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10 Best Classic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day in 2019

Jan 24,2019• Proven solutions

Hot popcorn, your favorite beverage, your beloved, a classic movie and a bit of cuddling; a Valentine’s Day cannot get any more romantic. All the fancy brunches and upscale dinners or even exotic getaways will pale in comparison. Spending some ‘us’ time with a movie that you both love is a fitting way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2019.

Over a hundred years, countless romantic movies have amazed us, made us fall in love or reignited our passion for romance and have often compelled us to believe in love again when we had lost our faith. It is almost impossible to compile a list that contains at least one classic movie from every era. Hence, we are going with 10 best classic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day in 2019, given their popularity or universal appeal, originality and the messages they convey.

1. Titanic

Titanic has to be one of the greatest romantic movies of all time. The ill-fated couple, doomed from the very beginning, embarks on a whirlwind romance aboard the largest ship ever made (till 1912). Although it is not your typical love story and thus have a larger socioeconomic commentary apart from being a disaster movie, Titanic will remain a perennial favorite, perhaps forever. The movie didn’t just bring two of the finest actors of all time, Leo and Kate, but their chemistry was so indelible that a simple hug at the 2019 Golden Globes broke the internet.

2. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is one of those more mushy romances with scant regard to reality but that is what fairytales are made of. Julia Roberts emerged as the star she was born to be and was aptly tagged as America’s sweetheart. It is not a path-breaking movie nor did it redefine the romance genre but it certainly made millions of people happy.

3. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind is an epic tale of romance at the height of the American Civil War. If the book is a literary masterpiece then the movie is a classic in itself. The acting of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh would be enough to keep you hooked and then there are the amazing dialogues. The movie may be a tad too old for the millennial generation but it is never stale.

4. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is a heartwarming tale of a young man falling in love with an older woman, who is also a single mother. Forever handsome Tom Cruise and always pretty Renee Zellweger come up with their sizzling chemistry and the pivotal plot of the movie is just beautiful. Then you have those famous one-liners that are still a hit among people falling in love.

5. The Notebook

The Notebook is ranked as the most romantic movie of its times in most polls. It is undoubtedly a classic. The performances, the exotic rural romance and the climax that transformed the romance genre offer enough reasons to watch this classic on Valentine’s Day.

6. Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is one of the most unconventional romantic movies of all time. There is just one scene where the protagonists actually come together and there is hardly any words exchanged but the entire movie is a surreal ride of longing, desire and eventually finding love.

7. Notting Hill

Notting Hill brings together Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts as an unlikely pair. The movie is not very high on emotions but that is what a romantic comedy should ideally be. Great performances, an over the top climax and some really nice moments make for a satiating watch.

8. Sweet November

Sweet November bombed at the box office but one can hardly forget the chemistry of Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. And who can forget that background score? Although not a classic, this movie will always have a warming aftereffect, especially for lovebirds.

9. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is a cult classic. It broke all stereotypes of romantic movies that existed then. The lovely landscape of Vienna, two interesting people at the height of their youth and endless talk about love and life eventually leading the two to fall in love only to part ways, that’s a lovely start to a Valentine’s Day at home.

10. 50 First Dates

50 First Dates is an uncanny take on short term memory loss. No man would want to be in Henry Roth’s position (Adam Sandler) and it would obviously be very distressing to suffer like Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) without even knowing it. But the romantic comedy handles the subject and narrates a love story with élan.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.