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Simple Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 27, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Screen recording software is a program that captures the action on your pc, laptop, or mobile device's screen and stores the recorded video in a format that can be played back. Businesses, educational institutions, and media professionals use the program to make and distribute how-to films, training manuals, and product demonstrations. Several simple screen recorder programs are on the market, and picking the right one for your requirements and budget is crucial.

Before you begin researching software possibilities, you must first determine which buyer group you fall into so that you may choose the appropriate software. Simple screen recorder is the most reliable and popular screen video recorder among Ubuntu users, and it is also the most widely used. There are several alternatives for PCs as well. This tutorial will assist you in comprehending the many considerations you should make when choosing a software solution.

1. Download and Use Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder is a screen recording and editing application that is both simple and easy to use yet immensely powerful. It allows you to make demonstrations, tutorials, and guides in less time and with less effort. Simple screen recorder linux is capable of recording any portion of your screen and your complete screen. You can record windows, a single monitor and even all monitors easily. So today, immensely, we'll look at a step-by-step tutorial for installing and configuring Simple Screen Recorder.

How to Download & use it?

Step 1: First go to this website:

Step 2: On the right top corner. Find the option "Get". Tap on it.

download simple screen recorder

Step 3: If you are running Windows, you will redirected to your PC's inbuilt Windows Sore.

Step 4: Tap on "Get" again, the program will get downloaded instantly.Now, tap Open.

launch simple screen recorder

Step 5: Now, simply. Go to options, choose resolution, bit rate and frame rate.

start recording simple recorder

Step 6: Tap Start Recording. That's it!

2. Pros and Cons

Simply said, the ubuntu simple screen recorder Software provides you with simple-to-use and effective administration, allowing you to devote your time and attention to the essential aspects of your work.

Screen recorders aren't only for designers and developers; regular users may also use them to record Instant Messaging displays and other things. So let's talk about the pros and cons of Simple Screen Recorder.


  • Support for recording a segment of the screen or a specific display area.

  • Using an appropriate source to record audio.

  • To fine-tune the result, there are plenty of modifying options like resolution, frame rate, bit rate.

  • Optimized for smooth operation on sluggish PCs.

  • A diverse set of functions, as well as simple editing tools, are available.


  • The user interface isn't very attractive.

  • There isn't a built-in option for webcam recording.

3. Best Simple Screen Recorder Alternative

A large variety of simple screen recorder Windows applications are readily accessible in the market. Filmora is an excellent choice as an alternative for computer screen recording. Filmora is a Windows program that lets you capture what's on your screen and add voice commentary.

This simple screen recorder Windows 10 is simple to install and operate, and it gives users access to an essential service. It's a small file that won't take up a lot of space on your hard drive. It also has specific editing options that you may utilize when sharing a file.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Launch Filmora

After you've successfully started the software, double-click on the Filmora icon and choose the Record Button next to the choice to import. After you've been sent to Full Feature mode, press Record PC Screen from the selection list under Record Menu.

wondershare screen recorder

Step 2: Adjust the recording window

There are three window types to consider: Custom, Fullscreen, and Target. Videos may be streamed on any website due to Filmora's ability to adjust the file size and quality to match user expectations. Its user interface gives you total control over your project, including the ability to change your timeline.

wondershare screen recorder settings

Step 3: Custom the settings

You may choose a full-screen mode from the custom menu to capture your screen activity in the highest quality possible. For the upcoming Screen casting sessions, you may modify the settings here. The Screen Recorder allows you to capture video and audio.

Step 4: Record your screen

record games filmora

Record your screen with Wondershare Filmora from the Screen Recorder's left side. A rectangle icon will appear, allowing you to choose where a portion of the screen you wish to record. You may press the Record button once all of the parameters have been specified. To begin recording, it will offer you a 3-second buffer time.

Wrapping Up

In this digital era, there are a plethora of screen recording applications available on the market. In addition, we addressed the most straightforward and dependable method of recording displays of simple screen recorder windows.

Alternatively, if you have specific needs for on-screen recordings, such as the ability to edit online while recording, we propose Filmora as a simple screen recorder for windows option. Everyone's requirements for screen recording are unique; thus, we must choose the most appropriate screen recorder for each individual based on their requirements.

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