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How to Record Facecam Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Thousands of people on YouTube and other platforms create videos with their faces incorporated at the corner of the screen. Some may wonder how this is done. It just requires one to record the computer screen and a Facecam. Previously, people used to record Facecam and gamplay separately and then join them using other software. With the current growth in technology, you just need to record Facecam and computer screens at the same time and directly upload your Facecam videos to YouTube or your preferred platform.  

record facecam

A Facecam can be described as the recording of one's face in an online video. Such videos as the Let’s Play Videos usually include audio narration. This tech is nowadays commonly used in gameplays and video tutorials where many of these video makers put their faces in the corner of the screen.      

Why Use a Facecam Recorder

Generally speaking, showing your face in the tutorial videos, especially the live streaming, increases interaction with the audience. It can help make your videos more plausible and help attract more followers. Note that getting a proper tool to record both the computer screen and face simultaneously may be very time-consuming.  

With that in mind, you will find that the Facecam recorder is an essential tool to help achieve that goal. Facecam recorder is one of a kind as besides recording screen and Facecam, allows the user to capture audios using features in the system or even an external microphone.

5 Situations People Need a Facecam

For YouTube videos

When recording YouTube videos for your business and you want your face to appear in the videos you can use Facecam recording software to make your YouTube videos more appealing.

To incorporate audio in your tutorial videos

You can use a Facecam recorder to create tutorial videos. Especially when they are being live-streamed, they are more effective with the face of the tutor appearing at one corner of the screen.

Creating gaming videos.

A Facecam recorder is effective to use if you want to create gameplay videos. It allows a user to create high-quality video games even while playing on the gaming platforms. With Facecam you don’t need to record Facecam and gamplay separately.

When recording video calls.

A Facecam recorder can help you have a clear video conversation. Be it an interview or a normal business video call, Facecam can allow you to stream or effectively record your video calls.

When creating browser videos.

Some of the browser videos we meet on the internet are not appealing as they lack clear audio and some do not have the face of the video creator. To make yours a special one, add your face with a Facecam.

Best Facecam Recorders to Use

As you already know, a screen recorder with the ability to capture the screen and record the face simultaneously is a big deal. Below is a list of some of the best screen recorder programs with great face cam functionality. They are great for making tutorial videos, YouTube videos, and videos for other uses.  

Filmora Recorder

Filmora is a popular video creating and editing program suitable even for beginners in the industry. It is a good software to kick up with at the start. This software was released about two decades ago. Since then, it has dominated the industry. Millions of users and professional video makers are known to use this software.

You can use Filmora software to capture your Facecam alongside the screen videos for your games and browser videos with fewer complications. Filmora software comes in two versions; the Filmora X and Filmora Pro. Like any other software, Filmora has some pros and cons.

record pc screen


  • It is easy to use.

  • Got great features and intermediate features.

  • Simple looking interface.

  • Great video outputs.

  • Support screen recording.

  • It comes with good user support.

  • Reasonable price.

  • Support a plethora of file formatting.


  • It lacks advanced features.

  • It works only on Windows and Mac.

  • Frequent Lagging.

Filmora Webcam Recorder

Record screen on PC and Mac with webcam

Capture system amd micorphone audio simultaneously

Edit screen and webcam video with built-in tools

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is commonly known as video view software for Mac and Windows users. However, with the audio and Facecam functions, you can use it as your screen recorder for games and other browser videos especially if you want to record Facecam on windows 10.

Compared to some other software with the same functionality, QuickTime Player is a bit more complicated to set up. This is because it is not specifically made as a game recorder or for complex videos. Instead, this software will provide you with simple watermark-free, and effective tools to record Facecam on mac and windows.

record tab roblox


  • With a Mac, you need not download and install.

  • Record all-length videos for free.

  • Quick and easy to use without messy layouts or confusing functions.

  • Has an option to show your mouse clicks in the recording.

  • Available on all Apple devices.

  • Easy to update.

  • Give full control of video quality.


  • Got very limited editing options.

  • Not the very best when setting up a Facecam video.

OBS Studio

OBS is one of the best in live mixing as it is built with streamers in its mind. It is built to work with different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. When used as production software, it can allow the user to switch between audio and video sources on the fly during live video streaming and when learning how to record Facecam with OBS. Its features are not only built for streamers but can as well be used to capture videos.

