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Top 4 Best Feature-Rich Free Online Screen Recorders

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Recording your screen, whether fully or partially and recording your webcam activities, has never been simpler. You don’t need any software to capture the feed and then store it in some video format or some cryptic version that you need to convert or decode. You don’t need to toggle through a complicated process of setting it all up. With one of the latest screencasting tools, you can record whatever is on your screen without any elaborate setups. All you would need is an active internet connection so you can use the web based screencasting tools and for the subsequent uploading of the grab if you wish.

Here are some of the best, free and feature rich web based screencasting tools you should consider.


Screencast-o-Matic is the first of its kind screencasting app. It allows you to record any video that’s playing on your screen and you can have it uploaded and shared. The video being recorded will have to be of standard resolution, which could be 640×480 or 800×600 and other standard definitions. As your screencasts get recorded, you can use text notes as overlays, not very different from how you would do it on YouTube to get animations in place. Some may not like the fact that Screencast-o-Matic doesn’t support custom resolutions and that it is not compatible with Flash but then all one needs is Java to watch the videos. It isn’t much to ask for. The app supports exporting the videos or screencasts from your system. They would be exported as QuickTime movies. You can easily upload these QuickTime movies on all major video hosting and sharing sites as well as on social media.

Screen Toaster

Screen Toaster is a notch above Screencast-o-Matic. It allows you to record your complete screen or a partial area. You can choose a section of the screen, in a very similar way how you crop a photo or image using a cropping rectangle in editors, and then start recording. A smart shortcut key exists to start and stop recording. Just press: ‘Alt’ and ‘S’.

Screen Toaster allows you to publish your videos and you can add subtitles if you want. There is one element where Screen Toaster gets beaten by Screencast-o-Matic. The latter can record video and audio simultaneously. Screen Toaster can only record narration or audio after the video grab has been captured. Screen Toaster is compatible with Flash so all major video hosting and sharing sites that use Flash will easily play the videos captured by this screencasting app.

However, you cannot export your videos and you would need an invite to get started with this app.


Skoffer is a helpful screencasting app for bloggers. It allows recording of what’s on your screen and you can integrate that to a blog or any website. You can use API or you can get a plug-in for your WordPress site. The videos are directly embedded into the webpage. However, Skoffer doesn’t have any export options, you cannot publish the videos on YouTube and it is not as versatile as Screencast-o-Matic or Screen Toaster.


Apowersoft Online Screen Record is one of the best free tools you can get for screencasting. You can record video and the audio simultaneously. There is no apparent lag time which is often an issue with web based screencasting apps. Apowersoft has the feature to support real time editing of videos as they get recorded from the screen. The screencasting app is powered by JavaScript and the default video format for output is WMV. The videos recorded by Apowersoft are easily publishable on all major video sharing sites including YouTube. Should you want, you can choose other video formats which are supported by the app.

Apowersoft allows you to capture the entire screen or a particular portion as you choose. You can also change the areas of the screen being recorded as the video gets recorded. You don’t have to stick to the same portion for the entire span of the video. As the video or the screen grab gets recorded, you can move your mouse and select other portions or areas of the screen.

Apowersoft is inarguably the most powerful, versatile and feature rich screencasting app right now.

Nov 09,2017 11:29 am
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