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Free Screen Recorder for Mac

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

If you are looking forward to using the free screen capturing software on Mac and Windows, this article might help you. Enlisted here are some fantastic tools available, and they can even capture almost everything happening on the screen without frustrating you. Of course, many best screen recorders might have been tried and tested. But unfortunately, many Free screen recorder mac cannot record everything on the desktop. Still, they can even capture the footage from the webcam and use it in picture video and record the audio from the microphone.

This will give you an option for saving the recording in a particular format, or you can also stream the video through the service of choice. This is also available on Windows via Microsoft stores, and you can download it on your own. Whether you are creating some software tutorials for the YouTube channel or only recording or capturing the video call, there is something in the list below that will even fit the needs. First, let's read about apps and their features.

1. QuickTime Player

QuickTime, developed specifically by Apple, facilitates the audio and visual material distribution and contributes to a multimedia environment of the world wide web. Apple released its first version of QuickTime in 1991. It is the best software, which Record screen mac free. QuickTime is also used for delivering synchronized music, text, video, sound, and graphics. It helps in sharing your video directly to streaming sites such as Twitch or YouTube.

quicktime player

This can also get used as virtual reality, audio player, image viewer, and movie player tool. This can even download the Web browser plugins, and most of the browsers have even included it. MovieWorks, PowerPoint, HyperCard also support QuickTime, Director, and other multimedia applications. The most significant feature that brings to the Internet is the enabling of video streaming over the networks.

Key Features

  • It records your audio and video along with a microphone and camera

  • It offers to record system audio, but it requires a sound flower plugin

  • It allows splitting and trimming the video in the video player.

  • It offers video compression from 480p to 4k.

  • Adds support to the video formats.

2. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

It is the best screen recorder for Mac devices, which comes with very impeccable functionality and an easy-to-use interface. The Screen Recorder Robot Lite allows you to enjoy the free screen recording on the Mac. Unlike the various programs, the tool will add the watermark types to the tapes, even if you use them for free. It is one of the best free screen recorder for mac.

robot lite recorder

It even allows the user to get access to various editing features. You can even record the screen for a duration of 200 and a maximum of six hundred seconds.

Key Features

  • Auto-identifies the menus, windows, etc.

  • Magnifies the glass for selecting the accurate areas.

  • Magnifies the glass to show the color of a mouse's location so that you can put paint on the clipboard.

  • It can show the selected area's height, width, location, info, etc. The user can use this as the ruler.

  • Users can adjust an area after selection.

  • Users can easily cancel the selected areas by just clicking "Esc."

3. OBS Screen Recorder

The OBS is an excellent open-screen recording program to record the work and business activities on display, and it allows the user to share. OBS screen recorders might even broadcast the game streams around multiple platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

It is even used to create screencasts, and it is also helpful for lessons, webinars, presentations, etc. It is one of the robust programs which does the way even more by serving specific and quick screen recording needs.


Applications are designed to allow users to work on different bases and merge to produce a smooth broadcast. Unfortunately, some video recording software in the market is quite expensive, and the free software even tends to need a few essential features. It is one of the user-friendly and powerful programs that are even free for non-commercial and commercial users.

Key Features

  • The OBS studio provides a considerable number of scenes.

  • While recording or streaming, the user can work with two different audio sources; the microphone and the system audio.

  • Scene transitions will help you to switch from one source to another.

  • The OBS has some filters which can sanction the user to use the features such as color correction, masking, and chroma-keying.

  • It will permit the user to choose which you wish to do, such as recording and streaming.

  • The OBS recorder offers easy accessibility through a friendly and easy interface.

4. Monosnap

Monosnap is very easy and quick to use, and it doesn't matter if you are using the program on the Mac or PC. If you check out the user interface of Monosnap, you can become familiar with it very quickly. You can add some text, circles, and easily blur.

You can even re-name your file. The user can even open the image files to give a quick edit of Monosnap. Another interface that you will be using is the menu. You will see the option of connecting services. Monosnap will charge you a fee for relating to the cloud services.


You can even use a free version for your system, and it will have no issues with doing that. You will not even need to connect it with cloud services. The free version of Monosnap is full of features and it is not like other products.

Even with its free version, you can get impressed as it is a fully functional tool. You will not need to connect the program to the cloud services, and you can even see the benefit of doing the same. Monosnap is also suitable as a go-to tool for daily tasks.

Key Features

  • Monosnap offers two screenshot modes that grab the whole screen or a specific screen.

  • After the screenshot, Monosnap will open the editor with blur, text, arrow, oval, and rectangle, line, and pen tools.

  • All the uploads can get accessed by the website. The images can also get sorted into folders. There is no limit to the cloud space.

  • This can detect the area automatically.

  • Offer magnifying glass to zoom the area and see it.

  • It allows editing and taking screenshots.

5. VLC

The VLC players will need no special introduction because it is one of the famous media players for free. The software even supports the video formats than a few proprietary players. This is also the video player that offers comprehensive customization and features. This is one of the best screen recorders that lets you record the desktop that will get saved as MP4 video files.

vlc mac

If users have a VLC player on their PC, they will not need any other screen recorder app. The user can even use the VLC for recording the HD videos for the active display with every mouse movement. Video capture is also inbuilt in the VLC, and the user doesn't need to install the extra plugin or add-on for activating the features. If the user has the latest and updated version of the VLC player on the PC, then they are well to go.

Key Features

  • Import PowerPoint slides even if you haven't installed PowerPoint on the system.

  • Designs mobile-ready and fully-responsive eLearning content. It helps you convert the regular ones to the responsive ones.

  • Automatically distributes and aligns the space for the object groups.

  • Allows managing the spacing and layout efficiently and consistently in the responsive project.

