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Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent
Originally published Nov 22, 21, updated May 20, 24

In today's world, screen recording from PC to capture presentations, video courses, gameplays, and other activities is quite common. Everyone knows that Windows 10 comes with a built-in game bar, and it can also be used for capturing the activities on-screen. However, few people have said that it needs some advanced features for editing. Otherwise, it cannot satisfy the users. For this case, you will need different free screen recorders for Windows 10.

win 10 screen recording

There are many screens recording software on the internet, making it even more challenging for beginners to find the best screen recorder Windows 10 for recording the Windows screen. Here are some of the best and most famous screen recorders on the list. It is a mix of free and paid recorders. You can check out their features and find out the best one amongst them. First, let's check out how to record your screen on Windows 10.

Support OS
Best for
Download Link
Game Bar(Free) 4.4/5 Windows Free screen recording solution on Windows 10
Free Screen Recorder 4.0/5 Windows Easy to record screen on Windows
Filmora 4.4/5 Windows and macOS Screen recording and video editing
ActivePresenter 4.5/5 Windows and macOS eLearning and authoring
OBS Studio(Free) 4.6/5 Windows, macOS, Linux Video recording and live streaming
Flashback Express 4.5/5 Windows Capturing short clips and tutorial videos
Bandicam 4.3/5 Windows and macOS High-quality game recording on comptuer
Camtasia 4.6/5 Windows and macOS Creating video tutorials and guides
ShareX(Free) 4.8/5 Windows Improve work productivity with screen capturing
Movavi Screen Recorder 4.5/5 Windows and macOS Recording streaming and online events
TinyTake 4.3/5 Windows and macOS Marking up key points while recording tutorial videos
CamStusio(Free) 4.2/5 Windows Record all screen and audio activity
Free Cam 4.0/5 Windows Creating screencasts on desktop
Debut 3.6/5 Windows and macOS Non-commercial use free video capture
Fraps 4.2/5 Windows Real-time video capture and benchmarking

Part 1 Free Ways to Record Windows 10 Screen

Way 1. Windows 10 Game Bar

You can get surprised that the Windows operating system comes with a Game bar for everyone. It helps to capture the gameplay screenshots and recordings easily. The game bar can be used for recording some specific applications also.

This application cannot record the entire screen or specific region. This restriction also makes sense because it is only made to capture the gameplays. Here are the steps on how to record video on Windows 10 by using the Xbox Game bar.

windows game bar

  • First, use shortcuts of "Windows logo" + "G."

  • Select the circle (Record) button for starting recording and stopping recording.

  • You can use "Windows logo +Alt+ G" for full-screen games to start and stop the recording.

  • For editing the clips, you can select Xbox and then select capture.

Way 2. Use Free Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a Win 10 screen recorder that can quickly create a video, then Free screen recording might be the one for you. The Free Screen recorder is full of features and also has a straightforward user interface. This also allows the users to record the screens and webcams together. But, the users cannot overlay the videos.

To download the free screen recorder, you will have to visit their official website and download it from there. After installing, you can operate the free screen recorder. If you want to know how to use a free screen recorder, there here it is. But, first, let's check out how to screen record on windows 10.

free screen recorder win 10

  • Select the area you wish to capture:- There are four modes of capturing; you will have to choose one of them.

  • Record video from YouTube:- Hit the "START" button to record the video.

  • Watch results and give edits:- After you are done recording, you can give the last touch-up to the video.

Part 2 Popular Screen Recorders for Windows 10

01 Filmora

Best for: Screen recording and video editing within one tool.

G2 rating: 4.4/5

Wondershare's Filmora provides an easy way for screen recording. It allows you to customize the recording area, record full screen or a target window as you want. You can also use the cursor effects to point out the key part while capturing screen videos. Moreover, it is a powerful tool that allows you to record screen, webcam and audio at the same time.

The Wondershare Filmora will get its job done, and the user interface is more pleasing and straightforward. But you will have to complete all of them without fine control, which you might get in competitors. Wondershare Filmora now provides a free trial version, and it will allow you to export the footage in ten minutes and cut the Filmora logos on the exported projects. This is one of the best screen recorders for Windows 10.

wondershare screen recorder

The full editor view of Filmora comes with even more editing applications along with the three layouts for timeline, video preview, and source content across the bottom. It has a dark interface, clean and straightforward with the non-skeuomorphic controls.

