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Top List of Video Recording Apps for iPhone

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Although the built-in camera app on iPhone are capable of taking good images and record basic videos, it doesn’t consist of any additional advanced features. There are a number of options available when you search for it but which one is the best video recording app for iPhone or which is the one for the beginners and the pros? Here are some of the trusted and best video recording app for iPhone with the special mention for the pros and the beginners. Let’s check it out.

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Part 1: Video Recording App for Pros

1. Videon

Be a professional with the Videon recording app. With a digital zoom feature, Videon offers you the best zoom quality. From capturing to editing and viewing, this app has it all. If you cannot think of anything beyond videos, Videon is the app for you. Its special features include-


  • Comfortable and intuitive interface
  • Switch cam from back to the front and other way while recording
  • Intuitive zoom wheel at the bottom right corner with real time zoom control
  • Have varied resolution with HD resolution and 2.35:1 cinema format
  • Framerate adjustment up to 120fps available
  • Set focus or exposure point together or separately
  • Videon is priced at $4.99

2. MoviePro

If you wish to change every possible facet of settings, MoviePro iPhone video recording app definitely is the best in line. Not only the frame rate, resolution, and video, users can even change the audio quality with the help of this application. It is also a great movie making app and one of the best video recording app for iPhone. You may see a variety of options on AppAdvice, TUAW, TIME, Mashable, Indiewire, Bloomberg Radio, Slashgear, and more. With over 1million users across the globe, the MoviePro app is fully optimized and compatible with latest iPhone models.The features are-


  • Resume and pause
  • Speed control with zoom
  • While recording, capture stills
  • White balance, exposure, manual controls
  • Preferred encoder can be selected
  • Silent audio option
  • Framerate adjustment
  • 4K resolution
  • There are many other features for Movie Pro iPhone video recording app and priced at just $5.99

3. FiLMiC Pro

If you are not searching for too much functionality and just wish to expand the video capturing abilities of the iPhone video recording app, then FiLMiC Pro is the best app for you. Being the most advanced video camera app for the mobile, FiLMiC Pro is enhanced with pioneering know-how with the most receptive manual camera interface available for iPhone, iPad or iPod. The features of FiLMiC Pro includes-


  • Manual standard and auto setting recording modes
  • Apple’s watch support for stop and start and live videos
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • Fast and slow motion fx options
  • Time-lapse recording configuration available
  • Image stabilization
  • This best video recording app for iPhone is priced at $14.99

4. ACDSee Camera Pro

Do you wish to connect to the comprehensive power of your iPhone video recording app? Then, ACDSee Camera Pro is a great choice. It is a great support for the iPhone 7 plus dual camera. The features of ACDSee Camera Pro includes-


  • Shutter priority mode
  • Real time effect filters
  • Manual controls
  • Real time adjustments
  • Exposure bracketing
  • It is priced at $4.99

Part 2: Video Recording Apps For Beginners

1. iPhocus

It is a manual camcorder app developed by innovative and multi-cultural analogic photography lovers to make the most out of the potential of the iPhone 6 series. The features of this iPhone video recording app are-


  • Can focus and blur
  • Balance light and modify the exposure
  • Slo-mo mode and change frame rate up to 240 fps
  • ISO mode measure light sensitivity
  • Highly efficient and simple interface
  • Manual recording process allowed
  • It is priced at $1.99

2. iSupr8

This iPhone video recording app is a retro and vintage video creator. If you wish to create grain or dust and add dirt to your video, iSupr8 can make a masterpiece. This super 8mm camera app is ideal for importing old videos and creating new. Being the most advanced super 8 movie filter across the globe, iSupr8 can record 360p / 480p / 720p² / 1080p². It is one of the best video recording app for iPhone with features like


  • Record in diverse video resolutions including 1080p² is allowed
  • Professional Grade Tru8™ Film Processing
  • Film framing and burning options
  • Realistic super 8mm film appearance
  • Social media sharing
  • Save film presets and design
  • iSupr8 iPhone video recording app is priced at $2.99

3. Camera7


Camera7 allows you to enhance your older generation iPhone cam with the striking new features to take stunning pictures. Now, iPhone7 features are not required for a brand new experience of its camera features. Camera7 iPhone video recording app features include-

  • Works on all iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  • Manually modify the display size of any part
  • focal length adjustment with just a pinch from 2x to 4x
  • Drag and enlarge the focus area
  • Use two wide-ranging focal lengths instantaneously to capture outstanding videos and photos
  • Camera7 is priced at $0.99

4. Horizon Camera

Whichever way you hold your iPhone, this iPhone video recording app records video horizontally. Rotate or hold upright, the moments captured are always horizontal. The features include-

horizon camera

  • Record photos or videos with both front and rear camera
  • 8 Fun filter to select from
  • HDR photos
  • While recording AirPlay mirroring
  • Slow down your videos at 120 fps
  • Crisp resolution with lossless zoom
  • It is one of the best video recording app for iPhone that is completely free


Start using the above iPhone video recording apps to record amazing quality videos and capture great photos. Download, explore the features in detail and enjoy the apps for making high quality videos.

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