This OBS Facecam screen recorder can be set up in several ways where you can even choose to connect an external webcam and use it to capture your live videos. This free software is sponsored-backed and can be tough to get hang of.

obs studio


  • It's free.

  • Its updates are regular.

  • Mix audio and video in real-time.

  • It adds VST plugins for audio effects.

  • It got a huge number of output options.

  • A powerful suite to create videos with many transitions.

  • Allow set up of an unlimited number of scenes to change configuration with a single click.


  • Hard for beginners to hang on when learning how to record Facecam with OBS.

  • To use it as a screen and face recorder requires a lot of setup and forward-planning.  


This windows supported software is best for Chromakey videos and has a good number of reviews so far. Because it is free under the shareware license, this windows-only software has cool features and functions for videos of up to 10 minutes.

Additionally, this software is great for streaming and making live videos with edits on the fly. This is because you can use edit with the Chromakey or the green screen while making the video. Though it contains the watermark, the Bandicam has a premium version that can take away the watermark and unlock some features.

bandicam screen recorder


  • Simple to download and use.

  • Many annotations make it easier to give a presentation.

  • Allows you the draw and use click effects to outline your point.

  • It has green screen functions to change your live background.

  • Allow recording from the external devices connected to your computer.

  • It Got the option to schedule the recordings.


  • Not useable in Mac.

  • When using the shareware version, it watermarks the videos.


Ezvid is a free Facecam and webcam recorder for windows. It is quite a great text-to-speech and audio recording program used to capture screens and videos simultaneously. It helps people avoid recording Facecam and gameplay separately. It is a cool tool and comes with an inbuilt editor that enables the user to record tutorial videos and other work-oriented projects.

Ezvid software has a clean interface and can never spoil your video with an appealing watermark. It has cool features appealing for small projects.   

ezvid screen recorder


  • Clear interface.

  • Got an inbuilt video editor.

  • Great features perfect for small jobs.

  • Harness your computer power to create high-resolution options.

  • It has a built-in YouTube sharing option.

  • Screen drawing option.


  • It contains watermarks.

  • Available only for the windows.


Acethinker is an essential tool for users who like to record Facecam on mac and when record Facecam on windows 10. The Acethinker screen grabber pro has an attractive simple user interface. This Facecam and screen recording software is quite simple and can be used without any complication even when used by beginners.

If you don’t want to record Facecam and gameplay separately, the Acethinker is must-try software. It comes with beautiful features such as a combination of a webcam and a screencast recorder that adds more quality to the recorded videos.

acethinker screen recorder


  • Simple interface to use even for beginners.

  • Has a feature to improve video quality.

  • Have multimedia options such as system sounds, microphone, webcam, and cursor effects.

  • Allow video editing.

  • Allow you to add text and on-screen elements, to highlight the video further.

  • Quality video recording  


  • It comes with a watermark.

  • Available only for windows and Mac.


Screencast-O-Matic is another screen recorder in our list with audio and Facecam. Using this software you can record your Facecam via Webcam for up to 1080p resolution. In addition to recording your screen, you can capture your desktop screen and by adding a webcam you can use narration to customize your video.

This great tool can help you can record your games during gameplay and record your face and computer screen simultaneously via Facecam. Using the same tool you can effectively edit your videos by adding text and images to them.

screencast o matic


  • No ads on the screen.

  • It can record up to 4k quality.

  • Allows you to record your entire screen.

  • No time limit when recording onscreen videos.

  • Great video editing features.

  • Easy to use.


  • Delay when recording gameplay and video call.

  • Scarcely available.


Guvcview is incredibly made, simple, and lightweight free Linux software. Though some of its functions are basic and have a small file size, it has all the necessary tools you need in a Facecam screen recorder.

This app is popular and well known as it has been around for almost 15 years. For all those years it has been used as a still and video capture option as well as a Facecam app for Linux software stopping users from recording Facecam and gameplay separately. Guvcview can allow you to record the screen and layer your video together. Its interface is simple and takes short time to master.  

record tab roblox


  • Free software.

  • A good network of users.

  • Simple control panel for your video capture.

  • Customer support feature.

  • It takes up little hard drive space.

  • Use both inbuilt and external video sources.   


  • No real-time editing function.

  • It has limited features and lesser effects compared to other recorders with Facecam.

