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Best Game Screen Recorders

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

To record your gameplay illustrates (and lowlights) is becoming easier over the past few years. Personal computer hardware has become more efficient and allows you to play while recording with little to no impact on your game's performance. To know how to record gameplay on PC, this guide has covered this query as game recorders also become better and more efficient, eating less power.

These days, there is already a lot of great recording software that you explore. These work great and offer different tools and features that can fit your own documenting needs. There is certainly much software available, causing hassle by having a watermark. Want to discuss the 15 best game recording software. Several tend to be more robust and feature-rich than others, although some are more lightweight and used.

Support OS
Download Link
Filmora 4.4/5 Windows and macOS
Action! Screen Recorder 4.2/5 Windows
OBS 4.6/5 Windows, macOS, Linux
FBX 4.5/5 Windows
Bandicam 4.3/5 Windows and macOS
Radeon ReLive 4.0/5 Windows
NVidia GeForce 4.1/5 Windows and macOS
Fraps 4.0/5 Windows
Xsplit 4.3/5 Windows and macOS
Xbox Game Bar 4.4/5 Windows Record all screen and audio activity
Dxtory 4.0/5 Windows
Ezvid 4.0/5 Windows
Camtasia 4.3/5 Windows and macOS
TinyTake 4.2/5 Windows
Gecata 4.3/5 Windows

01 Wondershare Filmora

Filmora video game screen recorder and editor supply a very simple consumer experience with innovative functions. Beginners can get a grasp of its instructions quickly. It is an amazing game recording software that allows you to report a game very easily and without disrupting the gameplay. Making use of the application, you can adapt all sorts of things like the color, shape, and size of your cursor.

filmora gaming recorder

Filmora game recorder to capture displays and edit videos is of the kind. Its easy navigation and modern interface make it very convenient for the user. A person can record high-quality videos with background sound. It supports quality up to 4K. You can also sync webcam and microphone voice-over with an ongoing display screen recording, which I actually think is a fantastic feature. Moreover, it provides rich editing tools to help improve the gaming recordings into next level. You can add transitions, cut unwanted parts, add stickers and annotations perfectly.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

To record gameplay on computer, just download Filmora and then follow the below steps:

Step 1. Download and install Filmora on your computer. Launch the program and click “Screen Recorder” from the interface.

filmora screen recorder

Step 2. Customize the recording area and settings. You are recommended to launch your game to make sure the settings are suitable.

filmora customize recording area

Step 3. Click the red button to start recording. You can record the webcam while narrating and commentating on your gameplay.

filmora recording gameplay

Step 4. Once the process completes, you can click the button to stop and the program will open the editor interface for further polish.

filmora edit game videos


  • You can record all video games or make some changes in little parts of the entire videos that you create

  • This particular gaming recorder can record games up to sixty frames per second

  • Draw arrows and circles on-screen to boost the observing experience

  • Record tone of voice in real-time: you can have your voices recorded in real-time and instantly add them to its files

  • Making use of the application, you can import videos and many other media content

  • The particular application is backed on Windows and Mac devices that you use daily

  • The software facilitates nearly all available videos, images, and video clip formats. Besides, it also supports GIF files and 4K resolution videos.

02 Action! Screen Recorder

Action! Game Recorder broad variety of tools and features which will help make your video clip recording experience better. It has an intuitive and user-friendly user interface and allows you to make quick edits and changes together with the way. Moreover, it has some free add-ons like remote gameplay documenting and live to load, giving Action! some more functionality.

action screen recorder

Action! Gaming Recorder can record up to 120 FPS, provide video files, and consume low processor usage. You can quickly upload your recordings to Fb or YouTube, and you could even directly live stream to Twitch, YouTube, and much more. The software makes use of your GPU to accelerate recordings and put less pressure on the CPU. A person can create top-quality videos up to 4k resolution, high frame rates, and even add live commentary to them.


  • Feature wealthy

  • User-friendly interface

  • Ideal for newbies

  • Excellent options for an expert to peer

  • HD playback

  • Includes all the basic features


  • Higher framework rates take upward more memory

  • Simply no option to personalize frame rates

  • Very costly

03 OBS

OBS Studio is an open-source movie recording and loading software. It's one of the most popular and most reliable videos documenting software out in the world today. A lot enjoy using OBS, whether they're an experienced streamer, a new content creator, or someone just looking to record some gameplay to show to friends.

obs studio

OBS Studio has a clean interface that allows you to capture your screen or a specific window or application. You may also use OBS to include an extra movie source like a webcam and resources like a mic. Additionally, you can also easily control your desktop, gameplay, and microphone using the built-in mixing machine. One of the best things about OBS Studio is that it's completely free. You do not have to pay for anything to access all the features. Additionally, it supports different plug-ins that can help software's functionality.


