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Make Pro-Quality Webcam Recordings on Mac: 5 Easy Methods & Tips

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Jul 17, 24

Visual communication is more impactful than text and voice recording. That is why online users prefer watching videos to listening to podcasts and reading articles on websites. In the current world of digital communication, people record their videos with a webcam and upload them on social media sites and video streaming platforms. Corporates also record video messages and share them with team members and colleagues.

If you want to record video from your Mac, the easiest approach is to record video with webcam on Mac. You have to option to record a video with your face only or record the screen and your face together in Picture-in-Picture mode. You will need a screen and video recorder to effectively use the MacBook webcam video recording feature. In this article, we will illustrate all the best ways of recording video with a webcam on a Mac.

Way 1 Use QuickTime Player to Record Mac Webcam

QuickTime Player is the default media player on Mac. The application comes pre-installed. However, not many Mac users are aware of the recording features of QuickTime Player. You can record your screen activities as well as record video through your webcam for free.

While using the QuickTime Player screen recording, you can easily record yourself or others on your Mac screen. Here are the steps to follow to record video on Mac webcam with QuickTime Player.

Step 1: Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac

Open QuickTime Player from the Applications folder. Simply go to the File Option to the top left corner of the screen, and click New Screen Recording.


Step 2: Set QuickTime to Start Recording

Once QuickTime opens, go to File > New Movie Recording option. This will allow you to customize your recording options to achieve your specific goals. Set the preferences for the cursor, microphone, timer, and saving location.

set quicktime

Step 3: Start Recording with QuickTime Player

On the screen, you will see yourself through the webcam. Once you are ready, click on the Record button on the floating bar. Be sure to pick your preferred option, whether you want to record the enter screen or just the selected portion.

start recording

Step 4: Save you Recording

When you are done recording, click on the top button/icon. Then, go to File > Save to save the recorded video.

save recording

By following these simple steps, QuickTime Player allows you to record videos on your MacBook. You can then save the recorded video on your desktop for further enhancements. You can trim it if need be using the same tool as well.

Even though QuickTime Player is the easiest way of recording video on Mac webcam, it is not the best way. This is because there are limited settings available and there are several glitches reported such as audio not getting recorded.

Way 2 Most Effective Way to Record Mac Webcam: Use Filmora

The best webcam recorder Mac is Wondershare Filmora. It is a professional and premium screen and video recorder as well as video editor. Therefore, you can not only record your webcam video with audio but also edit out the video as per your requirements. In fact, you can record your screen as well as the webcam with audio from microphone simultaneously. That is why professional video creators use Filmora to publish high-quality video after proper editing. Here are the steps to follow for screen recording with webcam Mac using Filmora.

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How to Access Video Recording Option on Filmora

To record videos on your Mac using Filmora, you need to access the Screen Recorder feature. This allows you to record videos on the screen of your Mac with ease. Let’s have a look at the option for video recording available on Filmora and the steps to follow:

Method 1 Using the Main Menu

Click on the "Screen Recorder" tab from the options given on Filmora’s main screen. This will launch the screen recorder window for the next step.

select the screen recorder tab

Method 2 Using the Top Toolbar

Navigate towards the "Files" tab from the main interface of Filmora. Click on it and choose the "Record Media" option from the dropdown menu. Then select the recorder you want to use.

access the files tab

Method 3 Using the Search Bar Menu

Navigate towards the search bar in the main window of Filmora, just below the custom toolbar. Expand the "Record" option on its left and select the recording option you want to use from the dropdown menu.

access the recorder button

How to Record Videos on Mac With Filmora: Step-by-Step Guide

Filmora offers an easy and quick way to record videos on your Mac. The Screen Recording features can be great for various types of videos including tutorials and demonstrations. Here are the key steps to follow when recording videos on a Mac using Filmora.

Step 1: Set the Screen Resolution for Recording

Once you have selected and started the screen recorder feature, specify the screen resolution needed from the options under the "Square" icon. The three options available include recording "Full Screen", "Custom", or "Target Window". You also have the option to manually adjust the Length" and "Width" values of the screen or use the ratio box on the screen.

choose the screen resolution

Step 2: Select the Type of Recording

In Filmora, three recording options are displayed on the screen recorder window. They can use the "Microphone" to capture voice during a recording session. In addition, users can experiment with the "System Audio" or "Camera" options. The best part is they have the choice to enable or disable all three options.

select the type of recording

Step 3: Customize Settings For Recording

Expand the "Settings" option at the bottom left corner of the recording window. Filmora also allows you to customize additional settings as needed.

expand settings option

Step 4: Start Recording

To start recording your video on a Mac with Filmora, press the red recorder button. A countdown will appear indicating that Filmora is about to start recording the video. However, you can skip this by pressing the "Start Directly" button below the countdown. Once the recording process has started, you will have the options to "Pause", "Stop", and start "Re-record".

recording video

Way 3 Quick Mac Webcam Recording with Photo Booth

Photo Booth is another pre-installed application on Mac which is specifically designed to capture photos and videos through webcam. You can create profile pictures, take selfies, and shoot videos with your face through webcam. It becomes easy to shoot anything and share the recording across instantly. Here are the steps to record webcam Mac with Photo Booth.

