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Video Creation in Classroom: How to make videos for classroom

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Making classroom videos has gotten much easier now with the advent of wonderful gadgets like cell phones, tablets and handy cams. But it isn't just the ease of making video projects that are making them so popular with every passing day, it is in fact the benefits that such projects tend to bestow upon students in the classroom that make this concept wonderful. Making videos with the students is not just a good way of engaging them in the academic curriculum but also helps them improve their learning and retention skills. When they read from a book or listen to someone reading a book, all they utilize is their hearing ability, however when they are engaged to make videos on the same topic, they utilize every sensory ability and this is why video creation in classroom is a must do activity that needs to be taken up by every professor and school at the earliest.

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How to make videos for classroom

Now that the benefits and wonders of creating videos in a classroom are made fairly evident, we are sure most of you must be wondering about the ways and means of creating such videos. Of course you can deviate from these guidelines as per the needs of your assignment but these steps would surely answer your question of 'how to make videos' with perfection.

1. Brainstorming and idea outline

Only a well thought idea and conception can go a long way in determining the success/failure of a project and a video project is no exception here. So, the very first step of coming up with a great video project begins with a session of brainstorming in which the what, when, why and how of the project are decided. The intention, idea and expression must be made clear in the minds of students before actually beginning with the act of making video.

2. Plan your project

Planning is all about being aware in advance what, how, when and with whom you would do the things and taking each step keeping in mind the thought out process. Knowing your assignment in advance and pondering upon the result that you want to achieve with it would help you make a good plan. Being a student aiming for good grades, you need to make sure that you set realistic milestones for yourself and divide the work among other group mates with caution.

3. Scripting is important

No matter it's a performance based video or the one which will just have voice-over, each and every participant of the video project must be well cognizant about the script that is to be followed. In order to keep things real and clear, we suggest you to pen down your script as this will phase out even the slightest possibility of any confusion in the later stages of the project.

4. Set the stage

Before actually taking up the task of filming, students must make sure to set the right stage and background in order to keep things transparent. The place where the video will be shot, the background that will be used, the lighting that would go with it must be decided and relocated much in advance. In case your assignment is all about creating drama and setting a filmy stage, you need to prep up on the costumes, props and makeup as well.

5. Rehearse

Making video project might not the most expensive assignment you'll ever work on but it might burn a hole in your pocket if you aren't prepared for it beforehand. The golden rule is to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse in order to avoid any issues later on. Once you've practiced your script at least once before actually filming it, we are sure that you won't regret it later on.

6. Filming

This has to be the most important step for a video project because the entire planning, scripting and rehearsing can go in vain if the real filming part doesn't go as per schedule. You need to remember that the key to a good video is the actual raw footage that is captured in the most effortless manner. Consider blocking a few time slots for recording the video and work as per your predefined script in order to get the best results.

7. Editing the video

Post making the video, you need to make sure that you edit it with the best of your capabilities. In case you feel that editing is not your forte, we suggest you to make use of the numerous video editors that are available online in order to put captions, music, effects, text and even voice-over.

8. Publishing the video

At the most basic level, the camera that has been used for recording the video can be plugged into a TV set/laptop/projector to showcase the video captured. Taking the publishing part a step further we suggest you to share your video on the most sought after video sharing websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo etc in order to get more public attention and views.


Undoubtedly, the process of making video projects seems like one hurricane of a task but all this transforms into a simplified procedure, once you plan it out and follow the laid out schedule in order to accomplish each and every step. Yes of course, the answer to the question ‘how to make videos' is complex but this entire exercise is worth it once you have a clear idea about how and what you need to do.

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