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Video in the Classroom: 10 Best Video Editors for Teachers

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The new generation kids are fond of learning through the practical medium. The old school books and heavy bags are a big NO-NO for the tech savvy generation. Not just the kids, but teachers too love the use of technology in studies. Well, videos are the easiest and the most preferred way of teaching these days. It is time saving and teaching through videos in the classroom also makes it interesting for the kids.

Although, it is preferred by a majority of teachers, it also is disliked by many. Those who are non technology lovers, or have a weaker side to the technology always have a tough time while making editing those videos. Video editing can be really tough and time consuming if you use the wrong tools to do so. Always make sure that you have the latest version of the best video editor.

Here is the list of best video editing tools for teachers.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora the best video editing tool for teachers. It is easy to use and also support multiple formats including MP4, AVI, AVCHD and many more. It also allows you to trim, cut, split, combine and crop in just a few clicks. With Various fashion filters and visual effects, you can also add Mosaic, tilt shift and effects like face off to your video. You can save the video to any popular format and it also supports built-in audio tools. To keep it handy, you can also upload the video to a social media platform like Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. All these in built features make Wondershare Filmora the best choice for video editing. It is also available for both Windows and Mac.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Windows Movie Maker

This free to use video editing tool is great for windows users. Although it isn't available for other OS, it works fine with Windows. With just a simple drag and drop, you can make simple videos that are not highly professional, but are great for kids. You can add many visual effects and can add audio tracks, timeline narration, auto movie and much more. With the addition of new effects, this tool is now even better to use.

3. Blender

Available for both Windows and Mac, Blender is free and open source 3D content creation software. It supports all the major formats under the General Public License. With its advance features like powerful animation tools, range of visual effects and modeling tools, Blender is surely a must have. Although it won't be as easy as other tools, still it can do wonders with a little bit of knowledge.

4. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor can be your choice if you are working on Windows as it isn't available for the Mac. It is easy to use and is rich in features. It gives your video a professional and quality touch. Though it can be a bit complicated at times, still it won't bother you too much. It offers you a number of features like the ability to share the video through various social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace and Flick.

5. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video editing tool developed by Apple Inc and is also quite expensive. Priced at $299, it is rich in features and has some really got abilities. Some the best movies like The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were edited on this software. Using it would require you to have a Mac and some skills in editing too. So, for Mac users it is a good choice.

6. VirtualDub

Available only for Windows, VirtualDub is really powerful video editing software. Packed with some amazing features like splitting, compression and audio insertion, it is a good option. As it is available for free, it has few limitations with it. Overall, it is a nice choice for those who are looking for a free tool for Windows only.

7. Sony Vegas Pro

For those who don't have a shortage of money to spend on a video editor, Sony Vegas Pro can be a really good choice. It offers loads of features like support for 4K video, really impressive media management and multitrack environment. It is only available for Windows and for such a heavy price, you'll have to think twice before buying it.

8. Cinelerra

For those who are using a Linux based device, Cinelerra is a free to use video editing tool that lets you edit videos in an easier way. It is written in C++ and offers quite powerful features. It supports almost every major format, but it is limited to Linux only. With its views like Compositor, Timeline, Resource Window and Viewer, it will help you to edit your video neatly.

9. iMovie

An another Software from Apple Inc, iMovies is a premature version of Final Cut Pro. Well, to be honest, it is more of a small tool with greater number of connectivity options. It is popular and is also used widely. It can be used only on Mac devices and on iOS based devices like iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It also has the ability to fine tune clips and drag and drop editing. It is a small software with a limitation of just a single platform, yet it is a value for money at such a low price.

While comparing all the video editors, you might have looked at the pros and cons of them. Most of them are available only for a single platform while editor like Wondershare Filmora is available for both with a decent price. It depends upon the features, the dynamic nature and easy to use UI of the editor that makes it the ideal editor for teachers.

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