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Apowersoft Screen Recorder for PC Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 25, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Apowersoft answer with the expectation of complimentary screen recording is novel: An online application that allows you in a flash to begin recording anything you desire. Gracious, you can download the application, as well, however, the web adaptation is especially helpful for the individuals who need quick outcomes for a specific task and don't need an application staying nearby their PC thereafter. But for the professional ones, Apowersoft screen recorder Pro will permit you to utilize those get-togethers. Recording some video calls or arranging a narrative is among the particular features of this screen recording software. With regards to screen captures, screencasts, and catching sound, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a brilliant decision for PC users.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a multipurpose, accommodating screen recording software that can expertly record accounts. It goes with various platforms and functionalities to join up and take pictures, accounts, and screen catch. That makes this product sound basic, and in numerous ways, it is. You pick the sort of video you need to record, the locale of your screen, and off you go. However, there are likewise choices for trading in different configurations, including GIFs, and the catch work is adequately adaptable to add your webcam, catch any sound source you need, and alter the screencast continuously. You might be dazzled to the point that you'll never require another catch application again. Since the program includes numerous altering platforms, you can improve yield records effortlessly. While these platforms don't coordinate with the norm of expert altering software, they can be utilized to roll out speedy improvements.

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro Features

With Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder Pro, you can undoubtedly record sound, work area, and even take screen captures of video documents. Also, you can catch screens from web-based media sites, like YouTube. With regards to screen recording, the program permits you to pick the whole screen or explicit regions. You can likewise catch webcam information or spotlight the mouse cursor on a specific area. Apowersoft Screen Recorder can convey such highlights that a few apparatuses pass up totally. To guarantee that the screen recording doesn't begin without you being prepared, a commencement will show up before the real screen catch pross can start. Even better, upheld video and sound sources involve the screen, webcam, mic, and framework sound.

No Time Limits: Apowersoft is fit for booking catch errands to a period later on. This is conceivable utilizing the postponed catch include and hotkeys that make the execution of this extremely advantageous and effective. Also, after you have recorded the substance you wanted, you need to share it with your objections of choice. As available energy, you are not restricted concerning how long your screen recording can be.

Output Formats: Apowersoft Screen Recorder allows you to fiddle with the video bitrate, outline rate, quality, not failing to remember the sound configuration. Of course, recordings are saved in the famous, MP4, WMV designs that can be opened from simply any gadget.

Full Picture Altering: It gives you're the choice to apply image editing and in several formats, utilizing pictures as a component of the effects you have in the picture supervisor. With most platforms simply highlighting video recording capacities, Apowersoft Screen Recorder additionally gloats of altering highlights like for pictures to guarantee they pass the planned message.

Flexible and Basic: This screen recorder software for Windows and Mac offers a scope of recording modes and simultaneously is not difficult to get around. While working with this application, you can set up and plan errands on your PC, Mac, or iPhone, contingent upon the variant you're utilizing. This proves to be useful for monitoring specific positions running occasionally on the PC.

Highly Customizable: Apowersoft Screen Recorder has an underlying Video Converter. This is a helpful instrument. assuming you need to change your caught video over to a configuration that is upheld by your cell phone or tablet or YouTube. You can generally play with the different choices conveyed by this web-based screen catch device to suit your objectives.

Real-Time Editing: As far as it concerns the altering, with Apowersoft screen recorder pro, you get a decent portion of highlights here including comment devices like text, shapes, bolts, on top of other clever elements like During the screen catch process, you get to add explanations and fundamental altering live which comes in exceptionally helpful for preparing and interactivity walkthroughs.

2. How to Use Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro conveys plenty of highlights that are focused on the catch, explanation, altering, and sharing of screen video absent a lot of issues. It is an internet-based screen catch software that likewise gloats of a work area form as well assuming you like to work disconnected. You are allowed to utilize this product with no watermarks, stowed away charges, or time limits on your foundation of decision Windows or Mac.

