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Video Creation in Classroom: How to help your students create a good video

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Video production is a very good method to let your students to show their talent and creativity. But creating a video is not an easy task for inexperienced students. You should help your students and guide them that how make a good video. It is the art and service of developing content and delivered a finished product. There are various methods and tips by which a video can be made good. You should guide and teach students about each and every aspect being involved in making video so they can make the best video. For helping students for making a good video you should assess them in an influential manner. This influential manner is very exciting because it find the way of identifying areas that may need enhancement, with still time to improve student results.

How to help your students create a good video?

Here are some tips that can help students and every beginner to make great videos:

To write a story:

  • When you’re brainstorming, the finest way for thoughts and ideas to come to your mind is to just let it all go you should do not be anxious regarding what is being right or wrong.
  • The input to a fine story is conflict.
  • Just the once you know your characters, the story should build up and form dramatic strain on clash in between the characters.

Camera and lighting:

  • Angle of the camera plays a vital role for communication of status of the character.
  • The frame should be considered referring to the camera sees as well as the position of the subject which is inside the frame.
  • Lighting is used in video production to create an atmosphere and direct your concentration to the exact subject.

Producing and directing:

  • If you are a director then you should communicate your idea of the script to give a visual illustration of each scene in an efficient manner.
  • You should tell your students that a producer should always be passionate about telling of story.
  • Producer is the one who builds up the team by involving script writer, director and many others.


  • Always use a boom pole for holding the microphone out of frame; onboard camera microphone should not be used.
  • A clapperboard for audio reference points should be used while using an audio recording device.
  • Locations of shooting should also be checked that is it on busy road or under a flight path.


  • Edit the both types of errors that are speaking errors and technical errors.
  • For being a good editor you should organize your files as well as projects in an efficient manner.
  • For faster editing, there should be a fast external hard drive to store your footage.
  • Color correction should also be done if needed.

Other then these, some of the simple tips that you should give to your students for making a video are:

  • One of the essential things in making a video is to select the right images. Students should be guided in finding good images that look good on the classroom projector.
  • Choosing images of right size is also very important. It may happen that students chose images that are blurry. Images around 2048 pixels on the extended side look good in their videos and there will not blurriness also.
  • Special effects should not be overuse because sometimes using extra special effects makes the videos boring and uninteresting.
  • A good music should be chosen for adding in to the video. Music leads to the excitement to the video clips as well as images. But music which is to be added should match the mood of video content. Tell your students to that they can many songs for changing the mood and making video more good.
  • Pace should be controlled and guide your students that how to use pacing tools for getting right tempo.
  • Photos, music, text and videos should be properly mixed. A good chosen video style can assist in bringing all video elements together resulting in creating a finished video for which you and students can feel proud.

For good editing the best software available in market is Wonder share Filmora. Some of the features of Wonder Share Filmora are:

  • This software allows you to turn your home video into something astonishing with a nominal try.
  • This has accurate control over both video and audio frame by frame.
  • You can create your own animated titles or adjust premade titles in ways you like.
  • You can share your video clips in social media.
  • Wonder Share Filmora allows you to create your own animated titles.
  • This helps in controlling the pace of your clips, to create a beautifully speed up and stunning slow-motion effect.
  • One of the great feature of this software is that is supports HD and bring clarity to your video.
  • This also reverses your footage and you can have funny videos that you never thought of.

Making videos by students makes them creative and they also came to know how to use the various software and tools for creating a video. Teachers should help each and every student when they have queries or some confusion. Otherwise by getting confused students can feel video making a very tough task. Therefore, as a teacher you should explain each and every detail in an easy manner about the software and editing tools. Additionally, you should bring the excitement in the mind of students about the video making that what fun they are going to do while making videos. Such as they have to choose songs related to the video images or various types of special types of effects are being used. You should tell your students both theoretically and practically about the lighting, cameras, editing and other aspects so that during the time of making videos the base of students is clear.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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