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5 Best MP3 Voice Recorder to Help You How to Record MP3

MP3 voice recorders help users to record conversations, music, vocals, and lectures. Learn more about audio recorders and choose a tool from the best options available.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Nov 30, 21, updated May 20, 24

A good MP3 voice recorder helps journalists, students, musicians, private investigators, and podcasters and people from several other industries. If you want to learn about the top MP3 audio recorders on the internet, you are at the right place.

An MP3 Voice Recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to record and play sounds. These tools enable you to record sounds using microphones and line-in. Furthermore, you can also record sounds and music from music players such as Quick Time, Windows Media Player, and Flash. After recording the sound, you can save the files in MP3 format and reuse them for different purposes such as music composing, live streaming, and school projects.

5 Best MP3 Voice Recorder

Since there are multiple voice recorders in MP3 format out there, choosing one can be overwhelming. Whether you are a podcaster, musician, or singer, you should go with a recording tool that is compatible with your Computer or Laptop. You must carefully evaluate the features before purchasing an option. Here is a list of top MP3 recorders to help you with the hunt for the best option:

1. RecordPad

RecordPad offers extensive recording features for PC users. You can use this recording software for Windows as well as Mac OS. RecordPad includes a set of features that enable you to record, burn, and rip audio. The voice-activated recording feature is incredible and eliminates the need to wait for the next loop, as you can start recording instantly. RecordPad also offers features such as fades, pitch shifting, equalizing, and noise reduction. This MP3 software supports audio feeds as well and you can customize the tool according to your specific needs. Some excellent features of RecordPad include:

  • Quick downloads

  • Simple interface for recording

  • Voice-activated recording

  • Allows keywords search

  • Sound, voice, music, and another audio recording

  • Customized interface

  • Digital presentations

record pad mp3 sound recorder

2. Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio

Since Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio is quite user friendly, many musicians start their careers with this tool. A plethora of special effects and advanced features make this tool a must-have. Whether you want to record new sounds or mix pre recorded voices, you can use this tool without much hassle. This MP3 voice recorder offers multiple recording features including sound recording, editing, special effects, and audio burning. The sleek and modern interface will make you feel like a professional sound recording artist. While recording, you get numerous audio filters to enhance sound quality. Features of Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio include:

  • Massive audio library

  • MIDI Scoring and editing

  • Real-time editing

  • Advanced mixing tools

  • Melodyne integrated for auto-tuning

  • Wide-ranging instruments and effects

mixcraft 9 mp3 sound recorder

3. WavePad

WavePad mp3 audio recorder is an amazing tool for Windows. Besides MP3, you can also export files in AMP, MPC, and WAV formats. This software supports the most-used audio formats. It includes a wide range of audio editing features to pitch shift and slice audio. You can also use advanced features to equalize the audio and cut, copy, and paste audio files. Some excellent features of WavePad are:

  • Audio file processing

  • Music effects such as sound amplification

  • Noise reduction

  • 50+ supported audio formats

  • Audio editing in video files

  • Supports VST plug-ins

wave pad mp3 sound recorder

4. I-Sound Recorder 7

This is another incredible and highly effective mp3 sound recorder with universal audio and input ripping features. This mp3 voice recorder is available at a reasonable price, especially compared to others. Voice-activated recording features and advanced recording scheduler are some unique features of this software. However, real-time compression adjustment enables you to record high-quality sounds. I-Sound Recorder enables duration selection. This means that you can add a time stamp to stop recording at a specific time. Other than MP3, you can export audio in different formats such as WAV, WMA, and FLAC. Some mind-blowing features of this tool include:

  • Hi-resolution audio support

  • Schedule recording

  • Voice-activated recording

  • Default playback recording options

  • Automating naming system

I sound recorder 7 mp3 sound recorder

5. VirtualDJ

This is a free mp3 sound recorder tool with an extensive sound library. Many DJs still use this tool for live sessions. The recording options of this tool are pretty simple. This software is compatible with Mac and Windows OS. Since the tool is free to use, many novice recording artists, musicians, and podcasters prefer it when starting out. The interface looks like a traditional DJ console that lets you spin and scratch two audios. Some features of VirtualDJ are:

  • Karaoke, video, and audio formats

  • Advanced mixing tools

  • Plug and Play integration

  • Real-time audio separation

virtualdj mp3 audio recorder

How to Record MP3?

The recording process for each tool is different than the other. If this is your first time recording with an mp3 audio recorder, then you should follow these steps to understand how the audio recording process works.

Step 1: Download an MP3 sound recorder from the above list. Install the application on your computer. But, before purchasing the tool, make sure you are using a compatible operating system.

Step 2: Once the installation process completes, you can open the software and start recording.

free recording software audacity

Step 3: Almost all of the above tools will give you a tour of the application to ensure you know how to use it. You will find a red and round button on the screen that says “Record”.

record audio with audacity

Step 4: For advanced recording, make sure you customize noise cancellation, audio gain, echo, and silence level.

Step 5: When setting the tool according to your preference, click on the wheel icon to record. You can stop and pause the recording anytime you want.

audacity stop recording

Step 6: After recording the voice and sound, you can save the file to the desired folder. Some tools automatically save the file in the storage location so you can easily use it. Others allow you to directly save the recorded file to Dropbox.

Closing Words

Hopefully, you now have an idea about how to record MP3 on your computer. You can take the above list as a reference and choose a reliable mp3 voice recorder according to your preferences and needs.

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