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Learning Video Resources for Teachers

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Here you can find out the various video sites which are mostly visited by teachers and are very popular also. There are video learning resources and main video sites that help out the teachers in improving their skills. These sites have educational videos of various subjects such as science, art, travel, culture, literature, math and many more. Teachers can use these video sites resources and enhance their skills in terms of technology and hence deliver best education to the students. Teaching students through videos creates interests in them and helps them in learning in an efficient manner.

Learning Video Resources for Teachers

You can find out a list below of various video sites in different categories.

1. Video sharing sites:

Video sharing sites are the sites where teachers can share their videos with students and among various schools. Some popular Video sharing sites for are:

  • School tube: is a website where video sharing option is available for both teachers as well as students. And its main feature is that it also highlights the best videos from different schools.
  • Muvee: Using this site teacher can make their videos and photos and have an option to share privately with students.
  • Vidique: Vidique should be used for sharing videos because it has video syndication system where educators can develop their own content for the class.
  • Teacher Tube: This is one of the best website for teachers to post and share educational videos with the students and community.
  • DropShots: This site is free to use and have secure storage. Here you can also share videos and photos.

2. Video collection sites:

Video collection sites are the sites which are used for finding videos related to different subjects. Some popular Video collection sites are:

  • National Geography Video: You should use this website because it consists of tremendous videos related to various subjects for teachers and students such as space, life science, travelling, tradition, music, literature and many more.
  • YouTube for Teachers: This website is created by you tube for teachers and contains education videos. In this content is organized and classified in different categories. There are seven topics in this website. High School: Number and Quantity, and High School: Statistics and Probability, Elementary, Middle School, High School: Algebra, High School: Functions, High School Geometry.
  • MIT Video: This is an online education site, and offer above 10000 videos for technology, science etc.
  • You should choose because this offers browse-able lectures in which ideas are exchanged. This website consist videos of business, space, architecture and various others.
  • Internet Archive: You can find lot of videos in Internet Archive. Historical as well as educational videos are available in this website. Additionally, live music and images are also available in this site.

3. Higher learning sites:

Higher learning sites are considered to be as great resource for teachers learning about higher education that fit for them. Some of the higher learning sites are:

  • Academic Earth: This site teaches you about many subjects such as science, economics, science, maths and others. One of the main reasons to use this site is that you can earn a degree from this site and is very popular also.
  • Videos for Professional Development: Here you can find out Wesley Fryer’s post which shares some of the best teacher videos. This site also has a vast collection of videos related to professional development.
  • Teacher Training Videos: If you want to find out online tutorials for technology in education then this is the appropriate site for you. It is specially developed to train and teach teachers in an efficient manner.
  • MIT Open CourseWare: MIT Open CourseWare is a site that consists about videos of 2100 courses. You can use this site easily and can find free lectures also.
  • This site is well known for offering training to teachers for professional development as well as provides set of various courses which are useful to teach in class.

4. Educational movies and clips:

There are various educational and movie clips sites are available which you can use for learning about various topics. Some of the sites are:

  • Edu Tube:As its name suggests Edu Tube is a site which contains many videos for the teachers related to various subjects. You can use this site to find out all types of educational videos easily.
  • TV Documentaries: This site is developed in Australia and has various videos as well as documentaries historic events, growth of a child and animations about Greek mythology.
  • SnagFilms:You can use this website for watching different types of documentaries and movies online. In this website there are more than 3000 videos available.
  • Top Documentary Films: In this site there is a great collection of video clips and movies. You can also watch online documentaries online for free.
  • Ted Videos: Ted videos can be used to watch various videos related to education. You can use this site for learning how to motivate your students and inspire them.


Every school wants highly qualified and trained teachers so that they can impart best quality education to students. Nowadays teacher should know how to use graphics and videos to teach children. They should do research and go through various websites for getting more information on different subjects. Apart from imparting only theoretical education, teachers should guide students practically also. For gaining more knowledge on technology and creative subjects there are various websites available where they can read and watch videos. They should work together with educational centers to share knowledge to deliver best education. It is said that children are the future of country, but the role of teachers is very vital in shaping students bright future. Therefore, if you go through the complete list of websites mentioned above, then you can find there are thousands of videos available which can help you in developing your knowledge about various technical subjects. Also, online lectures available in these websites are very helpful for developing your skill of educating children.

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