free, and simple to use.

  • Customizemovies, capture screen, add a camera, and apply narration.

  • Freely apply overlays such as video, text, shapes, and photos to films using its editor.

  • Any endeavor requires stock.

  • Capture a portion of your screen, a window, or the entire screen quickly.

  • Create and distribute content

4. Loom

Loom is another perfect application for educational use. This application lets your record your screen as well as your webcam and creates a video. The application consists of a mouse cursor capability to draw on the screen while recording the screen.

Moreover, with loom, you can create a sharable link to share it with other people who will watch it as in teaching the students can have the sharable link. While delivering the lecture, you can even see the conversation going on in the recording lecture in webcam footage.

loom screen recorder


  • Loom is used by over 14 million persons across 200,000 businesses.

  • Loom's wide acceptance on desktop, mobile apps, and as a chrome extension.

  • Sharable link to the online delivering content.

  • Live conversation footage of webcam on the recording screen.

  • Can be used at an enterprise level too.

  • View who has viewed your video and for how long, as well as track CTA success.

  • While recording, emphasize mouse clicks and doodle on the screen.

  • Allow viewers to leave comments and emoji reactions to your video.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an educational and enterprise conferencing platform for those who are teachers or business owners. With the Microsoft team, you can set up online meetings, and deliver presentations and lectures. This application is a perfect tool for delivering classes by teachers.

The application is equipped with many features like chat functionalities, screen sharing, and document storage with much more other features. Looking to its functionalities it can be highly recommended to teachers who are delivering online classes or recording lectures.

microsoft teams


  • The feature of breakout rooms.

  • Whiteboard tools to draw and write the way you want.

  • Live transcripts after the meeting.

  • Powerpoint grid view for more visibility on lectures.

  • Different presenting modes such as standout, reporter, and side by side.

  • Content from the camera feature focuses on the important stuff in the recording such as the whiteboard etc.

  • Meeting recaps capabilities and much more.

6. Zoom

Zoom is another most widely used video-conferencing application that can be used by teachers to deliver classes and lectures. The zoom also lets you record the lecture whenever you want. You can also share your screen on zoom.

Zoom applications can help students and teachers in learning by having an interactive session between them. With the robust APIs of the zoom you can enjoy the tools like canvas, blackboard, moodle, and much more. These capabilities make it a perfect candidate screen recorder and video conferencing application for teachers.

zoom recorder


  • Whether gesture recognition is enabled or disabled.

  • In a meeting, participants have control.

  • Waiting for the hostmeeting/webinar to begin.

  • In a Zoom meeting, we're chatting.

  • In meetings and webinars, you can send a file.

  • As the host, you can start or join a meeting.

  • In a meeting, the host and co-host have control.

  • Using the waiting area.

  • Muting and unmuting meeting participants.

7. Camtasia

Camtasia is another competitor in screen recorders because of its features and suitability for educational use. Camtasia is the perfect software for providing presentations and tutorials via screencast. It can be also directly linked to Microsoft PowerPoint as a plugin to share the power presentation screen.

In short, this application is due to its educational capabilities and tools such as captioning audio on lectures and adding guidelines in the videos. The application can easily record the ongoing session and edit it in a presentable way later on. No doubt it's one of the perfect choices for teachers.



  • There are 75+ novel, contemporary transition effects.

  • Effect of Motion Blur

  • Effect of Corner Rounding

  • Accentuate the audio effect.

  • Editor (Windows) with VU Audio Meter

  • Quick Properties provide you with more control and flexibility over your video assets.

  • Proxy Video: Quick Editing

  • Representation of bundled assets has been improved.

8. Active Presenter

ActivePresenter is another amazing screencasting and online e-learning platform for windows and mac os. With this application, you can easily make any tutorial or training video. Coming towards its uses for educational purposes the online can create multiple recordings and lectures with this application.

There are a lot of features available in this application such as the features of screen recording and casting. Moreover, you can easily create software simulations, and demonstrations and take quizzes with it. This is the best application for teachers.

active presenter


  • Import PowerPoint slides directly.

  • Responsive design.

  • Flexbox to distribute space for objects.

  • Choose themes and templates.

  • Styling and effects for the recordings.

  • Bullet and numbering for comments and points.

  • Shapes drawing.

  • Animations and transitions.

9. Flip Grid

Flip Grid is an amazing social learning platform in website form. It allows teachers to manage and create different “grids” to assist video discussions. Each grid is just like a discussion topic where the teacher publishes it and the student makes their video on it and all users can see it.

Due to its pure interactive use, it can be used by teachers to record lectures and provide a demonstration to teachers since it is also a screen recorder. Moreover, it can edit the video for the students to have more understanding of it.

flip grid


  • You may build topics and interactions using Flipgrid Grids.

  • Allow others to contribute by using a Topic Guests, often known as Guest Mode.

  • With flipgrid shorts, users may upload and edit videos, add new clips, cut and segment, and embellish with emojis, stickers, and text.

  • Flipgrid has a video moderation feature.

  • Check your screen again.

  • Use editing tools to alter the recording.

  • A platform that is interactive and user-friendly.

10. Explain Everything Whiteboard

So let's come to the one most prominent software known as Explain Everything Whiteboard, which is a tablet and web browser-based digital whiteboard tool with a lot of features.

With this application you can create material by drawing, writing, adding photos and video, annotating, and animating it. Your whiteboard presentation may be shared on-site or remotely. You can also work together in real-time. As you work on creating a video for sharing, recording, and narrating.

explain everything whiteboard


  • Record video lessons.

  • Sharing pf the learning materials.

  • Building repositories capabilities.

  • Interactive whiteboard for activities explanation.

  • Complete color control.

  • Pen, pencil, and highlighter capabilities

  • Boundless drawing in real-time

  • A record screen ability at the same time delivering lectures.

  • Edit your recording to your liking.

Part 4: Related FAQs

How do you record your screen as a teacher?

If you are a teacher you can select one of the applications from the above tools and start recording your screen while delivering your lecture. Most of the tools have mouse cursor ability, drawing tools, and webcam recording capabilities. The recommended tool is using Filmora.

What screen recorder do teachers use?

Most commonly the best choice for a school teacher as a screen recorder is Filmora, Screen Castify, Active Presentor, zoom, etc. The preference of the choice depends on important features such as mouse cursor, editing tools, and webcam recording.

How do I record online teaching?

To record online teaching all you have to do is install one of the applications with the screen recorder listed above and start recording your lecture. Moreover, it is important to watch certain tutorials associated with the screen recorder you are going to use. Our recommendation will be Filmora since its tutorials are available at your ease.

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