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Best Gif Recorder for Mac

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

In technical expression, GIF is the short form of Graphics Interchange Format, while in any ordinary individual's language, it is a picture set in motion. GIFs are the craze right now, and for this, the credit goes to vigorous usage and social media awareness in routine life. A GIF is very meaningful over an image that is more entertaining than ordinary pictures. Sharing these GIFs has become a living part, and everybody wishes to do so with their friends.

People owning a MAC knows all the difficulties they face in discovering the perfect application for an easy task. Hence, if you've been ignoring GIF entertainment, this is the time to resume your activities. So, here's a list of a few best GIF recorder MAC that permits all MAC owners in easy GIF creation.

1. GIPHY Capture

GIPHY Capture arrives at the top thanks to its essential functionalities and user-friendly interface. Everything appears consistent, from saving a computer file to sharing to the official GIPHY Capture website.

This website already holds an enormous animated GIFs database, and you may devote to the site directly from the application obtainable on macOS. You may download this free desktop application, GIPHY Capture, from the App Store, allowing you to record everything occurring on the desktop screen, thereby converting it into GIFs.

giphy capture

It can be any local video, a YouTube video on the desktop, or something else happening on the computer screen. GIPHY Capture is a free and simple GIF recorder for designing and creating GIFs by recording the MAC screen with some clicks. It further permits you to include animations and set the frame rate. Nevertheless, there's also a GIF duration constraint, i.e., you may record the GIF for thirty seconds, yet hardly any GIF is longer.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to keep a shortcut for opening, choose screen resolution, begin recording, etc.

  • Allows you to create and record GIF Mac using GIPHY Capture is straightforward.

  • It permits you to create an animated image of 30 seconds long.

  • Simple GIPHY uploads

  • Super easy editing tools

  • Requires signing in to the GIPHY account for uploading files or videos to its official site

2. Gifox 2

The second one in the GIF screen recorder Mac list is Gifox 2, which permits choosing a custom window rather than selecting over any custom region. This app smartly records the screen events constantly for the GIF while the Window Selection feature is ON.

This mode is termed 'smart precision' that is obtainable for no charge. So after installing this app, thereby allowing it for shortcuts, it'll permit you to examine its attributes via the menu bar.

gifox2 for mac

This'll aid you in Capturing GIFs hustle-free. Besides selecting any traditional region, Gifox 2 permits you to choose a window instinctively. It presents 'Smart Precision,' which allows you to constantly capture the computer screen with the window selection feature. This app's highlight is a Menu bar application that one can use to create several recorded GIFs.

Key Features:

  • A user-friendly and well-designed application

  • The setting panel has standard features like speed manager, the loop counter, frame rate choice, etc.

  • Gifox 2 features App integration, which lacks in the maximum application provided in this list

  • Window recording is quite useful to record iOS simulator

  • Few fundamental editing features like cutting, trimming, etc. Are even obtainable in Gifox 2

3. LICEcap

The next tool on this List is LICEcap, a free application for making GIFs obtainable for Mac. This app has a straightforward usage formula, any new computer user can create GIFs using this tool. LICEcap is a flexible yet intuitive application that can work with quality performance. The available options are simple that can be utilized with some easy tips.

licecap for mac

You may begin designing your GIF by adjusting the GIF's screen resolution, thereby choosing your desired frame rate. Next, you'll find a record button accessible clicking, which you may use for mac record screen GIF. After the recording, tap on the Stop button; thereby, the recording will pause. This tool shall immediately save the GIF at the destination folder that people may customize themselves by switching the track via the settings board.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic and simple application

  • Develops standard quality GIFs

  • Need enough disk space for functioning

  • The GIF outcomes are quite large, i.e., a seven-second animation could be around 0.5 MB

  • Compatible with Vista and Windows XP as well as Windows 10 and 8.

  • No editing skills

4. Keynote

Keynote is quite famous and well-known among Mac users as it arrives pre-installed on the computer. Keynote on Mac, and this pre-installed application is an exclusive tool for creating macOS GIFs.

It is a free application that permits you to create amazing and funny GIFs from record gif mac and videos. It's a dedicated app for everyone via macOS and a handy tools collection. So, to begin creating your GIF, you'll require importing a video from the personal computer followed by transferring it to the application.

keynote for mac

Next, you'll find an export key accessible to you for converting the videos into GIF format. You may effortlessly change a video into an animated GIF using this app. Furthermore, Keynote doesn't own a screen recording feature, which has become a drawback for the app. Yet apart from this, all other elements present on the app are worth checking out and are better than a few other renowned GIF makers.

Key Features:

  • Allows import of video clips, thereby converting them into GIF files

  • Supports high-resolution video recording

  • Present many editing features post-recording

  • User-friendly interface

  • Records audios from several sources

5. Gyazo

Gyazo is a straightforward program that allows you to record any animated GIF without charges. This software permits grabbing actions, capturing screenshots, etc. After completing the recording, you may post it with automated uploading at once.

This free version endures limitless screen recording, yet you may create an HD GIF for up to 7 seconds. Making a GIF file using Gyazo easily requires minimal effort and time.

gyazo gif maker

However, the app's free version doesn't provide editing implements. Yet, when you upgrade towards Team or Pro plans, you may include annotations to the files, plus use Gyazo without going through advertisements. As many as five distinct individuals can use the Team plan, permitting you to share files personally with a team.

Key Features:

  • Has arrows, texts, inserting notes, an editing tool

  • The free version allows GIFs of up to 7 seconds

  • It lets you create GIFs by recording videos

  • No image editor accessible with its free version

  • Captures a specific area, a window, or the full screen

6. Gifcam

If you wish for a fun and straightforward GIF maker application, you should go for GifCam. Its practical application with minimum add-ons, screen recording for creating a GIF is a short and simple procedure. To begin recording, you've to press on 'Rec,' thus the program starts recording everything visible on the screen.