  • Saves the existing projects as the slide templates for reusing them later for the basis of other projects.

6. ActivePresenter

The ActivePresenter screen capturing program is a powerful tool that enables the users to capture the movement on the monitors. Recording the PowerPoint presentation and video tutorials of tips to use the software or creating the interactive HTML5 content is the task for which ActivePresenter is designed.

This software aims to present the reader with every crucial information about the special recording software, making the recording period fun. It is one of the best free screen recorder MacBook.

active presenter

The good news for all the users who will love to use the software can do it for free, but the free version of the ActivePresenter will offer some limited options. The users can even use the Smart Capture or Full Motion recording features to create the educational content they wish. In addition, the primary option of editing, like speed up and the crop is even available for the users who don't want to invest some money in the available plans.

Key Features

  • It comes at an amazingly affordable price.

  • The user interface might not be exquisite, but it is designed according to its functionality.

  • It offers very high usability of the software.

  • Has the ability to export the videos in various other file formats.

  • Offers excellent quality video recordings.

  • Offer plenty of options to create presentations.

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

If the user wishes to record the screen activities, then the Apowersoft recorder is an excellent choice for them. It will offer two recorders, one is for the professionals known as the Apowersoft online recorder, and the other is known as Screen Recorder Pro. Here, we will discuss the free and pro version downloaded on the desktop.

apowersoft screen recorder

The advanced and intuitive interface of Apowersoft, which you have offered with some flexibility, empowers the user to enhance a screencast experience. For example, an application might save recorder videos in standard files of MP4. Moreover, by utilizing the inbuilt converter, the user can convert and save up the MP4 files in the .swf, .flc, .avi, and various formats without sacrificing the quality.

Key Features

  • Offers dynamic options of screen recording.

  • Offers full image editing.

  • Offers editing on a real-time basis.

  • It comes with a very easy-to-use interface.

  • It is a very lightweight application.

  • Offers real-time screen monitoring.

8. TinyTake

TinyTake is the free video and screen recording software for Mac and windows. With TinyTake, the user can even capture the videos and images of the computer screen, share the videos and add some comments with various platforms in a few minutes.

TinyTake is also suited to anyone who can do educational videos, customer documentation, customer support, or just wish to take the hassle of capturing the screenshots. TinyTake also makes the entire process of recording and capturing much faster and easier.

tinytake recorder

It quickly records the selected full screen, window, or region screenshots. The user can also capture the image from the website. You can drag and drop pictures from the local drive for sharing and annotation. You can make the point too-set, blur the parts and draw attention with a highlighter to hide sensitive contents.

Users can also capture the videos from a selected portion and the webcam for two hours. It can easily annotate videos and move annotations on a video format to the point of the video part. You can even determine when you wish annotation for appearing to use the Start and End settings—easy and fast sharing of the file up to 2GB in a single go.

Key Features

  • It can capture and annotate the videos.

  • Share and save the file automatically.

  • It also shares the bulk files.

  • It also offers an in-built viewer for every standard type.

  • Directly upload the video to YouTube with your permission.

  • Offers you long storage with the online gallery.

9. Snagit

Productivity will not mean making some more time for doing the task. It even means doing the task with lots of focus, which might be completed faster. Thanks to all the users who work around the screenshots, images, apps, and websites, they possess great tools for speeding up the process to perform the task.

The Snagit by TechSmith is a great tool. Snagit App is also available on both Mac and Windows, and also you can read out this article to know more. You can even learn about the core capabilities. This software is one of the great tools for creating and annotating screenshots even faster on the computer.


If the user wishes to generate professional guides and tutorials, Snagit is even the best tool. It is the best Free MacBook screen recorder. For most people, the app is not only about taking some screenshots but also creating some changes through adding the arrows, text, and marks to it.

Natively, the user will take some screenshots and also open this in the image editor for doing some edits. The Snagit also possesses an inbuilt editor, and screenshots are directly opened with the image editor after snapping the screenshot. Instead, the user can even precisely take some screenshots of the separate windows or a screen area.

Key Features

  • Capture the screenshots and open them directly with the image editor.

  • It comes with an inbuilt editor and has lots of usages.

  • Create the guide and tutorials faster with the templates.

  • Captures the screenshots and also converts them into GIFs.

  • Allows the user to send the image from phone to PC.

  • It also grabs the text from given images.

10. Screenflick

Are you searching for software that will offer some fantastic performance, video screen, and authentic audio recordings used by experts and beginners globally? With the massive range of recording options, the Screenflick allows exactly which other recorders wish to create their art of work.

With all the advantages and disadvantages, you will know that $29 is worth spending over their competitors. It is one of the best Mac screen recorders with audio free. But is it relatively easy to mention adaptability for customizing the look? As the quality of the video is the key, using the full resolution on the retina displays is an excellent tool for helping the video look overall.

screenflick mac

Game recording enthusiast dream, the feature also offers you the ability to record the video to sixty FPS. The time-lapse videos are a fantastic way for showing off all the hours, which is worth unique masterpieces in minutes.

Handy features for the pieces displayed through the portfolio exporting to the several files formats to many elements expressed through the portfolio. The exporting to various file formats is one program so that there is no need for third-party software - the unique feature of having its ability for remote control with the phone and the screenflick offer.

Key Features

  • Best for the iOS recording.

  • Offer you the best media management.

  • It also allows you to record the partial screen.

  • Offers excellent video editing tools.

  • Record the videos in high quality.

  • It also offers animations and motion graphics.


In this article, we have given a list of ten free screen recording tools that can be very effective methods of recording entertainment or work-related activities on the PC. Whether the user is spending money on the given products above on the nature of their tasks, the professionals who work on the eLearning project might get the most benefit from this software. You can search out the app which suits best to your needs.

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