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Top 10 Video Project Ideas that Can Engage Students

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Engaging the students using a video classroom project offers precise understanding while they stay more attentive to the lessons. When the lessons are in form of text, it may be difficult to understand. With progresses in technology, the students can now see science lessons, geographical facts through learners’ videos. The more they can understand the facts the more engaged they would be in their studies. Following are the most convenient video project ideas to engage the students in their studies.

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Top 10 Video Project Ideas that Can Engage Students

1.Introductory Narrations

At the initial stage of starting a lesson, it can be a great idea to generate enthusiasm in the learners using a narration. The piece can have information about concerned chapter, the important characters in history or literature, a short description generally in form of a story etc. The idea of giving this concise information to the students is to attract their attention, as they grow more interested to learn the complete lesson for better understanding. The narratives by the teacher can have additional elements like relevant music integration to enhance the audiovisual effect.

2.Structure the Lessons in Form of a Story

A story is one of the best video project ideas very interesting for the learners as opposed to some plain and boring explanations. For instance, if the History teacher only focuses on the dates and tells the students only about the events, the class can be very boring. Every event has a background that can be explained in form of a story. This can be a wonderful idea to engage student and give a better understanding.

3.Prepare an Information Chart on the Whiteboard

This type of video project creation is very easy. You need to position the camera at fixed point from where the whiteboard is clearly available for recording. Set the video recording option. You can use some apparatus like the selfie stick to position the camera. You can explain the lesson in form of drawings, writing short points etc. This type of video will need some editing such as 4x speed, cropping etc. Add a voice recording to explain the video after the editing process.

4.Audiovisual Demonstration Using Screencasting

Screencasting allows the teachers to prepare lessons in the form of slideshow presentations and later attaching voices to complete the demonstration of some lessons in the video format. The process is simple and requires only some basic video editing tools.

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5.Customize Video Messages with Speaking Avatars

Speaking avatars technically recorded videos very easy to create and modify. This type of avatars can be created for attaching some customized messages. These short messages can have any topic including some science project, representation of some personality and much more. They are not for recording at the class. The students may use these videos as reference and extra information tagging them with the relevant lesson. This type of video is easy to remember and helps to engage student better. The students find it convenient to memorize facts in the lessons they have learnt.

6.Shooting Videos during Educational Tour/Excursion

The teachers often take students to historical monuments, museums, botanical gardens etc. These are basically educational tours with the scope of teaching students at a physical location for better understanding. The teachers can take videos of important monuments, sculptures, paintings and other important things during the tour. This type of video can be transformed into a slide show presentation for those who could not attend the tour for some reason. The students who have returned from the tour can also retain a recording of the same for revision.

7.GIF Images of Classroom Lessons

Both the students and teachers can create this type of silent moving images during the classroom teachings. The GIF can be stored as picture files for future references during reading. GIFs can engage student especially if the content has some picture of any chart, science lab project and other similar types. The students can maintain such videos in the form of a small slide show presentation arranging them under different subjects, lessons etc.

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8.Prepare a Summary of Important Class Lessons

This is a job for the students to recall important things during the class. Try to recall the main ideas and notes after every class and record them on the camera. The students can form small groups to record summaries of specific subjects. This will also help to recall facts easily during the future classes as well as study the lessons well at home for preparing for the exams.

9.Video Assignments

Majority of the times, the assignments are given on pen and paper, practical lab projects etc. Instead of giving some questions from the text book, the teachers can consider some changes. They can implement video project ideas to assign practical problems in form of video assignments. Such type of assignments can be from any subject Maths, Science, English etc. The students will take greater pleasure in the assignments and also remember the lessons for longer.

10.Encourage the Students to Participate in Events for Positive Change

Some subjects like Environmental Science is all about making the students more sensible about the environment protection and related issues. The teachers can organize small sessions for projects like planting trees, using eco-friendly products and other events to engage student. The teachers can create small videos of such programs to spread the message for a positive change. The event will be a memorable possession for the students and they will feel the importance of the subject with greater depth.


It takes very little time, efforts and resources to learn how to implement technology in teaching. Apart from a little research, a reliable platform can help the teachers amalgamate innovative technological methods to engage student for a progressive academic growth. The above mentioned video project ideas are great to get started right away.

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