Step 1. Launch Apowersoft Recorder Pro

You can likewise record recordings utilizing the taskbar symbol. There are a couple of console alternate ways which will help you while catching recordings.

launch apowersoft screen recorder pro

Step 2. Open Recording Settings

At the point when you select a particular area to record the screen, an overlay shows up, permitting you to drag a determination. Assuming that you're not happy with the size of the choice, you can change the pixel stature and width to work on the nature of the route. There's likewise a drop-down menu to pick presets. Before recording the screen, you can set up a commencement, which allows you to plan ahead of time.

apowersoft recording settings

Step 3. Setup Mouse Cursor

With this free screen recorder, you can conceal the mouse cursor just as the principal window. The Proform comes loaded with a wide scope of picture altering devices, explicitly intended to assist you with embedding lines, bolts, ovals, and square shapes. Besides, you can feature specific regions, and utilize a pencil or eraser to make changes.

select recording region

Step 4. Start and Save Recording

After everything gets sorted out, hit the record button, to begin with. And to save the recording afterwards, with top-notch yield documents, the program guarantees smaller record size and bother free screen catches. Since it accompanies a wide scope of highlights and backing for a considerable length of time designs, you don't need to search for whatever else.

recording screen apowersoft

3. Pros and Cons of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a famous and simple to-utilize screen catch software, which allows you to record your Windows PC's screen and sound. While the program accompanies different altering apparatuses, you want to utilize only a couple to choose portions of your screen. Thusly, this program can be utilized with practically no specialized abilities or information. With this screen recorder application, you can catch a segment of the screen, the whole screen, Around mouse, sound just, webcam, or even versatile like aspects.


  • Records whole screen or explicit regions

  • You can likewise utilize the application to catch screen captures on your PC.

  • It can catch sound along with the screen too

  • You can catch recordings for different goals.

  • Move your mouse cursor and attract a square shape to catch the region which it covers.

  • Basic and clean interface

  • Apowersoft Screen Recorder will not in any manner place watermarks in your recordings.


  • Apowersoft Screen Recorder can't catch content from the auxiliary screen.

  • Connections in menu and toolbars

  • You are needed to introduce an addon that implies that it isn't an independent application.

4. Best Alternative to Apowersoft Recorder Pro

Most recording apparatuses like Apowersoft Pro, are superior virtual products, and you need to pay a lot to utilize them. Also, not all Free recorders are great, some have impediments like watermarks or promotions. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro accompanies an essential, instinctive, and insignificant interface. At the point when you first dispatch the application, there will not be any documents appearing in the yield organizer. Yet, after the principal recording, this window extends to give reviews of yield documents. Hence that, Filmora Screen Recorder is here to ease your screen recording process as it comprises a swift UI with some powerful recording as well as editing features.

Fortunately for you, this Apowersoft Screen Recorder alternative doesn't require professional-level knowledge for screen recording and editing purposes. The interface is understandable for a beginner, however, the connections in the menu and toolbars are pro-level. Filmora program includes a few straightforward buttons which allow you to anticipate new menus and choices. Ultimately, the fundamental window of the product expansions in size, with each button including a simple to-utilize drop-down menu. It includes a variety of effects and an editing toolkit that will help you achieve a pro-level polished screen recording out of a simple screen recording. Hence you need to know the steps it requires to do so. Here we've enlisted them for you.

How to Record Screen with Filmora

Follow the steps below to begin recording and saving your screen with Filmora solution.

Step 1: Download and Install Filmora

To begin with, using this Apowersoft alternative, visit the official website and from there, you can find both versions, i-e., Windows and Mac versions with the latest version. Download from there and install the software inside your system to get started.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 2: Launch Filmora Recorder and Setup the Recording

Right after you're done with the installation process, launch it from the Start menu and prompt for the New Project. It'll take you to the user-friendly UI of Filmora where you can pick up the recording feature on-spot as shown in the figure below:

wondershare screen recorder settings

From there, you can customize the screen recording with your desired choices, i-e webcam, microphone, system sound and more.

Step 3: Start/Stop Recording

After you're done with the setup, hit the Record button and it shall start recording your customized screen right away. And same is the process when you're done with the recording, hit the Stop button that'll take you inside the video editor to polish your recorded content.

filmora recording screen

Step 4: Export and Share your Webcam Recordings

After you've everything summed up, now is the time to export your recording. you have a lot of choices to select while sending out your screen catching and webcam chronicles after you're finished with the altering part. For that, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the product interface as follow

wondershare screen recorder edit videos

Presently to share your work of art straightforwardly to YouTube or some other renowned platform, you can without much of a stretch select your desired platform to share from there.


You can agree with me that this screen catch application has a decent portion of highlights that will cruise you towards proficient accounts. It acquires all the adaptability looked for and thusly makes sure that you have an upgraded screen catch insight. It is currently an ideal opportunity to have a direct encounter of these elements by getting the Apowersoft Screen Recorder and making the most out of what it brings to the table. That infers that the watcher can see your whole screen from the menu bar to the taskbar when the video plays. In this setting, you can't pick a specific portion to record; neither would you have the option to disguise any piece of the screen. You can see the movements you make on the screen while the video plays.

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