Users can also switch in between the light grey and black window borders. The programs also respect the light and dark mode settings of the system. Users cannot pull the panels, but they can do the full-screen video preview and adjust relative panel sizes.

wondershare screen recorder settings

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


  • Straightforward to use.

  • Record screen and audio at the same time.

  • Also allows recording specific parts that the user wishes.

  • Allows to record videos from webcam

  • Allows great flexible recording.

  • Also gives free updates.

  • Unlimited recording time period.


  • It doesn't offer the feature of direct uploading

  • The free version has a watermark.

02 ActivePresenter

Best for: elearning and authoring

G2 rating: 4.5/5

Download link:

The Activepresenter by atomi's is a freeware screen recorder for Windows 10. This tool enables the users to capture the movements on the monitors. Furthermore, it helps to record presentations of PowerPoint by their video tutorials.

The tutorial will help to show how to assess the software for creating interactive training content in HTML5. The software's goal is to present to the readers every necessary information about the unique screen video recorder windows 10, making the recording session even more fun.

active presenter

The user interface of the software might not appear as that elegant. However, the ActivePresenter is also designed very functionally. The users can also choose what type of project they wish to capture and create the project.

The Export, Interaction, Annotation, and home tabs are very easy for providing and finding access to the toolbars. It is filled with features that make working with ActivePresenter an absolute joy. It is one of the best Desktop recorders, Windows 10.


  • It can record the videos and webcam along with the audio.

  • Takes screenshots in HD quality.

  • Records with the system sound

  • The user interface of the video is very supportive.

  • It is very safe and free to use.


  • It lacks the video effects which users might suffer.

  • It might get lagged with heavy load projects.

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03 OBS Studio

Best for: video recording and live streaming for Twitch, YouTube and more platforms.

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Download link:

OBS is one of the most used software for video recording and live streaming videos without any watermark. Gamers mainly prefer this software to show their skills to their viewers on video streaming websites.

With OBS studio, users can also record the entire window and also record the webcam and microphone. Furthermore, when users do live streaming, this software will allow them to select the application and audio sources they wish to create and share the layered videos for the webcam.

obs screen recorder

OBS studio is known as the most versatile software. But unfortunately, this software does not come with a video editor. Therefore, users will have to need other software to edit their videos. The OBS Studio is free software, but you should always be careful not to download such programs from unofficial sites.


  • It is much more than a simple screen recorder.

  • It is straightforward to connect with streaming providers.

  • While broadcasting, the users can easily switch from single to another.

  • It is a simple software to create and modify with.

  • Total free for usage

  • It is also open-sourced.


  • There might be some chances of crossing issues.

  • No video editor available.

  • It is possible that the user interface can get improved.

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04 Flashback Express

Best for: capturing short clips and tutorial videos

G2 rating: 4.5/5

Download link:

When you consider the recording tools, the huge factor that stops people from recording video on Windows 10 through a paid tool is its price. However, this one is priced very competitively and offers tremendous value!

There are also screen recording features that are available for free but that might come with bugs and missing features. For example, the Flashback Express recorder has a 30 day free trial for Windows. It is a powerful recorder that is known for its effective results without requiring any hardware.

flashback express

Another fantastic feature of the Flashback recorder is PowerPoint will nthat ot be required for recording theto recordefore, one might use the Flashback screen recorder to get their tasks done like game recording, video presentations, video lectures, different marketing videos, tutorials, and demos. So now, if you have any idea about the software, you can use it primarily.


  • Easy and affordable for users.

  • Comes full of features, even in the free version

  • Provides the advanced features

  • It also allows for editing the unnecessary segment in the video

  • Also, have various options to export

  • Allows the users to share their recorded video quickly.


  • Comes with fewer editing features

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05 Bandicam

Best for: high-quality game recording on comptuer

G2 rating: 4.3/5

Download link:

Bandicam is a screen recording software that is also used for recording video Windows 10 very quickly. This software is not like the other tools available in the market. It also provides various recording modes such as video recording, screen recording, game recording, and device recording. These modes are the main modes provided by Bandicam.

Bandicam is a free video capture windows 10 software explicitly designed to capture and record video tutorials, online education tutorials, educational walkthroughs, and gaming sessions. This free screen recording software is recommended for professionals to get the presentatseamlessly ion work required seamlessly.


