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A Complete Guide of ScreenRec for Laptop

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

ScreenRec is an award-winning screen and video capture software that provides free, secure and reliable desktop recordings for professionals and businesses. With ScreenRec's easy-to-use features, you can record your desktop or computer screen, entire browser window or any application of choice in no time. You can even add annotations or highlights to narrate your recording while it plays.

ScreenRec is an ideal tool for collaborative work sessions, team meetings, product demonstrations and customer support. It allows you to share a clean picture of what's going on in your screen with anyone, anywhere. The remote access feature makes it super easy to give presentations and demos from all around the world without needing to hassle with bulky software installation packages.

ScreenRec has a number of advanced features for both professional users and aspiring learners alike. The cloud storage option lets you securely store your recordings in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere at any time. You also have the ability to easily share your recordings with others via email links or embed codes into webpages and social media posts - allowing you to create instant conversations with anyone online!

Part 1. Key Features of ScreenRec

ScreenRec can be utilized to generate professional presentations, on-screen tutorials, and structured training videos. There is an entire officer system in location, allowing you in order to come with a good oversight on which usually clients and co-staffs get access in order to the screen songs.

  • High Quality Video Resolution: ScreenRec offers a range of quality options when recording videos. You can choose up to HD video resolution.

  • Multiple File Formats: ScreenRec supports multiple file formats so you can save your recordings in different formats, such as MP4, GIF or HTML5.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface: The intuitive user interface makes it easy to start recording immediately without needing any prior knowledge or experience with other tools.

  • Cloud Storage Integration: The software integrates with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing users to sync their recordings across all devices for easy access.

  • Fast Sharing Options: Built-in sharing options make it simple to quickly distribute files across various online services such as social media networks, email or instant messaging apps.

  • Customizable Recording Settings: You can adjust settings such as frame rate and audio recording before beginning the recording process. Additionally, a timer feature is available if you need more precise timing between recordings.

  • Comment Support Feature: A comment support feature is included which displays small pop-up bubbles over video frames during playback so viewers can comment directly on the recorded video.

  • Screenshot Capturing Option: An added handy feature allows users to take screenshots at key moments while they’re playing back their recordings meaning they can capture any important information they need on camera instantly instead of having to pause or rewind their videos

  • Auto Delete Option For Recordings Still In Action: To keep things organised and secure, users can opt for auto delete after uploading all new recordings into cloud storage ensuring no unwated files remain stored on your hard drive or online accounts

  • Create Timestamped Links to Recordings For Instant Sharing & Archiving Purposes: By creating timestamped links within sharing windows users will have an easier time directing viewers straight from notification messages into specific parts of longer running sessions ensuring less time searching for related content

Part 2. How to Record Screen with ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a display recorder with simply no watermark that’s totally free. It boasts one click screen captures plus is best utilized for taking fast videos of display activities with possibly system sound or even music from the particular user’s webcam or even external microphone.


Step 1: When you install ScreenRec in your Windows pc, it is achievable to start out using the particular software instantly. Just about all you need to accomplish is open the particular ‘Run’ dialogue package by clicking upon the Windows + R keys collectively. Then, type within ScreenRec within the package, and hit get into. Once you do this, the software may commence the documenting process.

screenrec functions select catch area

Step 2: Press Alt + S plus select your catch area. ScreenRec functions silently in the particular background, provided that will you have the stable internet link. If you want to record the particular screen from an additional location or make use of a different gadget for recording, that you can do so too making use of the application.

screenrec download and install

Step 3: Push the Video Camera-button to start out recording your own screen. Once the recording is full, you will obtain a sharing hyperlink or save the particular file on your own hard disk.

Part 3. Best Alternative to ScreenRec

Regarding professionals looking in order to bring a creative flair for their own screen recording plus captivate the viewers, there are functions like color modification and image hiding, together with gamer-centric options like sound suppression and changeover settings. Albeit the particular listing of features plus an all-in-one method to screen documenting and video modifying can be mind-boggling sometimes, the truth that Filmora addresses everything and requires nothing in come back is nothing brief of a secret. some users lamented that they are unable to get access in order to the videos within cloud or eliminate the account, that makes them worried regarding information leakage. Apart from, the cost associated with this software is usually also not that will friendly. To record screen videos securely and cost-effectively, we sincerely recommend a person to try Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora has been designed to create recording your pc screen as simple as possible. Through recordings automatically preserved for your totally free private video accounts, all the method as much because sharing immediately along with as many folks as you’d such as all over the particular world. Filmora is usually simple and wise green screen software program that can become used by everyone. It enables a person to manage, reduce, combine, split, switch, and blend slashes. This software enables you to certainly import and songs track. This software program can be used to apply modifications, mix modes, covering grades, and a lot more within the movie. Notwithstanding chromakey, this includes different movie layers, mixing settings, voiceovers, speed manage, advances, video reverse, and enhancements. Furthermore, it can industry 4K movie at 30 fps. Filmora does all the particular heavy lifting whilst you merely click on a button or even two. If a person wants to give it a try, head over in order to the screen recorder download page.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Install and Launch the Software

To begin, you have to download plus install Wondershare Filmora within your program to get began. For your, you may use this ScreenRec alternative on the particular go. Just check out the Wondershare established platform on the net plus from there, a person can find each version of Filmora software, I-e., windows and Mac variations with the most recent version.