You may manage delays by tapping on the ‘Edit' key. Edit attributes include texts to a video, adjusting frames, selecting frame rates for smoother GIFs, etc. You may save the GIF in five color reduction designs when you've completed editing and recording the video.

gifcam application

GifCam is an adaptable GIF and screen recorder that runs effortlessly on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 computers. Hence combining an animated GIF developer with a screen capture app, GifCam allows you to make GIFs of the screen with easy clicks. Furthermore, it offers few editing attributes so that an individual can modify the GIFs without the requirement of other software.

Key Features:

  • Offers all basic editing tools

  • Well-configured and Mall user interface

  • You can use it for saving clips infamous formats, inserting spaces, and recording frames

  • It's a clever app for designing animated GIFs

  • Permits capturing your screen for free on Windows

7. Capture to a Gif

The next in this list is ‘Capture to a Gif,' a simple browser extension for recording screen Online into GIF for free. It captures the entire page's content into an animated GIF. The online GIF screen recorder mac supports capturing displayed texts, any graphic, video, or animation on the webpage. You may alter some parameters like quality (ranging from 5- 50) and FPS (ranging from 4- 24).

capture to a gif

It's a small tool that aids you in recording everything available on the browser, videos, and animations into an animated GIF image. Its working is very simple. So, after beginning the extension, you'll only require moving the mouse across the page, thereby clicking for proper element selection by moving the cursor. Meanwhile, the corresponding recording process options hold a shortcut key that one can utilize. Furthermore, these shortcut keys even support customization.

Key Features:

  • Allows Saving the captured GIFs right into the PC folder

  • User-friendly chrome browser plugins

  • Can record full-screen GIFs

  • Offers big file size

  • Allows simple cropping of the desirable area

  • You cannot pause your recording

8. Gifski

Gifsku is a MAC platform for recording GIFs, which aids you in converting videos to GIFs effortlessly. At first sight, it holds a convenient interface that permits its users to strike the base and thereby run. After you upload a file on the Gifski Window, you may tap on the video part you wish to edit, converting it to GIF. So, with Gifski, you can easily transform any video into GIF. Tap on the ‘Open' meg for Mac video or drop any file into this app's window.


Next, you may choose the video part you wish to convert into GIF. Furthermore, this GIF allows you to select the GIF dimensions and how often it loops its visual quality and the frame rate. You may undergo its loop continuously or even include it to experience its bounce, which is where it plays until the end, the next Plays backward and forward, and so on. Finally, when Gifski finishes off, you may save, share or copy the latest GIF into Mac.

Key Features:

  • Allows choosing your preferable GIF dimension

  • It is completely free

  • There's no watermarks or in-app purchases to handle

  • It is an open-source

  • Permits you to select your desired visual quality and frame rate

9. Animated Gif Capture

The next one on this list is Chrome-based called ‘Animated Gif Capture,' an ideal Gif recorder mac that easily captures GIF pictures from events to screen captures running on the screen. This app's Chrome extension aids you to transform screen captures into live GIF images. You may record a visual desktop screen, Tab contents to choose an app window like a live GIF picture.

animated gif capture

Animated Gif Capture can record the content of the active browser, the chosen app window, or the entire screen. Furthermore, it allows adding plugins effortlessly. So for capturing the screen into GIF, you need to tap over the tiny video camera logo on the right upper side of the browser. After completing your recording, the Animated Gif Capture software transforms the screencasting into live GIFs. Now, you may download the organized GIF file instantly.

Key Features:

  • Allows making GIFs using screenshots

  • Present effortless GIF-making

  • It is an online tool and a User-friendly interface

  • Presents the facility for modifying recording settings

  • Includes a browser action for screen recording

  • Configurable via its option page

10. Filmora

The last one on this list is Filmora, a user-friendly video recorder app that can be handled by general individuals as well. This app permits its users to make GIFs with all famous video formats such as, .avi, .mpeg, .evo, .wav, .mp4, .wmv, .mkv, and . MPEG, etc. hence there's no need to worry about compatibility problems.

A noteworthy feature of this GIF-making software is that it permits its consumers to edit GIFs with fundamental editing tools such as combining 2 or greater frames, rotation, splitting, cropping, color correction, slowing down, or speeding up the frame motion when required.

filmora edit gif

Furthermore, Filmora permits you to modify some interesting elements or texts in your files. Nevertheless, this is the ultimate solution if you wish to design GIFs. It is an affordable option with a pre-equipped tool developed for audio and video. It presents its users with several options when it adds effects, customizes videos and styling. Filmora is perfect to own, especially for people who wish to create stories, tributes, and dedication in the videos.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Key Features:

  • Most interactive and simple software tool interface

  • Suitable for professional and amateur filmmakers

  • Developed film making tool

  • Easily combines several static photos to GIFs or converts mini-videos into GIFs.

  • Permits easy GIF Customization as its users may include texts, elements, overlays, etc., to the GIFs.

  • Functions with all general file kinds


Developing GIFs is the ultimate fun to watch. If you're using MAC, Chrome, or Windows, you may always wind down as there exists a wide application range at the disposal for developing GIFs as per your preference. All the above intuitive tools present something extraordinary from all others. Hence, it would be best to cover these when you wish to use any existing Mac record screen GIF or videos and images for the GIFs. After designing your preferred GIF, these are amazing to share through social media, messaging apps, and emails. Lastly, before uploading your private images to any such website, it is important to go through their privacy policies.

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