Thisas a comfortable user interface. In addition, it has a particular ability for capturing the video, audio, and screen that helps the user create out-of-box videos of excellent quality. This tool can also be used for various features to its extreme with the Bandicam recorder key.


  • It allows the user to record the Fullscreen, region, microphone, webcam, and computer sound.

  • It also records the screen in an ultra HD 4k up to 144FPS.

  • Users can also take screenshots, draw and also add tex, and add text duringthe logo to the screen recording.

  • Also adds the effects and animations during recording

  • Mix up the voices


  • Comes with no editing feature. Users will have to purchase other software from the same company if they want to.

  • The output format is minimal, like MP4 and AVI.

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06 Camtasia

Best for: creating video tutorials and guides with powerful tools

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Download link:

TechSmith has developed Camtasia. This software is the highest-paid software and the screen recorder. Camtasia is never absent in the top ranking of famous and most used screen recorders. This application is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor that claims to be the best screen recorder for Windows 10.

camtasia screen recorder

The user interface is straightforward to use, snappy and anybody without much video editing skills can get the job done. However, users who want a unique level of perfection might go for Camtasia. It allows the users to record the video and audio simultaneously and combine the whole result when finished. Furthermore, it will help the users to add interactive sessions in the video-like quizzes etc.


  • It can capture video on windows 10 from the webcam.

  • The audio tracks, cursor, and video track can be edited one by one.

  • It also imports the slides of PowerPoint, music, photos, and videos.

  • It can help users to add captions, callouts, and quizzes in the videos.

  • Has a library of music and sound effects

  • Offers the user a magic editing of the frame by the frame.


  • This is a little bit costly

  • If the user is doing any high load work, then the software will slow down.

07 ShareX

Best for: improve work productivity with screen capturing

G2 rating: 4.8/5

Download link:

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient screen recorder, productivity, and file-sharing tool? The all-in-one tool will be ShareX. You can choose ShareX for your work. As its name suggests, the sharing feature of this software is very efficient and also quick.

This software can also take images and screenshots while recording the video. Users can do multiple works while uploading the videos to host quickly and conveniently. This is one of the best screen recorder Windows 10 free downloads.

sharex screen recorder

The background processes can get operated with hotkeys. If users require the speed, they can also use the dashboard to handle the recording. The software will also help you record the selected windows, full screen, and the users can also select a specific area of recording.

It also gives the user a chance to record in a two-monitor setup. Users can take screenshots at regular intervals. If the users have a time-lapse, then they can also use the unique feature and work on it without much fuss.


  • It allows the users to select the recording size like full screen.

  • You might save the video in a GIF file.

  • This software is free.

  • You can also modify the recording in the picture directly.

  • It is simple, ad-free, and accessible.


  • Users cannot record the game on full screen.

  • The user interface is not that friendly.

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08 Movavi Screen Recorder

Best for: recording streaming and online events

G2 rating: 4.5/5

Download link:

The Movavi screen recorder will record the whole screen with a single click. This software is known as one of the best tools to record windows 10, meetings, streaming videos, recording meetings, instructions, and events.

This screen recorder offers an excellent user interface that is very easy to use in Mac and Windows. It will record the activity more efficiently. It will allow you to easily record, save the images, and export the results, like JPG, MP3, MOV, MP4, PNG, GIF, BMP, MKV, and AVI.

movavi screen recorder

The options for exporting will even include uploading to YouTube and Google Drive and sharing files to Telegram and WhatsApp.


  • Best tool for both your office and home both.

  • Cheaper than other software

  • Supports editing screenshots

  • Allows the users for editing unwanted segments of videos

  • Multiple export options

  • The panel will not distract the screen recording


  • Not available for Linux.

  • Need an additional video editor for the advanced tool.

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09 TinyTake

Best for: marking up key points while recording tutorial videos

G2 rating: 4.3/5

Download link:

If you wish to create a software tutorial, you can record the presentation and take the static screen captures. TinyTake may be the thing which you will need. It is not made for recording games, but it is pretty simple for usage and comes with added storage of 2GB online to capture still screens and videos.


The free version of the TinyTake also allows the users to record up to five minutes at a stretch and for personal purposes. If you wish to create some longer recordings, you can use them commercially and add the annotations or upload them to platforms such as YouTube. You will also need to check multiple premium options of TinyTake. So before downloading TinyTake, you will have to create the account by using the unique subdomain and premium options for the cloud storage.


