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Icecream Screen Recorder - How-to Guide and Indepth Review

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent
Originally published Apr 20, 22, updated May 20, 24

There is an immense amount of growth in the field of technology seen in every phase of the last century. And in recent times, we are dependent on technology in almost every field of life. One of such technical tools that are often ignored but pose great importance is the screen recorder. Screen recorders have been getting necessary, especially because of the boom of technology in every aspect of our life. These are the applications that help save time and effort by delivering the idea and content without the use of written words.

They are also used as a tool to store entertaining videos and gaming sessions on the user's device. Icecream screen recorder is one of the industry-leading applications that has dozens of features to record, edit, and export videos directly from the screen. It is popular because of its compatibility with different operating systems and its editing tools. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the key features of this application as well as the process to use it.

1. How to Download and Use It?

The Icecream screen recorder is very easy to use and can be downloaded as well as installed without any trouble. Below is a stepwise process that will help you to download and use it effectively:

icecream download screen recorder

  • First, you will need to visit the official website of Icecream screen recorder where you will see the option to download the application for Windows or Mac, or Android. Based on the device you currently are using; you can choose one and the downloading process will start instantly.

  • After the file is downloaded to your device storage, install it with the installation tools available to you and then open the application by clicking on it.

  • Then when the interface of the Icecream screen recorder opens on your screen, click on the "capture Video" option available on the screen.

icecream select the required area

  • This will ask you to select a capture area and you can select the required area of the screen for video recording by toggling the corners.

  • Then after that, your video recording will start with a timer and the screen capture will continue automatically.

  • When you are done with the screen recording process, click on the "STOP" icon available on the screen and the recording will be saved to your preferred location.

2. Key Features

The Icecream screen recorder is paced with numerous features that come very handy when you are trying to create a stunning screen-captured video. Some of these key features are listed below:

  • Scheduling screen recording

With the recent updates on Mac and Windows OS, the Icecream screen recorder has got a special new feature that enables the user to schedule their screen recording which means that when you set a timer, the screen recording will start at the exact moment.

  • Quickshot

Quickshot is another feature that has been very popular among users because of its fast and effective response rate. It is a feature that lets the user take a screenshot of the entire screen or a part of it with just a single click.

  • Supports multiple monitors

For gamers who use multiple screens for their gaming sessions, or artists and other creative users, this feature is bliss since it enables recording multiple screens at the same time which means the user will be able to get a combined video with much less effort.

  • Different format support

One of the key features that are desirable by all users is that the Icecream screen recorder provides output videos in different formats and these can be exported without any prolonged waiting time. The user just has to configure the output video format in the settings.

  • Instant sharing

Another feature that makes the Icecream screen recorder very popular is its instant sharing capability which enables its users to share their created video almost instantly to any platform they want. Also exporting to the device storage is fast and doesn't involve any complications.

  • Drawing tool

The drawing tool is a function available on the Icecream screen recorder that helps the users draw on the screen recorded videos to indicate or highlight any text or areas. This is essential in demo videos or educational content where drawings can draw more attention.

  • Customized capture zone

There is also the feature to set a default capture zone in the settings tab as well as create a customized capture zone for your videos. This way you can exclude the part of your screen that you don't want to include in your final video.

  • Records system sound and mic

The Icecream screen recorder allows the users to record system sounds which can be of great help in recording movies and shows as well as gaming sessions and there is also the support for Microphone sound that can be added to the final video.

3. In-depth review


Icecream screen recorder Mac is a fast and robust application that helps its users to create stunning demos, meeting videos, educational content as well as gaming sessions with just a few clicks. And there isn't any time delay between the completion of the recording and processing which means that your video will be ready to use instantly.

Also, there are dozens of other tools available in the application that can be used efficiently to improve the quality of the screen-recorded videos.

Video quality

This screen recorder supports a variety of video formats and can be used on almost all devices. Along with that, you will also be able to configure the quality, resolution, and framerate of the output video that you are going to record on your screen.

Thus, if you want a high-quality video, then you can set your resolution accordingly. And if you are playing any high graphics game, then you are also allowed to set the higher frame rates for a clutter-free video.

Supported devices

There are three versions of the Icecream screen recorder that are available on Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Since this operating system covers almost two-thirds of the total electronic devices available in the market, you won't be having any trouble downloading and installing the Icecream screen recorder on your device.

So, regarding compatibility with any device, there are very less chances that you are going to have any complications with this application.

Recording time length

There are two formats in which the Icecream screen recorder is available to its users. For new users the free trial version is open and for users who want to take full benefits of its tools, they can go for the premium membership with a payment system.

For the free trial version, the maximum recording time length is 10 minutes and there are few recording tools available with it. But with the pro membership version, the users are allowed to record without any restrictions or time limits.

4. Best Alternative

Though the Icecream video recorder is one of the greatest screen recording applications available out there, there are certain issues that people face. These involve its compatibility and user access that can make you choose any other screen recorder. So before you opt for the Icecream screen recorder download you must also know about the best alternative available on the market, which is the Filmora application.

filmora record pc screen

It was originally developed as a video capturing and editing application and with updates, it has got the default screen recording feature from WonderShare. Filmora is supported on Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and many more which makes it versatile and efficient in use.

filmora recording panel

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

The steps to record videos with the help of Filmora are as follows:

  • First, you will need to visit the official website of the application, and there you will see the links to download it for Windows as well as for Mac. Click on the download links as per your device and your device will start downloading the application. Then install it from the downloaded location.

  • After the installation is complete, open the Filmora application by clicking on the icon, and then it will ask for certain permissions on your device such as access to the files and access to network connectivity. You will need to allow them and then click on the "Record" option available on the top bar.

  • This option will create a dropdown list of options when clicked containing the webcam record option, performing a voice-over, or doing a screen capture. Click on the "Screen Capture" option and you will be available with a floating badge that will have the buttons to start, pause and stop the screen recording.

  • Click on the start recording icon and the screen recording will start instantly. When you are done with the video recording process, you can click on the "STOP" icon to stop and save the recording from your screen.

  • Additionally, you can change the video quality and duration in the settings menu of the application. Generally, the advanced tools are available with a premium membership acquired through payment but for new users free trial is also available in this application.


The article discussed an in-depth review of the Icecream screen recorder along with its different features. When you are considering any screen recorder for your educational or day-to-day task, there are factors like video quality, ease of recording and sharing, and editing tools which impart high value to the video. And these features are embedded in the Icecream screen recorder that can be used by any user without any superior knowledge of screen recorders.

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