  • Free to download and use

  • Effective configuration options

  • Live to stream

  • Scene Changes


  • Not friendly to beginners

04 FBX Game Recorder

FBX is to work, a power-packed video documenting tool. In addition to streaming, the software can report high-quality videos of the gameplay. It will eventually start recording with the push of a single button and can set up itself based on your PC. Furthermore, it's equipped with desirable features like watermarks, video reflexing, and social press integration. You can also edit videos on FBX built/in a video editor and promote them to friends and enthusiasts.



  • Friendly consumer interface

  • One-click option to record a

  • Optimally designed to allow higher framerates


  • No movie editing features

  • Just supports MP4 format for output

  • Restricted video recording length

05 Bandicam

Bandicam is an all-in-one recorder that excels in gameplay recording. Bandicam is a lightweight display recorder software that can capture top-quality video. It can take screenshots, report videos, and catch videos from resources like webcams, mobile phones, and consoles. Bandicam is very simple to use to the level where anyone can have problems.

bandicam gaming recorder


  • Three recording settings to choose

  • High-quality video

  • Record screen with a webcam overlay

  • Upload in real-time to YouTube


  • Works only on windows

  • Obvious FPS fall on a low spec computer

06 Radeon ReLive

Radeon ReLive is an integrated game documenting software that works in tandem with AMD graphics credit cards. Though it will take some time to set upward and it has a learning contour, its customizable features shine for players who want full control of hotkeys, recording, and much more.

radeon relive

Recommended for more advanced game recorders, Radeon/AMD Re-experience is like being behind a documenting studio console. You will be able to do everything, including separating tracks, using an integrated talk system, showing performance metrics, and much more. Producers and detailed gamers who tinker around may find ReLive the right fit to meet their production needs.


  • Liberated to use

  • Easy setup and simple to use

  • Support for upscaling


  • Works only with AMD GPUs

  • Does not have as many features as dedicated documenting software

07 NVidia GeForce

Nvidia has done some excellent tweaks and optimizations on the hardware encoder on the GPUs. The -NVidia encoder or NVENC is amazing in the current condition and allows backed NVIDIA graphics cards users to report or stream gameplay with minimal performance loss. It also allows you to directly broadcast on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. A person can certainly create GIFs, and you will report gameplay with a click of a button.

nvidia shadowplay

The NVidia GeForce software is one of the easiest ways to record or reveal high-quality gameplay videos, screenshots, and live streams with your friends. it's not going to be as feature-rich as some of some other dedicated movie production software. Yet, for something built/in with the GeForce Experience app, it is useful, plus it's free! This supports up to 8K HDR thirty FPS video documenting for RTX thirty series cards and up to 4K HDR at sixty FPS individuals. That is a lot of pixels.


  • Just about all the features are free

  • No time limit for documenting

  • No watermarks


  • NVIDIA cards only

08 Fraps Game Recorder

When you're looking for nothing but an easy game screen recorder software, then Fraps may be upward your alley. This particular easy-to-use application is light in weight (2. 4 MB) and simple both in function and type of the complicated features connected. Fraps give you a few essential options: you can set the movie capture frame rate manually and it can go from 30 to 120FPS. There is also an option to enter custom frames per second value where you can set the frame rate even below 30.

fraps gaming recorder

In contrast to other recording programs that are included with overwhelming configurations and configurations web pages, Fraps is all about ease of use. You simply go to the “Movies” section and start recording, that is it. Fraps has existed since 99 and gets the name from “frames per second” (FPS) because of the frame rate screen that benchmarks and measures how quickly your game is running. You can record and movie of games with a resolution upward to 7680 by 4800 and custom frame rates at 1 to 120 FPS. The free version has restricted features and a watermark


  • Light-weight and simple to use

  • Can establish custom FPS value; Supports 120FPS movie recording

  • Includes a live FPS countertop

  • Highlight cursor and capture from another input device


  • Recorded video measurements are high

09 Xsplit

XSplit is a collection of different video tools that can help you take your recording or loading to the next level. Think of the Microsoft Workplace family, but documents, XSplit targets video clip creation and creation. XSplit Broadcaster is free to use and great for article marketing, streamers, and gameplay documenting. It's lightweight and easy-to-use that can help you quickly record your game with one click of the button.

xsplit game recording software

With the XSplit Broadcaster game recorder, you can make different scenes, manage your layout, add different media sources, and even supports immediate streaming to multiple platforms. Additionally, it supports extensions and plugins, allowing you to further increase the personalization options. Xsplit is an amazing recording application that allows you to capture your content in HD. This particular means that your audience will not be disappointed to view your gaming in that amazing body rate and eliminate everything that goes.


