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Free Screen Recorder for Android

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Assuming you are an Android client then it very well may be conceivable that an issue of how to screen record on android emerges to you. This choice of recording the Android screen is there in iOS11 however Android clients are as yet sitting tight for this choice. Google's stock Android is as yet missing this element. Some cell phone makers have added a screen recording choice in their custom ROM, yet numerous gadgets come up short on this eminent component. There are some third-party Screen Recording Apps for Android that you can utilize if your cell phone comes up short on this component. We have made the rundown of the best and free screen video recorder with sound. You can utilize any of them to record the Android screen on Android gadgets.

Screen recording choice is vital when you need to record an instructional exercise on cell phones. Numerous gamers record their ongoing interaction and offer the recordings with their companions or transfer them to YouTube. Subsequently, this is a vital element for some Android clients. Consistently, numerous bullet point articles are distributed internet covering the best free and paid screen recorders accessible on the lookout for Mac, Windows, Android, and as a program augmentation. We don't see a lot of buzz around this theme this year, so we considered feeling free to assemble, a rundown. Each screen recorder has its arrangement of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you can go with the one that satisfies your requirements the most. If you're hoping to put resources into a screen recorder, or you're searching for another option, then, at that point, this rundown for you.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ screen recorder application is another application that can record Android versatile screens. It doesn't need root access. It has no time limit and no watermark. This screen recorder is extremely simple to use with one activity to begin and quit recording. The application additionally gives a choice to make a period pass video of your screen. It offers choices from 1/third speed to 3x speed for recordings. AZ Screen Recorder incorporate screen catch, screen video recorder, video editorial manager, live transfer screen, and some more. With AZ Screen Recorder, you can record recordings in 1080 pixels, 12mbps, and 60fps.

az screen recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a lightweight screen recorder for Android cell phones. It is an allowed to-utilize application, that accompanies the element of recording on-screen sound and spilling in great. You can utilize the screen recorder to record and excellent screen recordings. This application can get to the front camera to record your look with the versatile screen. You can accentuate, draw an image or imprint something with any picked shading straightforwardly on your screen. The best part is there isn't any recording time limit. What's more, you don't have to attach your gadget to utilize this application. The application is allowed to utilize however it upholds advertisements.

2. Google Play Games

Assuming you are searching for a simple to-utilize screen recorder that will give you excellent accounts, Google Play Games is a decent choice. The application is free and simple to utilize. Google Play Games, the application which comes worked in on all android cell phones is the best application for recording your cherished games. It enables you to record your screen in excellent, with or without sound. It is an authority application from Google which makes the gaming and recording experience so better. You can likewise delay and resume recording, which is an incredible component assuming you want to enjoy some time off.

google play games

Google Play Games is the straightforward and most well-known application that has acquired prominence as of late. The application doesn't contain any promotions and it's allowed to utilize. All things considered, you should begin a game and close it mid recording before heading toward the application that you need to record. You can welcome companions, mess around together. The application will consequently store your gaming progress in the cloud implying that you can mess around again the last known point of interest. It's a decent choice for individuals who need to record their interactivity and don't have any extraordinary requirements. Effectively record and offer your best gaming minutes from your cherished versatile games.

3. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is additionally a decent Android screen recorder application. It is a simple to utilize application that doesn't request that you root the Android. It additionally has that large number of highlights you search for in a screen recorder application. You can stop recording, draw on the fly, utilize the front or back camera while recording, and set text on the video. It likewise has a choice to manage the video on the off chance that you want it. You can likewise set diverse video resolution, bit rates, and edge rates according to your need. It additionally doesn't include any watermark on your accounts.

adv screen recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a finished screen recording apparatus bundle that doesn't need any root access. The application is planned so that it offers every one of the important highlights, without executing any limitations and requesting root access. In addition to the fact that it offers a screen recording highlight, however, it additionally allows you to alter recordings. Most importantly, it is a lightweight application that offered its administrations for nothing. Nonetheless, it shows promotions, however, it very well may be eliminated by making an in-application buy. It highlights two motors, default and progressed. The high-level motor assists with stopping the recording.

4. OneShot

OneShot is one of the simplest to utilize screen-recording applications. Later it has been introduced, simply select the Capture Screen choice to begin recording. It is the best application for screen catching with sound. You get to partake in the recorded voice with the interactivity or visual advances you need to partake in a how-to video. You don't have to attach your gadget to get the application; it tends to be handily utilized on gadgets with Android rendition 5 or more. You have a total arrangement of choices to choose the goal, bit rate, outline each second to get the best nature of your recorded recordings.

oneshot recorder

This application doesn't need any sort of pulling for your gadget to utilize the Android screen catching component. Similar to others, OneShot has a useful menu board that is drifting over the recording to be utilized productively. Moreover, you can add text and pennants to work on the recorded video. The clients esteem their customization components. As the name involves, it holds the possibility to record inner sound in the best quality. It even offers a choice to involve the face camera to record yourself in the video with practically no breaking point. You can tap to conceal the recording window, shake the gadget to begin and stop screen recording. Moreover, you get the capacity to alter your screen recording with doodles and different components.

