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Quick Tips on Recording Voice Over with Final Cut Pro

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

With the help of Final Cut Pro you can easily create various changes to audio file with time, one can adjust volume fading and apply audio enhancement as per need. With this advanced video editing application, it is possible to record audios on live channels as Final Cut Pro can directly process input signals taken from external as well as built-in microphones.

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How to Record Voice Over with Final Cut Pro

Most of you might be interested to know how to record voice with Final Cut Pro. Actually, the method is quite simple and can be used by beginners too.

What is Audition in FCP:

The term auditions are commonly used on FCP platform that represents sets of some related clips out of which you have to select anyone for your final project. Users are allowed to take multiple inputs of different clips for the composition of the audition and the other interesting task is to apply different effects on the same clip to create an audition with multiple versions. During live audio recording, this software tool allows automatic grouping of auditions with several retakes. You can easily find created auditions in the top left corner of your timeline as well as on the browser.

 What is Audition in FCP

Now in order to record voice over FCP, you need to follow the steps as below:

Step 1

First of all, you need to place your playhead at a specific location on the timeline from where you wish to start your recording.

Step 2

Now in order to start your recording, you need to press Shift+A from the keyboard or simply go to Window then select Record Voiceover, and finally hit Record Button.

 Record Voiceover

The countdown will automatically start.

 finally hit Record Button

Step 3

As soon as your recording is complete then you need to stop the process by simply pressing space bar or hitting the Shift+A button again.

Note that as the recording is stopped, the playhead automatically returns to initial position and it asks you for retake. If you click on the option ‘Create Audition from Takes’ by selecting the checkbox then FCP automatically starts creating auditions.

 Create Audition from Takes -1

Here we recommend you keep this box selected because it can make your timeline looking disordered if you uncheck this box.

 Create Audition from Takes -2

Step 4

It is possible to record numbers of voiceovers for same audio section. For this you simply need to press record button or initiate retake by pressing Shift+A.


  • The retakes never sweep over previously created voiceover as the final audition of FCP will be containing all recordings.
  • In case if you wish to record a fresh section then user needs to move playhead manually to starting point.

Step 5

Now it is time to select the desired voiceover from auditions and you can preview them all for better selection. All that you need to do is:

    • Simple select your desired audition out of which you need to review voiceovers and then open recordings either by simply pressing Y or go to Clip then select Audition and finally choose Open.
    • Select the take from Audition window and press space bar to play it or you can also switch it on by using Control+Command+Y command.

Select a take from Audition

  • Once you find your desired take then select it and hit Done. Note that a selected take appears in yellow outline.
  • Now as you want to finalize your decision so choose your clip then go to auditions and then press Finalize Audition.

Step 6

It is also possible to extract desired recordings from auditions; for example if you wish to edit any take from a set of clips available in a certain audition or you want to join two different takes to create one final take then it is possible to extract audio sets from the audition by simply choosing Clip and then hit the option “Break Apart Clip Items”, it can also be done by pressing Shift+Command+G. Hence, it is possible to edit audio clips using FCP to create a unique output.


Ok, that's all about how to record a voice-over in FCPX. Click here for more tips about recording and adding tips.


How to sync voiceover with my video with FCPX?

You try the auto-sync feature of FCPX. For more details please read this: Practical Guide on How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro X 2021.

How to get my missing sound effect back in FCPX?

It's quite common in FCPX. If reopening the software or rebooting Mac won't fix it, you may want to refer to this article: Proven Ways to Get Missing Sound Effects Back in Final Cut Pro.

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