Filmora offers an easy and quick way to record videos on your Mac. The Screen Recording features can be great for various types of videos including tutorials and demonstrations. Here are the key steps to follow when recording videos on a Mac using Filmora.

Step 1: Launch Photo Booth App

Go to the Applications folder and open the Photo Booth app.

launch photo booth

Step 2: Choose Video Mode

Once the Photo Booth opens, you must see yourself live through a webcam. Click on the "Record A Movie Clip" icon. Make sure you have clicked the Video icon at the bottom-left corner to switch to video mode.

choose video mode

Step 3: Record and Save Your Video

Once you are ready, click on the Record button. The video recording on your Mac will start and you can select the Stop open when done. If you want to share the video instantly, click on the thumbnail in the bottom-right corner to open the recorded video.

record and save

The process of recording videos on a Mac with Photo Booth app is as simple as that. The app also lets you export the recorded video and save it on your Mac. Although the process is simplified, the app is lacks impact features compared to other video recording options for Mac.

Way 4 Default Mac Webcam recording With iMovie

iMovie is a great application designed specifically to record video and turn them into a movie. You can capture 4K videos with your webcam depending on the quality of the camera. There are various settings available to ensure that the recording is top-notch to fulfill all your requirements. If iMovie is not pre-installed on Mac, you can download it from App Store. Here are the steps to record video on Mac webcam using iMovie.

Step 1: Launch iMovie

The first thing you need to do is to install iMovie if you don’t have it in your Mac. Head to the Mac App Store, and search for an install iMovie on your Mac. Then go to File, and select New Movie to start recording using the application.

launch imovie

Step 2: Find the Import Button

On the next screen that appears, click on the Import icon (downward arrow) at the top of the window.

import button

Step 3: Select Cameras

Go to the Cameras section on the left side. Then, select your connected webcam by clicking FaceTime HD Camera. iMovie also allows you to select the project from the top of the screen and import the video.

select cameras

Step 4: Start Recording Your Video

Click on the Record button present at the bottom of the application window to start recording. Once you are done recording, click Stop.

start recording

Step 5: Save Your Video

To stop recording, click on the Close button at the bottom of the Mac screen. Go to Projects menu option and save the recorded file.

save video

Way 5 How to Record Mac Webcam Online

Using a native webcam recorder on Mac such as QuickTime Player and iMovie makes it easy to record a video. However, using online options gives you access to a tool that is not limited to Mac only. For instance, the AppGeeker Screen Recorder works great in recording a webcam on Mac from an internal or external camera. You only need to make sure all the features of your Mac webcam are working. Here is a brief step-by-step guide for recording Mac webcams online.

Step 1: Launch the Online Program

Launch the program and select Webcam Recorder on your Mac. You have the option to select Video Recorder to record a Mac webcam and screen in one frame.

launch online program

Step 2: Turn on the Camera and Microphone options

Check if everything is okay in the live webcam window. For multiple cameras, it is a good idea to switch to another from the webcam selector.

turn camera on

Step 3: Record and Save Your Video

When ready to start, hit the REC button. Once done, click the same button to stop recording. You can now use the Play button to preview the recorded webcam video and save it to your Mac.

record and save video

Tips For Recording Videos on a Mac Webcam

Creating a good MacBook webcam recording takes a bit of effort. Although with the right app or software, you can record a good video, making a few adjustments can lead to even better outcomes. Here are a few tips to improve the quality of your video recording with a Mac webcam.

  • Finding a good spot: Your video recording can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a video. This is particularly important to ensure that the sound and look on video is good. Look for a location with minimal background noise and without echoes to make e sure your voice sounds clear. Also, make sure your background is not distracting background and allows your audience to focus on the subject.

  • Setting your camera: make sure to set the camera at the eye level. In doing so, your viewers will have a natural feeling while watching the video. This level creates a realistic feeling like you are talking to them in person.

  • Framing: With good framing, you can properly present yourself to the audience. By being at the center of the frame, the top of your head and mid-chest will be easily visible. This also helps to ensure that you leave some space above the head to avoid the frame feeling cluttered.

  • Lighting: When recording indoors, find a room that has plenty of natural light but avoid direct sunlight when recording outdoors. In situations where you are using additional light sources, make sure they are in front of you and your face is evenly lit.


Hopefully, you have understood how to record video with webcam on Mac for free using QuickTime Player and Photo Booth. iMovie is another great app for Mac users to record webcam. But for the professional-quality recording through webcam, Filmora for Mac should be your first preference. You can do screen recording with webcam Mac with Filmora to publish them on various online platforms.

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