Mobizen Screen Recorder (Android)

Mobizen screen recorder program is frequently used software that offers you 1080p HD screen recording with about 60FPS. When using a smartphone to record your YouTube videos or other videos, its features can help you record video and audio of your phone and your face. Its features allow you to record live games, sports games, and online classes and edit your live recording. This feature can add video reactions and audio comments to enhance your recordings.

Professional video makers can also use the Mobizen screen recorder as it has options to add custom background music and create intros and endings for your professional videos. This program has a built-in video editor that can help one trim, stitch, rotate and speed up videos. Though this app can add watermarks to all the videos, it has a dedicated "Clean Recording Mode" that can record videos without watermarks.

mobizen screen recorder


  • HD video recording with no limitations.

  • Built-in video editor.

  • Pause and resume option while recording.

  • Super easy to use.

  • Perfect finishing with editing.

  • High quality.

  • Record and smooth videos with simple operations


  • It contains after the recording ads.

  • It has few features.   


VEED.IO is one of the best Facecam for adding captions and transcriptions. It is built to work in different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is one of the best browser-based programs for capturing videos from your computer screen and including a webcam. Though it may not be a cheap way of doing your things if you want a full package since its monthly and yearly subscriptions are a bit higher than most, this software has cool features.

With the use of the cool features in this software plus its inbuilt editing suite, you get a remarkable video. It gives you a chance to add automatic captions and subtitles to your videos and as well uses a variety of other layouts for screen recording. VEED.IO enables you to capture professional-looking presentation-style videos for your browsers.

veed io


  • It is a simple layout that is easy to be used to

  • Has a lot of templates to choose from

  • It can easily transcribe and translate videos

  • Total browser-based

  • It can Select from numerous video and audio inputs

  • Upload sections of video and can be used as a video editor


  • Its transcribe and translate functions are not 100% accurate

  • It’s not the most affordable option

How to Record Facecam with Filmora

Filmora is a user-friendly tool that comes with a lot of features. Apart from capturing the Facecam and screen recording, this software comes performs brilliantly in basic video editing. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, you can use this program. Below are the outlined steps of capturing Facecam with Filmora.  

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Install and launch

 As with all the software, installation of the program comes first if it is not inbuilt into your computers or smartphones. Once you install the Filmora on your computer, just launch the application and start working on your videos.

record pc screen

When the Filmora main window loads, then go to the media tab and click on the record dropdown menu located next to the import dropdown menu.  

Step 2: choose the recording method

The next thing you can do is choose the recording method whether is with the built-in or external webcam. Choose whether to record a voiceover or to capture your screen and Facecam simultaneously. Click the record screen PC option and wait for the Wondershare Filmora Scrn to pop up on your screen.

filmora recording settings

Step3: Check the quality

If you want to adjust the quality of your video or change its frame then click on the setting icon in the lower right corner of your window. This Filmora screen recorder can allow you to capture the entire screen and it can offer you the option of capturing a specific section on the screen you want.

filmora record webcam

Step 4: Choose where to save

There is an option of connecting an external microphone if need be. Other options at your disposal here are; choosing a destination to save your recordings, choosing the quality of the video, and picking your preferred frame rate.

Filmora offers an option for all mouse click sounds, but if disabled, remember to tick the Show Mouse Click in the Recording checkbox.

Record the Camera Stream checkbox located at the bottom of the Filmora Scrn window allows clicking on it if you want to record your videos using a built-in webcam. Your computer's built-in webcam will be selected, but there is an option of selecting an external webcam connected to your PC from the dropdown menu.

After the capturing session, it will save your captured videos in the destination you selected and will automatically appear in the media library.

Related FAQs

How do you record a Facecam?

To successfully record your face while recording the screen of video games, all you need is a Facecam recorder able to record your screen and show your face at a specific corner of the screen with an overlay.

How do I record screen and Facecam on Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with built-in features to allow the user to record on-screen activities with a single click. Windows 10 tool enables you to create screens and record Facecam videos simultaneously. With this, you can record gameplays or create tutorials.

If your interest is to make quality videos with your face and screens and as well incorporate audio in them, try the above-discussed Facecam recorders. Choose the one that matches your platform and the results will be pleasant. This article will help you avoid the problem many encounters when choosing appropriate Facecam and screen recorders for their platforms.  

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