5. Twitch

Trusted by multiple million individuals from one side of the planet to the other, Twitch recorder must be remembered for our rundown of Best Android Screen Recorders. The application is refreshed consistently to turn out to be quicker and more straightforward than at any other time. You can screen catch recordings, record Android exercises and computer games while playing. You can record for limitless length utilizing this Screen Capturing application for Android.

twitch recorder android

Twitch incorporates exceptionally helpful and simple to-utilize highlights. One of them is the choice of stowing away or showing the notices got by cellphone during the recording. This permits you to keep your messages from obstructing your instructional exercise, furthermore, to save your protection. This is likely perhaps the most well-known screen catching application for Android with solid abilities to catch sound through a mic. It turns out best for recording games and short instructional exercises on your Android gadget. The video can be saved in any of the ideal areas, including your SD card. You can even take screen captures and record the screen with a similar Android screen recording application. Dissimilar to other people, this utility likewise upholds recording calls.

6. Mobizen

Mobizen is additionally one of the most amazing Screen Recording Apps for Android. With Mobizen, you can record FULL HD recordings. You can record your responses while recording game sound and your voice with Facecam. To be more exact, you can record recordings in 1440-pixel goals, 24 Mbps, and 60fps. Besides, the application works even on a non-established gadget and doesn't embed any watermark to recorded recordings. It has an assortment of Video Editing Features to improve your recording. The application additionally has contact motions.

mobizen recorder

As a matter of course, this Screen Recorder for Android accompanies a watermark empowered choice. Mobizen Screen Recorder is perhaps the best application for 2016 by Google. You can utilize this application to record screens, make GIFs, alter and draw over recordings. Mobizen Screen Recorder allows you to begin the screen recording with only a single tick. What's more, you can involve it for recording interactivity, video, and live communicating effectively and easily. In any case, you can eliminate the watermark from the settings for nothing.

7. AirShou

Without a doubt, AirShou is perhaps the best screen catching application for established gadgets. It has solid abilities to record the inward sound just as a video with practically no problems. Utilizing the Android recorder, you get a lot of choices to screen catch with front and back camera with 60 fps, 1080 fps, 32 Mbps/bitrate video characteristics. It even offers choices for Screen Drawing to create the last result inside the application, yet you need to open it with the pro version.

airshou recorder

AirShou is one of the most famous applications among experts who make instructional exercises for games or projects. You can utilize the utility to work proficiently with sound to record anything on the screen of your cell phone. Use it to record full screen in HD goal for showing a particular capacity with steps normally. You can keep the recorder on, and the sound will be recorded all the while. This video naturally is recorded in 1080p resolution; however, you can generally tweak it in the settings. You get the capacity to record in scene and representation mode.

8. MNML Screen Recorder

MNML Screen Recorder is as yet in beta and the early access application is accessible on the Play store. It has no promotions, a straightforward connection point, and a couple of settings. It might in any case not work on every one of the gadgets, however, it functioned admirably on my OnePlus 6T. The application is open-source and you can likewise add to working on the application assuming that you need it. This application has restricted elements like it lacs the recording of inner sound. This is the explanation I am keeping at the last to the rundown. The application intends to fix perhaps the greatest issue with Android: the absence of an inherent screen recorder.

mnml recorder

MNML Screen recorder is one of the most mind-blowing screen recorder applications present on the Google Play store. It is additionally open-source which implies that you can add to the venture assuming you need it. The instrument assists clients with adding a custom picture and text watermarks, with the choice to change the straightforwardness settings of the equivalent. This element would prove to be useful for individuals who might want to add their image to their accounts The application doesn't have any promotions and is extremely easy to use. It's perhaps the least complex method for recording whatever is on your screen, and it doesn't need root access.


This multitude of free screen video recorders with sound is best in their way. These screen recording devices were our pick for the best free and paid screen recorders in the 2022 rundown. We solidly accept that any of the above instruments will be ideal for making recordings. You can take a look at this total rundown of free Screen Recorders for Android and select the one for you. Which device will be the best fit for you will rely upon your working framework, financial plan and the idea of your occupation? You can begin with the free form of the instruments, and afterwards, contrast them with discover what works the best for you.

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