  • It allows you to edit your recordings

  • You can record gameplay in flawless video quality that is exactly according to and requirements

  • This app has automated flow settings

  • The app is supported on Windows


  • No advance video clip recording or modifying features

  • The final result video can only be saved in MP4 format

10 Xbox Game Bar

Should you be truly looking to have an accessible and free game recording software, you may like Xbox Video game Bar. It's built into your OS as long as you are using Windows. If you aren't aware, Microsoft owns Xbox 360 and has included the Xbox Video game Bar on Windows devices. The app uses your system's resources, and yes it only supports full-screen settings on a certain number of video games, so you'll need to adapt to whether windowed or full-screen windowed settings.

xbox recorder

Windows 10 users can summon the software's interface overlay in different games or applications by simply pressing the Windows key + Gary the gadget guy. To access what you like, simply look for “Xbox Game Bar” on your lookup bar, and it should be the first to show up. One neat thing about the Xbox 360 Game Bar is that you simply don't need to download it or update it since Windows automatically would it for you. Thus, whenever you need it, it's just ready to be taken.


  • Need no download/installation

  • Easy to use

  • Friendly to all-level users


  • Low suitability I-e, not applicable to lower Windows variations like 7 or 8.

  • Simply no more than four-hour recording length.

  • Not support versatile capture region

11 Dxtory

Dxtory is a movie catch tool for DirectX and OpenGL Apps. Its minimalist design and clear user interface aren't exactly quiet but it's simple to use, information from multiple resources simultaneously and works with a lot of video codecs. It allows you to record the overall game on your windows computer by adjusting the game recording quality according to your wish.

dxtory game screen recorder

Dxtory is yet another simple tool in this list that offers tons of features while being very light on the system. It is one of the lightest software, yet quite powerful. The interface is incredibly simple and makes it super easy to understand all configurations and tweak them. It captures lossless videos at the best quality to ensure you get the best video. Dxtory will save your video uncompressed so long periods can be room hogs, you're documenting at the maximum 120fps.


  • Excellent customization options

  • Several streams documenting

  • Quick and light-weight


  • No loading

  • Not the simplest

12 Ezvid

Ezvid can be another free tool that you can use to record gaming screen videos. The is free to use, but it only allows users to report up to forty-five minutes of gameplay. Thus, to record an overall total of 2 hours of gameplay, then Ezvid might disappoint you. However, there are no watermarks on the recorded videos, and you could also report the from the microphone.



  • Free of charge software with all features you need

  • Intuitive and Thoroughly clean UI

  • Provides the option to record in your area or stream to all popular systems with one click

  • Partner integrations


  • Not for sophisticated users

  • Limited documenting time

13 Camtasia

Camtasia makes movie editing surprisingly easy. The drag-and-drop publisher and video property help you complete your videos faster. No video experience is needed. Camtasia can make it very easy to Livestream over several platforms and also provide incorporation for Google drive. That is why it is a popular option within the gaming community. A free version with a 30-day trial period can be downloaded.


Camtasia can be another well-known movie recording software that is renowned for its balanced offer. It provides sophisticated and in-depth documenting customization without mind-boggling its users. Camtasia makes it simple to record your screen or transfer your video and files (MP4, WMV FILES, MOV, AVI, and so forth.


  • You can separately edit each movie and monitor

  • Good level of movie editing tools

  • Incredibly popular with experienced users


  • Sophisticated features require a subscription

  • Much more expensive than many rivals

14 TinyTake

TinyTake Screen Recorder is another feature-rich game documenting software that you can use to capture your gameplay to talk about with friends. The program comes with useful features including the ability to report the webcam combined with the display recording. There's certainly support for taking along with observation features for both screenshots and display recordings. They can come in convenient while you are editing your game recording before discussing it on YouTube.



  • Feature-packed

  • Arrives with many modifying tools

  • Supports display resolution up to 4K

  • Can report a part of the display

  • Transform screen recording to GIF instantly


  • A bit expensive

  • Limited free test

15 Gecata

One of the best game recording software on the listing and the marketplace right now is Gecata. The software allows you to capture your amazing gameplay full-screen. This particular means that there are no edges or any other intrusions in your live stream.

gecata game recorder

Gecata is any of the most straightforward game recording software systems for Windows that records multiple audios from multiple resources and supports third-party video codecs and broadcast output. It is a pic taking software system for DirectX and OpenGL applications. The software system is unengaged to attempt; however, it's some restrictions. It permits you to record original information and acquires the very best quality by lossless video supply. You will customize screenshots with margin, scaling, and clipping choices and save them in varied formats.


  • 4K video documenting

  • Multiple video types


  • Free version watermarks songs


Gaming is any of the essential causes of diversion joined will transfer and play many latest and fashionable games. Given that skilled or experienced gamers forever choose to show their skills to friends, a game title recording software system sure comes in handy. This guides the fifteen tools for recording gameplay on PC / Mac. So, most game players now vacation resort to recording their games and publishing them on interpersonal media platforms like YouTube. Inform us how you experienced these software tools.

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