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Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

There are many benefits that come with using educational YouTube channels to study and learn for both students and teachers. Video has a transformative way of learning which has been proven to encourage flipped classroom models where students have a chance to digest the lecture content at their pace, besides delving deeper into the content during class time. Below is a short preview of the specific benefits that using YouTube has for teachers and their students-:

  • YouTube videos inspire and engage students in ways not possible with traditional lecturing methods.
  • Using educational YouTube channels assists in mastery learning in instances where technical or complex topics are being studied.
  • YouTube learning facilitate thinking and problem solving amongst the students
  • Educational YouTube channels provide a vast resource for research on a myriad of subjects and topics
  • Videos can be downloaded and accessed with great convenience, whether online or offline.
  • They enable the teachers to reach millions of potential students in different countries across the globe.
  • The engaging nature of videos makes them to be a more effective way of learning
  • Educational YouTube channels can be used to create an archive of free learning resources which both the students and teachers can access without having to pay.

Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels

Below are the top ten educational YouTube channels that both students and teachers will find useful-:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Channel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most premier higher learning centers in the world and so it is justifiable for it to have one of the best educational YouTube channels in the internet. The channel avails a wide variety of educational videos, cutting across various disciplines and anyone can access them without paying any tuition fees.

2. The University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is another top public research and teaching institution in the United States and it also has one of the best educational YouTube channels in the internet. Just like the MIT channel, UC channel avails thousands of quality educational videos cutting across a plethora of subjects. All the materials are available to the general public for free and they are systematically arranged to help you progress from one level to another. However, UC Berkelyey course content on its channel is unavailable from 2017, March 15. And the UC Berkeley's Webcast and Legacy Course Capture Content is available to UC Berkeley community members with an active CalNet and bConnected (Google) identity now.

3. TechnoBuffalo

TechnoBuffalo is one of the most comprehensive YouTube educational channels dedicated to everything that deals with electronics. It presents reviews on various electronic products, besides showing the workings of the various products. It also has practical videos as well as first look videos on the latest technology and gadgets.

4. ASAP Science

Just as the name suggests, ASAP Science is a science-themed educational YouTube channels. It primarily shows videos on the practical application of science in our everyday life. Within the channel, learners will find strange and interesting videos teaching different ways on how science impact on the day to day lives of people.

5. Sick Science

This is a leading educational YouTube channels for those interested in intriguing scientific experiments and demonstrations. The videos in this channel are clearly and thoroughly explained and they cover a wide variety of topics. One thing that you will find amazing about this channel is that most of the experiments are very safe and can be done by anyone at home.

6. BBC Earth

BBC Earth is some of the few educational YouTube channels dedicated to promoting different education programs, especially those that are usually shown on BBC Earth television channel. The nature of the content of the videos in this channel includes research, nature and natural history videos, with some dating back to fifty years ago.

7. Veritasium

Veritasium is an educational YouTube channel where complex issues are dissected in consumable content to help those interested in learning. The channel has partnered with some of the big brands to bring more educational content and offer a great deal of useful information to their subscribers.

8. SmarterEveryday

With 3.1 million subscribers, there is no doubt that SmarterEveryday is amongst the top educational YouTube channels you will ever come across. The channel is created and run by an engineer whose goal is to educate people by exploring the world through scientific demonstrations then explaining his processes and findings on the channel.

9. The Game Theorists

This educational YouTube channel is all about video games where it tries to separate the fact from the fiction in the development of the video games, especially the science behind the development of the cars seen in the video games.

10. Speak English with Misterduncan

This is an awesome educational YouTube channels for anyone who is interested in learning English as a second language. Most of the videos contained in the channel teach about definitions of words, idioms as well as silent letters. What student find most amazing in this channel is the subtitles at the end of the screen to aid learning more about spelling and pronunciation of what is being taught.


YouTube has become a beloved educational resource for both students and teachers across the globe. It makes the process of teaching and learning so simple that most people no longer find learning to be an arduous task it used to be in the past. Besides, there are a plethora of educational YouTube channels with hundreds of high quality educational materials available to the general public for free. Irrespective of your interest of study, you can always find several educational YouTube channels to use in your learning journey.

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