After that will, you can continue by going in order to the File > Record Media and then choosing your desired file format of screen documenting from the listing as proven right here. It’ll take a person to the user-friendly UI of Filmora where you may grab the documenting feature on-spot because proven within the particular figure below:

recording audio

Step 2: Start/End Recording

Subsequent the customizations in order to the recording display including webcam, mic, system nicely a lot more, simply strike the Record switch and it will start recording your own personalized screen correct away. Now because you’re completed with the particular recording, you may hit the Cease button as exact same as the treatment how you’ve began the recording. Within the editor, a person can edit the particular information with complete features as Filmora provides you with numerous modifying tools to use.

record screen with filmora

Step 3: Save/Share Recordings

Now, right after fruitful editing along with Filmora, when you have everything summed upward, you can after that save your modified recordings right through there. you possess a lot associated with choices to choose while giving your own screen catching plus webcam chronicles right after you're finished along with the altering component. For that, strike the Export switch in the top-right part from the item interface as adhere to:

The best component with this particular ScreenRec alternate is the truth that Wondershare Filmora also allows a person to upload your own recorded and modified content directly in order to YouTube or a few other renowned systems, you can along with little of the stretch select your own desired platform in order to share from right now there.

export to device

Part 4. FAQs About ScreenRec

Is ScreenRec safe to use?

If you are buying screen documenting and editing device, then download ScreenRec. It’s a feature-rich Windows utility device which you may use to report feedback videos, user-experience demos, and online games. The application type not only arrives with the convenience to recording the particular screen, but a person can record the particular music from your own computer’s speakers plus microphone as nicely. ScreenRec is the majority of certainly a best screen recorder plus video proofreader software program that is the particular ideal mounted weapon to make use of whenever you want for making screencasts, refine all of them, and at final offer in basically a question associated with a couple associated with snaps.

How do I remove 5 min limit on ScreenRec?

The particular screen capture energy tool uses the particular latest cloud documenting technology and produces a link that will you can exist to other customers instantly. This ensures that the moment a person record something, a person is able in order to copy and insert the corresponding hyperlink and send this across to anybody. For more compared to 5 min documenting limit, you require to get the application that will allow this particular entry to a person.

Is ScreenRec good for gaming?

ScreenRec is an excellent application if you want to report gaming videos. This particular is as the program can record your own screen to display your gameplay in order to the world. A person can even report voice-overs with the aid of ScreenRec. In addition, in order to this functionality, the particular software may furthermore record the music coming out associated with your speakers. In addition, you can make use of the webcam recorder to activate the particular face cam. Display Rec will combine the clips to ensure that you can notice the ongoing online game as well because your expressions concurrently.

How Much Does ScreenRec Cost?

ScreenRec is available in two editions: Free and Pro. The basic Free edition offers unlimited recording time for storing recordings locally on your computer as MP4 files. For additional capabilities such as cloud storage option and support for video annotations and conversion from static screenshots into videos, users can upgrade to the Pro Edition which starts at $39 per year.

Does Screen Rec Require Any Special Hardware or Software?

No special hardware or software requirements are necessary with Screen Rec – just download the app onto any Windows PC or laptop running Windows 7/8/10 (or later) and you’re ready to go.

What Types of Content Can I Create With ScreenRec?

With its drag-and-drop screenshot editor and built-in video editor for annotations, transitions & effectsScreenRec gives you ultimate control over how your content looks: from product demos & how-to tutorials to presentations & training sessions — all on your own terms. And once fully edited, simply share it with colleagues & clients using integrated cloud file sharing options like Dropbox & Google Drive—all without having to leave the app!


ScreenRec is usually a powerful display recording tool that will you can down load in your windows pc. You may also use the particular tool to modify the recorded video clips and capture screenshots. Once installed plus launched, the software will record everything that you perform within the screen plus will highlight the particular cursor at the later time guide. you can furthermore attempt the ScreenRec screen recorder optional Filmora that all of us referenced previously. This endeavors to assist make the outcome proficient so significantly as possible plus freed you associated with the have to have several projects on your own computer.

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