  • Simple to use

  • Assortments of shortcuts

  • Adaptability

  • Free storage

  • Comes at a low price

  • The steps of uploading are elementary.


  • The free plan is quite restricted

  • It can be laggy.

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10 CamStudio

Best for: record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard

G2 rating: 4.2/5

Download link:

Camstudio is a free screen recorder. The CamStudio software will help the user capture each and every thing happening on their computer with a single click. If you look at the settings, you can realize that the software can perform high-load projects. This also allows capturing still images from the videos. In addition, this can record audio from the system and microphone, making this software an ideal option for creating video tutorials. Users can record a full screen and a part of the screen.


Camstudio can export finished projects in various formats with multiple compressions. The users can also balance compression degree by maintaining the right balance between file and image quality. Furthermore, Camstudio is very handy as it does not limit its screen recording feature. Moreover, being free software, it will not put any watermark in the video.


  • All files supported

  • Best for windows and mac

  • No lagging

  • No watermarks

  • Available for free


  • Not updated

  • Only SWF format available

  • Prone to malicious software

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11 Free Cam

Best for: Creating screencasts on desktop

G2 rating: 4.0/5

Download link:

Free Cam is a great tool to record screen and edit videos. It allows you to select a recording area, record the voice and system sound, and highlight your mouse during recording. After recording, you can fine-tune your videos with the editing tools, including: silence, trim and remove noise.

free cam

This Windows 10 screen recorder also helps to share videos directly to YouTube inner the program. However, if you want to record screen and webcam at the same time, then you need to upgrade to the Cam Pro. The maximum of the video resolution is 1080p.


  • Has a free version to record screen

  • Customize recording area

  • Record webcam and voiceover

  • Has some editing tools like annotations, transitions


  • Free version has limited features

  • Lack of video format

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12 Debut

Best for: Non-commercial use free video capture

G2 rating: 3.6/5

Download link:

Debut video capture from NCH software allows users to record screen and webcam, add color and video effects, use captions and timestamps. You can use this tool to record anything on computer screen and save the recordings as multiple formats (avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov and more). It also comes with flexible video output settings, you can customize the output video presets and frame rate.

debut screen capture

This recorder suits different scenarios recording needs, such as meetings, classes, webinar, gaming and more. Moreover, it also supports multi-screen recording so you can record many monitors at the same time.


  • Powerful recording function for different recording needs.

  • Audio recording is ideal for recording video conferences and webinars

  • Replace background with image, video or solid color using Green Screen tool

  • Flexile recording: Record video with audio, or just video with no sound

  • The mouse highlight helps to stress your key points better


  • Interface is not good

  • Do not support macOS

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13 Fraps

Best for: Real-time video capture and benchmarking

G2 rating: 4.2/5

Download link:

Fraps is a video recorder for Windows 10and other versions. It is known for most people as a game recording software, you can use it to capture World of Warcraft, Far Cry, Trackmania Sunrise and Balance games on your computer. The main functions include General screen recording, Movies and Screenshots, you can find these options from the software’s interface. However, this software has nit been updated since February 26, 2013.

fraps recorder

The free version of this recorder only allows 30 seconds and with a watermark. If you want to capture high resolution video, Fraps can help to record videos at maximum resolution 7680×4800.


  • High resolution recording supported 7680×4800

  • Perfect for game screen recording

  • The audio quality is great

  • Recorder with a benchmark feature


  • When saving a video, it may use much disk space

  • Free trail has 30 seconds time limit

  • No macOS version

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Related FAQs about Windows 10 Screen Recorder

1. How do I record my screen on Windows 10?

There are many tools to record screen on Windows 10 just as we list above, including free ones and paid ones. The best way to record your PC screen is using Filmora, because you can not only record a video, but also enhance your recordings with the rich tools and templates.

2. Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder?

Yes, the built-in screen recording feature on Windows 10 is also known as Xbox Game Bar. It helps to capture the screen easily without any skills needed.

3. How do I record my screen on Windows 10 with sound?

This is definitely easy. Almost all the screen recorders on the market are able to capture the screen and sound at the same time. Free tools like OBS Studio, ShareX, QuickTime. Paid Tools like Filmora, Bandicam.

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